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assemblies of plastics
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  • Interelektrik manufactures electromagnetic valves for the domestic appliances industry, as well as a multitude of advanced special valves and assemblies for medical, sanitary, agricultural and...
    Supplier of: plastic assemblies | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment | Mechanical transmission - components | Plastics - industrial raw materials
  • On a contract basis, we produce hybrid components and injection moulded components in small-scale and large-scale series production, which fully meet the requirements and specifications of our...
    Supplier of: plastic assemblies | Plastic material processing | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | plastics manufacturing | tool manufacturing
  • NOVOPLAST AG, founded in 1945, combines traditional values in the form of long-standing customer-supplier relationships with innovation that is shaped by ongoing adjustment to new technologies and...
    Supplier of: plastic assemblies | assembly of plastic components | Plastic material processing | plastic housings | injection-moulded parts, technical
  • If you are looking for technical-grade injection-moulded plastic parts and moulds made to your specifications, we are a competent contact partner for you. In short, we are your ideal partner for:...
    Supplier of: plastic assemblies | Plastics moulding | brioche moulds | plastics manufacturing | plastic moulded parts
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  • Alfaplast began in 1983 and specialised in the technical printing on plastics and manufacture of stamps and accessories for printing. The company is situated on a 18, 000 m² site with a recently...
    Supplier of: assembly of plastics | assembly | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Plastics moulding | pad printing plastic materials
  • ...moulds for plastics, moulding and assembling plastic materials by injection and gas (ISO 9001: 2008), technical items and aesthetic details, rubber items and thermoplastic resins.Moulds and masks for coating...
    Supplier of: assemblies of plastics | Chains, plastic | Reinforced plastics - moulding | construction of moulds for plastic materials | pad printing
  • ...Vexin Polymères can offer you a global service as regards choice of materials, mould maker profile and the finishing (assembly, painting, welding, prototypes, pre-series, end of run, moulding, over-moulding, silkscreening & so on).
    Supplier of: assemblies of plastics | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | moulding of plastic materials | plastic moulding | plastic parts
  • We Al Rayyan Plastic Factory are Manufacturers of Polyethylene (PE) with HDPE, LLDPE LDPE: Fully high speed automatic T-Shirt Bag, Grip hole Bag with patch, Top folding Bag, Laundry Bag, Trash Bag,...
    Supplier of: assemblies of plastics | Plastics - packaging
    Plastics - Injection Moulding, Manufacture of other plastic products
    Supplier of: assemblies of plastics | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | plastics manufacturing | injection moulding | plastic moulding of medical
  • Supplier of: assemblies of plastics | Packaging | Custom packaging
  • Supplier of: assemblies of plastics | Mechanical engineering - custom work | iron working | ultrasonic welding services | composite part bespoke moulding
    Reggio Emilia - ITALY
    Supplier of: assemblies of plastics | Mechanical engineering - custom work | contract packaging
  • ...component) injection moulding, Gas assisted injection moulding, Thermoset moulding, Plastic blow moulding, Decoration, Tampo printing, Screen printing, Wet painting, Assembly and packaging, Local and international delivery.
    Supplier of: plastic | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Plastics - industrial products | Plastics moulding
  • ...products for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as for the food industry. Using state-of-the-art injection moulding and assembly machines, we produce millions of plastic parts for a global market.
    Supplier of: Packaging | bottle caps | plastic boxes | synthetic caps | non-reusable packaging-
  • ...and arrangement, packaging and assembly of small iron and plastic parts. Our speciality is manufacturing height-adjustable screws and furniture gliders made of steel, stainless steel and plastic.
    Supplier of: Mechanical transmission - components | Nuts | Nuts and bolts | Hardware for furniture | support feet
  • We can design optical transmission cable assemblies consisting of plastic optical fibre (POF) or fibreglass according to your requirements, including the length and diameter of the cables.
    Supplier of: fibreglass assembly | Optical fibres | optoelectronic components | optical fibre cables | fibre optic cable preparation
  • ...on sheet pressing, plastic moulding, assembly and adjustments where it manufactures handles, locks, fasteners and everything else needed to build cabs for industrial vehicles and tractors.
    Supplier of: Spare parts for lorries and trailers | tractor handles | tractor locks | tractor cab spare parts | tractor handle spare parts
  • ...and automatic assembly lines of plastic, light industry, shoemaking industry, textiles, chemical industry, petroleum, tobacco, food industry, metallurgy and electric power field, for the...
    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | Sensors | Inductive sensors | pressure switches | magnetic switches
  • ...of automatic assembly machines for plastic caps and closures and handling systems for bottling plants. The continuing close cooperation with our customers and partners from plastic caps industry during several decades...
    Supplier of: Plastics - machines and material for industry | caps assembling machines | caps linning machines | caps slitting machines | caps feeders
  • We're manufacturers & exporters of spray nozzle assemblies in plastic.
    Supplier of: Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic | pipe extruders | pipe extrusion | pipe cooling tank
  • ...making and assembling your standard plastic head cork stopper or your top-of-the-range plastic stoppers. SODILIEGE has the most sophisticated equipment for assembling stoppers and caps. SODILIEGE...
    Supplier of: Corks | Stoppers and caps, plastic | top of the range stoppers | zamak caps
  • Integration (assembly work on full and complex, plastic or metal, wired and wireless products, from small size to large-volume apparatus).
    Supplier of: Industrial cabling | subcontracting
  • ...provider founded in 1975: Electromechanical Assembly, Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), Cables and Wire Harness Assembly, Mold Manufacturing, Plastic Injection Molding and Plastic Thermoforming.
    Supplier of: electromechanical assembly | Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing | printed circuit board assembly pcba | cables and wire harness assembly | mold and die manufacturing
  • ...Ltd. offers plastic injection moulding, assemblies and toolmaking. Barkley Plastics can deliver a total solution to clients and has a riche experience across a wide-range of market sectors including: automotive, industrial,...
    Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | automotive - components and parts | gas injection moulding | twin shot moulding | in mould internal welding
  • ...and assembly of modern engineering plastics components, few companies come close to Hydrovern. Moulding Plastics moulding technology has advanced out of all recognition in recent years, and Hydrovern has kept pace, building a...
    Supplier of: Plastic products for engineering | Plastics - machines and material for industry | Plastics - semi-finished products | Plastics - industrial products | Reinforced plastics - moulding
  • ...and customs automation to plastic assembly requirements of automotive and consumer manufacturers. We understand the assembly requirements and machine development process and have 17 years experience in...
    Supplier of: Welding, plastics - machinery | ultrasonic welding machine | hot air welding machine | hot plate welding machine | heat staking machine
  • ...production for years. Toppla adheres to ready-to-assemble plastic lockers and lockers accessories including ABS plastic lockers and HDPE plastic lockers. We use the rotomolding technology for our plastic lockers so they are...
    Supplier of: Lockers, automatic | plastic locker | abs locker | hdpe locker | locker wardrobe
  • ...our specialists will create a design for future window and then perform complicated technological assembly. Shipping-New plastic windows must reach you safely, clear, without distortions, dents, chips or other damage.
    Supplier of: PVC windows | pvc window doors | upvc profile accessories | double glazing georgian bar | manufacture tilt and turn arched windows
  • VOD S.R.O.
    Kladno - CZECH REP.
    Proven building blocks for efficient production of windows and doors quality range for the manufacture or assembly of plastic, wooden and aluminum windows and doors.
    Supplier of: Interior doors for houses | okna | dveře | stavební chemie | vnitřní parapety
    Belfast - UNITED KINGDOM
    ...oil & gas, medical or any other manufacturing or assembly industry, we can help you meet your customers’ demands. Goudsmit UK has expertise and experience in: - Magnets - Plastics - Metals - Assemblies
    Supplier of: Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing | magnets | engineering components | rare earth magnets | sub contract manufacturing
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