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  • Supplier of: cast iron part | cast iron parts for the automobile industry | cast iron part moulding line | Sintering - steels and metals | injection moulding
  • Eisenwerk Hasenclever & Sohn GmbH – a foundry with a proud history more than 200 years old. Today, the company is a medium-sized supplier to the automotive industry seeking to assert itself on the...
    Supplier of: cast iron part | cast iron parts for the automobile industry | cast iron for the automotive sector | Moulds, precision | cylinder heads
  • We see ourselves as a system partner to our customers and assist them at all stages of the process – from the design to the supply of ready-to-install assemblies. We continuously strive for efficient...
    Supplier of: cast iron parts | cast iron parts for the automobile industry | cast spheroid graphite iron | lamellar graphite cast iron | cast iron boilers
  • Latest technologies in the processing and dosing of liquid silicones and LSR elastomer production. ELMET registered technological developments as patents back when it was founded in 1996. The name...
    Supplier of: cast iron part | cast iron part moulding line | finishing work on cast parts | Reprographics - machinery and equipment | Binding - machinery and equipment
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  • Having production sites around the world enables us to make use of individual skills and local traditions, which guarantees maximum quality and cost efficiency. Thanks to our experience with and...
    Supplier of: cast iron parts | cast iron parts for the automobile industry | Wrought iron | pig iron | forged steel parts
  • Gießtechnik Bremer GmbH was founded in March 1992. The Gießtechnik Bremer name has been synonymous with competence, expertise, customer focus and selective, quality-conscious product procurement for...
    Supplier of: cast iron part | cast iron parts for the automobile industry | cast spheroid graphite iron | Bearings, antifriction | metal processing
  • Space and wear parts for blasting machines. We are a leading provider of blasting machine spare parts made of highly wear-resistant cast stainless steel and hardened tool steel. In addition to direct...
    Supplier of: cast iron part | heat-resistant cast iron | Steel, special | Steel, tool | accessories for blasting systems
  • Supplier of: Cast iron items | cast iron part | Steel | 3d prototypes and prints | customized moulded parts
  • Supplier of: cast iron part | Milling and turning of rubber and plastic | Packaging | turning and metal milling | panel finishing
  • Supplier of: cast iron part | Wrought ironwork, stamping and punching | c.n.c milling | cnc boring | moulds production
  • Supplier of: iron cast parts | Mechanical engineering - custom work | aluminium parts | steel parts
  • HURCO Companies Inc. was founded in 1968. It is an industrial technology company that designs and produces interactive computer control systems, software and computerized machine tools and machine...
    Supplier of: Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | machining centres | machine tools and manufacturing systems | machine tools | manufacturing and assembly systems
    Rajkot - INDIA
    We offer an exclusive range of Cast Iron for our precious clients. The offered range is designed using the best quality raw material and the most advanced machinery under the supervision of skilled...
    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, cast iron | Cast iron items | cast iron parts for the automobile industry | cast iron valve body & parts | cast iron lath machine parts
  • Your supplier of cast special steel and iron parts, a company with experience serving its clients. JADOT Castings is your supplier of cast and machined parts made from all types of cast iron, steel...
    Supplier of: heat resisting steel and cast iron | Casting of special and high-grade steels | Steel, special | stainless steels | manganese steel
  • ...fittings, etc.), material rectification on industrial oil pipeline valves aimed at companies which require precision mechanical work. With our staff, we are able to supply finished cast iron parts and frames.
    Supplier of: cast iron | Steels and metals - machining | Milling - steels and metals | metal drilling | metalworking
    Poirino - ITALY
    ...(Masio, 85); we have for many years been working in the field of metal deburring and, more precisely, cast iron and aluminium parts. Cast iron and aluminium metal surface treatments and finishes.
    Supplier of: cast iron parts deburred | cast iron deburring | Sand blasting - steels and metals | trimming | metal deburring
  • ., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing livestock equipment and parts, including cast iron pig flooring, agricultural and mining machinery parts, etc.
    Supplier of: cast iron parts for the automobile industry | Livestock raising - machinery and equipment | freight elevator buckets | drainage systems | gratings
  • ...surface to the same parameters of the finished part in order to reduce the complexity of subsequent machining. We use both gray cast iron and ductile iron with spherical graphite. Our production range includes castings from the various grades of...
    Supplier of: Finished Metal Products | casting machining | trailer turntable production | blanks casting | trailer turntable
  • moulded parts and continuous cast bars and sections; spheroidal, lamellar and vermiform cast iron. CONTIFONTE is the leading continuous casting producer in France. CONTIFONTE specialises in complex cast parts with very...
    Supplier of: Iron, special grade and pig iron | Sections and bars - ferrous metal
  • ...casting of every kind of Cast iron and Steel’s pieces, and with the use of modern mold facilities and laboratory and a very professional skilled staff has prepared a trustful insurance to have the a high quality for its casted pieces. the production capacity of this foundry is 2 tones Steel and 4 tones Cast iron daily. this company is ready and capable to produce these pieces:...
    Supplier of: casting ductile alloy steel cast iron parts | Casting of special and high-grade steels | casting | tractor and trailer parts | quantometre spectrometer device
  • ...(including 5 high engineers) and dozens of CNC machines & equipment and advanced quality control system to ensure our casting iron products and machining parts at high quality and delivery timely.
    Supplier of: Piston pumps | resilient gate valves and fittings | butterfly valves and fittings | ball valves swing check valves | pipe and fittings
    Zanjan - IRAN
    Cheshmehsar foundry is casting automotive cast iron parts in Iran-Zanjan.
    Supplier of: Cast iron, special grade | automotive cast iron parts | automotive brake calibers ductile iron parts | automotive axle ductile iron parts | automotive engine ductile iron parts
  • ., Ltd in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China is a company specializing inthe production of vacuum pumps, precision iron castings and precision aluminum parts.
    Supplier of: Precious metals, powder | precision casting aluminum | cast aluminum automotive parts | mechanical casting aluminum parts | vacuum pumps
    Buzau - ROMANIA
    ALPRECO SRL Romania is a metal and cast iron foundry since 1993. The parts casting is done both through classical processes, crude blends and CO2 silicate based blends, core blends and resin based self-leveling. We can manufacture cast...
    Supplier of: machining of cast iron parts | cast iron foundry | Moulds, foundry | Casting of special and high-grade steels | furnace heat treatment
    Verona - ITALY
    ...has been manufacturing moulded cast iron parts for over half a century. Indeed, we have two shaping facilities: one is manual, with a "sand and resin" process with which we make large and medium size...
    Supplier of: White malleable cast iron | cast iron ingots | contract manufacturing of cast iron castings | cast iron bars | Tin and tin alloys
  • ...stampings, machining parts, gray-casting iron parts, ductile iron parts, die-castings of aluminum alloy, stainless castings, automobile piston rods and etc.Gold Stone sales and service network spreads all over...
    Supplier of: Chains with articulated links | rolling chain shutters | chain sprockets
  • We can supply casting iron parts, sand casting steel parts, investment casting steel parts, cold forged parts, hot forged parts and die casting parts with the CNC machining. Until now we have produced more than 1000...
    Supplier of: Foundries, aluminium | aluminium die casting
    Danyang/jiangsu - CHINA
    ...metallurgical and coal industries. production and operation of various types of wear-resistant parts, pieces of manganese steel, high chrome parts, iron castings, steel castings, and forged pieces.
    Supplier of: Mining and quarrying - machinery and equipment | stone crushers | cement plant
  • Hebei xinlong casting co., LTD. Main production of cast iron enamel cookware, enamel cast iron oven rack, and auto parts products.
    Supplier of: Stoves, cast iron | cast iron pan
  • ...strong engineering experience in aluminum and iron parts, along with a solid understanding of our customer’s PPAP (Level 3) requirements, manufacturing processes, quality control and measurement requirements, and our vendor’s output capabilities enable us to lead in our market of die-casting, permanent...
    Supplier of: Mechanical engineering - custom work
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