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  • We are second hand clothes suppliers, based in the North east of England, but we operate in North East Cumbria and Scotland. We can offer excellent quality cleaned door to door charity original...
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  • The activity of our company has been trading in clothes, sorting and processing since 1994. We are based in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary and we have a commercial office in the United Kingdom.For sorting,...
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  • cash 4 clothes is a nationwide running business specialising in the re-use and recycling of textiles. Our Company graders used and unwanted clothing and footwear. We collect around 150 tonnes of clothing and textiles per week.We offer...
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  • Our company is engaged in original (unsorted) second hand clothing export business with many years of experience. We sell unsorted second hand clothes collected by „CASH FOR CLOTHES“ scheme.
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  • We are new cash for Clothes Company Collecting in Essex/London and Kent.We collect directly from householders, as we are paying cash for their goods, we are checking bags before we pay them, we do not collect any: • un wearable clothes • Socks...
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    Billericay - UNITED KINGDOM
    ...EU. Our stock is acquired through door to door collections (CASH FOR CLOTHES and DONATION (D2D) scheme) by our staff as we do not buy from other companies. We proudly say that our existing customers report that our stock is of a...
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  • ...door 2 door originals and cash 4 clothes collections. All our collections are authentic and untouched. We collect from many affluent areas across the United Kingdom.We have a easy and affordable...
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    Glasgow - UNITED KINGDOM Scotland.Our company specialize in door2door collections and cash 4 clothes since 10 year now. We sell cash 4 clothes with door2door for £1.07/kg . All our stock includes clothes, shoes, bags, belts, accessories and toys. We have now 110 shops...
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  • ...10 years experience we export cash 4 clothes collections, door2door collections, sorted second hand goods and NEW CLOTHES - last season stock lot, over, branded last season stock, leftover and...
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    Birmingham - UNITED KINGDOM
    We are supplier of very good quality Cash 4 Clothes, D2D collection and A Grade shoes. you must see our quality and price then u cant go anywhere for buying
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  • DSM Recycling Limited is a Family-owned company located in South Wales, UK. With over 6 years experience and 100's of satisfied customers worldwide. We export quality used clothing, bedding,...
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  • our no-fuss infrastructure. We also accept cash on collection if you'd like to pick up personally. Please note that we DO NOT deal with used / mixed / defected or shop returns clothing Items on our regular sale include : mens...
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  • collecting quality door to door clothing and exporting it worldwide. In our partnerships, we provide transparent and efficient service throughout all of our work including doing clothing collections all around England, Scotland and Wales and exporting the...
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  • ...our company has been collecting, buying, selling and exporting second-hand clothes originating from the UK. We offer great quality original “Cash for Clothes” and “Door to Door” packed in clear bags.
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  • arrive. If you need removals boxes today, collect them from our local showroom in the West Midlands, Birmingham or we can even deliver direct to your home, please call for more details. Pay cash on...
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    Brighton - UNITED KINGDOM
    ...are second hand clothes specialist. We collect used clothing. We have Cash for Clothes drop off points where we buy good quality second hand clothes direct from public. Area of collection is South East of...
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    Bedford - UNITED KINGDOM
    ...a good relationship with them over time. We collect rag from UK which are then sorted and graded. We also have our own textile banks and cash for cloths shops all over UK. Do let me know if you are looking to...
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    Rossington - UNITED KINGDOM We operate "cash 4 clothes" shops in the Yorkshire region buying direct from the public controlling the quality of goods. We currently collect 30 tonnes per month and want to expand this...
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    Virginia Water - UNITED KINGDOM
    We collect clothes from schools, nurseries, cash for clothes shops and door-2-door. We do not sort our clothes.
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    ...collection of Ladies, Mens, Childrens clothing and shoes., sport shoes All items are shipped within 2-3 working day, once payment has been received. We accept payment by PayPal, bank transfer,...
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    We buy clothes NOTHING REFUSED We pay 25p to 30p per kilo Instant CASH For your old clothes, shoes and bags Call 07538 978 128 to arrange a Cash collection NOW or visit
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  • El Saied Company sprl is a company which recycles used clothing and shoes. Our business is based on sorting used clothing and shoes and wholesale in various countries worldwide. We are always looking...
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  • Rigorously selected by our qualified team, we sell and export second-hand clothing to markets in Africa. Sales professional for second-hand clothing and items for export, mainly to Africa. We provide...
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  • We collect and sell old textiles and old shoes, mainly from charity containers. Monthly volumes weigh in at approx. 350 tonnes. Whether it's oil or energy, there is no denying our resources are...
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  • With consistency and empathy, we assist you with customised financial services. The EOS brand was founded in 2000. A group of specialised companies emerged with the goal of pooling all their years of...
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  • Trimex import-export services, a textile collection and recycling centre in operation for 35 years. Used clothing, sorting & recycling of all textiles – second hand clothes store, original street...
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  • French manufacturer of waste collection and storage containers including for collecting second-hand clothing, paper collection, electronic waste, cardboard/plastic, glass and so on. For the past two...
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  • We offer debt collection and mediation services worldwide. Especially outside-court debt recovery resolving mainly cross-border business to business and business to customers cases. Each B2B case is...
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    Southampton - UNITED KINGDOM
    MrCloth - is one of the biggest "cash 4 clothes" type of business. We buy good quality clothes and send them to Eastern Europe and other countries.Selling clothes to us is fast and easy.1. Contact...
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    Istanbul - TURKEY
    Supplier of: Clothing, fur | Leather and suede clothing | Gloves
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