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cast iron welding - Import export


  • Since 1994 VAR d.o.o. continues the toolmaking tradition in Gornja Radgona. Dies are manufactured in our own toolshop and our own construction department. In 1997 we upgraded the dies manufacturing...
    Supplier of: cast iron welding | Industrial sheet metal work | surface treatment | cnc turned parts | cnc punched parts
  • ...Electrodes for high-alloyed steel and grey cast iron welding, Wire rods for welding into CO2 gas shielded, Wire rods for welding based on EPP practice, Wire rods for welding in protection gas based on TIG practice, Wire rods for...
    Supplier of: Welding work - steels and metal | arc welding | wire welding
  • ...welding electrodes for welding cast iron (E Ni Fe CI, E Ni CI), dissimilar steels (type 29/9 S), hard surfacing up to 65HRc hardness and buffer layers (E 307) at very competitive prices.We will be very glad to send samples...
    Supplier of: Welding, electric - equipment and supplies | arc welding | electrodes
  • ...for grooving and cutting and electrodes for grey cast iron welding. In addition, the plant produces wire rods for CO2 welding, wire rods for TIG welding and wire rods for oxygen and acetylene welding.certificates LR...
    Supplier of: Steels and metals - welding and brazing | welding electrode tig mig | welding wire tig mig
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  • ...year. At the same time, we can also develop new casting products.We have a complete variety and sizes from 1/8 "to 6", widely used in various pipe lines vonvey gas, water, oil and so on. Our products have the exact geometry, good mechanical...
    Supplier of: Showers, prefabricated
  • Low alloy steel Welding rod 2. Stainless steel welding rod 5. Surfacing welding rod 6. Cast iron welding rod 7. Welding wire9.
    Supplier of: Welding, electric - equipment and supplies | welding | springs
  • Founded in 1991, BS Rollen is the ultimate partner for premium castors and complete transport systems. By 1994, the company had already acquired its own premises and in 2008, the logistics centre was...
    Supplier of: Castors for furniture | Wheels, castors and rollers | plastic wheels | spherical rollers | roller counters
  • ...Our range includes rod electrodes, cored wires and solid wires: Cast iron | Hard facings | Tool steels | Nickel-based alloys | Cobalt-based alloys | High-alloy steels | Wear protection | Tungsten carbide additives.
    Supplier of: cast iron | Welding, electric - equipment and supplies | Electron beam welding - equipment | Steel, tool | electrode welders
  • ...woods, ABES is increasingly using cast iron or cast aluminium. These materials, which have been somewhat forgotten, have special characteristics so that regular welding techniques cannot be used...
    Supplier of: Benches, park | refuse containers | bike carrier | benches | bollards
  • Our company carries out electrode, arc, resistance and continuous filament welding on aluminium, cast iron, alloys stainless steel, iron, etc.
    Supplier of: Electron beam welding - equipment | made-to-measure dilation compensators | dilation compensators | industrial silencers | flexible hoses for exhaust gas
  • Comis imports and exports cast-iron, stainless steel and brass fittings. The company sells articles for the water-heating-plumbing sector, such as hemp, PTFE tape, gaskets, hoses, mixer taps, taps, under-basin valves, welding...
    Supplier of: cast-iron fittings | Pipe and tube fittings - non-ferrous metal | small plumbing parts | copper fittings | zinc plated unions
  • ...we mainly manufacture and supply Malleable Iron Pipefitting, Ductile Iron Grooved Pipefitting, Forged Fitting, Butt-Welding Pipefitting, Flange, and so on.All products are checked and tested in...
    Supplier of: Industrial piping | Flanges | pipe fittings | casting and forging | values
  • ...bronze, stainless steel, cast iron, plastic, copper alloys and also with rough forging or casting. DBN provides: the technical follow-up for surface treatment and thermal treatment, precision...
    Supplier of: Machine tools - metal machining | precision mechanics | machining of steel and metals - high-precision | precision engineering constructions | metal lapping
  • ...ISO requirements and classification society. Welded Products: Max steel plate thickness: 135mmMax plate bending rolls: 80mm thick Cast Iron Products: Material: Carbon Steel \ Alloy Steel \ Wear-resistant Steel \...
    Supplier of: Cast iron items | grey cast iron | ductile cast iron | cast steel | weldments
  • The material we use is carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, stainless steel. Modern test equipments are the assurance of product quality.Now, we are trying to start welding, screw rod & hydraulic hammer breaker business, have better achievement in this
    Supplier of: Casting, steel | precision casting | open die forging | closed die forging | weld cutting steel plates and tubes
  • Belma offers thermo-setting of plastics, aluminium, brass and iron casting. Welding: TIG, MIG/MAG, Gas welding.
    Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | metal drilling | precision turning | tig welding | brass
  • ...lathe by repairing machines. Every type of casting, constructional production, welding and other manufacturing processes performed by our high quality technicians and operators by obeying world...
    Supplier of: Mechanical engineering - custom work | port cranes | plants and machinery for blast furnaces | metal containers | ship part manufacturer
  • ...material varies from cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel to bronze and aluminum. WMM works on a package solution, starting from receiving clients’ drawing, tooling-design, pattern-making, foundry production, machining,...
    Supplier of: Casting, steel | sincerity | high scientific and technological level | skilled | friendly
  • ...and clamp fabrication line; -Automated welding units; -Automated band saw for steel profile and pipes. Our Major suppliers include Russia’s largest steel manufacturers: -Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel...
    Supplier of: Industrial building construction | steel elements trusses columns beams braces | structural engineering drawings | all types of fasteners various containers bunkers | steel structure fabrication at sakhalin region
    Istanbul - TURKEY
    ...iron and steel work industry and numerous fields including industrial machinery and complete plants by supplying cast, welded , machined, turned, gear threaded finished and/or assembled equipment.
    Supplier of: welded machined, cast machined parts | Finished Metal Products | production of spare parts, assembled units
  • ...are as below : 1) Ductile casting iron pipe fittings(Diameter from DN80 to DN1600mm), including Socket bend, Flanged bend, Socket and Flanged TEE, Flanged socket, Socket taper, blank flanges, as well...
    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, cast iron | dismantling joint | ductile iron pipe fitting | flange adaptor | universal coupling
  • ...trains & ships. We use mainly the materials of common carbon stell, alloy steel, manganese steel, stainless steel and high-Cr & wear- resist Iron. The weight controlled for casting parts is 0.2Kg-3000Kg. 3. Machining Parts and Welding Fabrication parts.
    Supplier of: Casting, steel | precision casting | steel forging
  • ...electrode-holders and welding methods), iron and steel industry (vise electrode-holders, nozzles for glass injections, copper ingots, die casting plungers, etc) and dies (plastic materials dies and inserts,...
    Supplier of: Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | beryllium copper | clamp
  • ...wires, Argon-arc welding wires), Welding Electrode(Carbon Steel Electrode, Stainless Steel Electrode, Cast Iron Electrode) , metal products(Wires, wire meshes, nails) , Steel & pipes etc.
    Supplier of: Buildings, modular | welding wire | welding electrode | brazing alloy
  • ...neck (collar) Standards: DIN, ANSI. 4) Iron and steel castings weighing from 2 to 5000 kg, high quality castings used in automotive and mechanical engineering. We have an opportunity to deliver any complex castings to...
    Supplier of: Stamping - steels and metals | forging | stamping
  • ...with diameters from 0.8mm to 4.0mm, applied in iron & steel, cement, mining, power, and heavy duty machineries. Meanwhile, Shandong Wanda Import and Export Ltd. is designing the various manhole cover for several years.Our company...
    Supplier of: Welding work - steels and metal | manhole covers | welding wires
  • ...resistant welded (ERW) pipe, ductile cast iron pipe,etc. With the unique business philosophy and prospective developing thought, quality service and good reputation, Anyang Dinglong Trading Co., Ltd has been authorized as...
    Supplier of: Iron, steel and metallurgy - import-export | boiler and pressure vessel steel plates | galvanized steel coil and pre-painted steel coils
  • ...petrochemical and process industries. Forged and cast constructions; sizes from ½” to 48”.Flanges: Welded Neck, Slip-on, Socked Weld, Lap Joint, Blind, Threaded Materials: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel,...
    Supplier of: Industrial piping | valve | piping equipment
  • ...production includes: Valve: Cast iron/Ductile iron/Cast steel/Forged steel Valve( DIN3352 Resilient seated F4/F5 Gate valve, DIN3352 F4/F5 metal seated Gate valve, BS5163/BS5150/AWWA C509 Gate valve, API600 Gate valve,...
    Supplier of: Industrial hardware
  • In the plant, there are branches and workshops of cast iron, cast steel, forging, heavy machine tool processing, rivet welding and heat treatment etc.
    Supplier of: Stone extraction - machinery and equipment
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