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charcoal briquettes - Import export


  • PCI is on a mission to contribute to a greener planet. Our smokeless ecofriendly fuel aims to radically transform the way industries operate. Reducing dependencies on coal and moving to solid agro...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal briquettes | charcoal for hypermarket distribution | charcoal bbq | hardwood charcoal
  • BioPolus Global is a company conducting its business in the international trade sector. We can guarantee a constantly high level of quality and delivery reliability. Our clients can enter into any...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal briquettes | wood briquettes wholesale | ecological fire lighters | wooden pellets
  • ...large fractions, biochar and hookah briquette. All products are made only from charcoal grade A in accordance with the stringent requirements of GOST 7657-84.Our customers are briquette factories ,...
    Supplier of: charcoal | hookah briquette | briquette for shisha | Natural fertilizers | biochar
  • Fadie Food Wholesale in foods Fadie Food has played a role in the trade of food between Arab and European countries since 2002. The company has therefore grown considerably in recent years. In 2015...
    Supplier of: charcoal briquettes | Food - import-export
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  • ...high-grade, slow burning charcoal and briquettes, produced from fine birch wood only. That’s why produced charcoal lumps are large, firm and do not crumble. We offer our clients only high quality,...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal briquettes | charcoal export | charcoal powder | manufacturer
  • ...Charcoal Cuba - Firebrand ** A Grade Briquette BBQ Charcoal 100% Natural No Smoke - No Sparks No Odor, High Heat - Long Lasting - Pellets, - Briquettes, - Firelighters - Peat Briquettes and other - Wood products in great stock. Please click into our web-page and browse our...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal briquettes | firewood, charcoal, briquettes | charcoal sticks | logs for firewood
  • Hello Sir/Madam We look for distributor/wholesaler in your region and hope to be your good partner.I attached some product pictures, references and advertisement video. We produce high quality...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal briquettes | quality charcoal for barbecues | charcoal bbq | charcoal for hypermarket distribution
    Vinnytsia - UKRAINE
    ...hardwood charcoal and charcoal briquettes manufacturer and exporter in central Ukraine. We use only best woods for charcoal, such as hornbeam, beech and oak. We can package our charcoal into...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal briquettes | hardwood charcoal | packaging | delivery
  • ...of wooden charcoal and chacoal briquettes. CHARCOAL: We produce charcoal from hard deciduous trees (beech, hornbeam, oak). INSTANT LIGHT CHARCOAL AND CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES. WOODEN CHARCOAL FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES: We also produce charcoal powder and wood...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal briquettes | Feeds for animal farming | Livestock and poultry - feed | feed additive for laying hens and broiler chickens
  • our production company. Our charcoal briquettes are indisputably some of the finest in the world. For those who want great heat value, we make our coconut shell briquette charcoal in several different and unique packs. Out...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | briquette charcoal | coconut briquette charcoal | hardwood charcoal | coconut shell charcoal powder
    Edinburgh - UNITED KINGDOM
    ...the rich market of Russian charcoal, briquettes, firewood, and pellets. We offer to undergo all stages of buying charcoal with you and for you. All you have to do is tell us the volume of charcoal you need and when you...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal briquettes | charcoal | Firewood | pellets
  • ...Charcoal powder, Wood pellets, wood briquettes etc.Our products are toxin free and produced under the guide lines of forestry regulations and environmental protection as authorised by the ministry of Forestry and The Ministry of Environment Respectively.We own four...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal briquettes | wood charcoal
  • Shijiazhuang Wanhai Trade Co., Ltd (WH) Locates in north of China, Shijiazhuang City, specializing in manufacturing and marketing charcoa. WanHai is an official proved company and has the license of...
    Supplier of: charcoal briquettes | bbq charcoal | Fuels, solid
  • We are a company that produces charcoal briquettes of charcoal exclusively from hardwood. Charcoal briquette is entirely made from hard wood. Through the carbonation process, wood creates high quality charcoal with a...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal briquette | charcoal
    High quality bamboo charcoal at most competitive price, fix carbon - 85% min, calorific value - 7000+ , ash- 4% max
    Supplier of: charcoal briquettes | bamboo charcoal | Fuels, solid
  • Supplier of: Charcoal | firewood, charcoal, briquettes | charcoal bbq | hardwood charcoal | charcoal
  • Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal briquettes
  • Supplier of: charcoal briquettes | Import-export - coal | coal
  • Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal briquettes | firewood, charcoal, briquettes
  • limestone, bentonite, calcium carbonate, zeolite, wood briquettes, wood pellets, coconut charcoal briquettes, coconut coir and fibers, vergin coconut oil, RBD coconut oil, desiccated coconut etc
    Supplier of: Metallurgy - machinery and installations | metal processing | accessories, parts and components for industrial equipment and plants | mineral industrial materials
  • MAUROBERA SA is a CHARCOAL and BRIQUETTES manufacturer and wholesaler distributor, with head offices in Montevideo, Uruguay, and inland production sites in the Chaco region of Argentina and Paraguay. After more than ten years in the charcoal business we...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | Timber | sawn timber | hardwoods
  • ...fuel energy field (charcoal, pellets, briquettes, firewood) and animal feeds for domestic animals and pet foods ( dry, wet, kibble, can, Pellets and raw materials ) which it's located in Agrinio,...
    Supplier of: charcoal - pellets - briquettes - fire wood | Import-export - energy and raw materials | import-export-manufacturer-supplier-distributor | animal feed and hardwood fuel energy field | animal feed raw material - pet food - kibble - wet - can
  • BMK Woods is one of the largest producers of wood pellets, Charcoal, Firewoods, wood briquette, coal briquette, Sawdust, Pine wood logs, spruce wood logs, oak wood logs etc in Ukraine.
    Supplier of: beech briquettes | Biogas and biofuel - energy use | Wood chips and sawdust | birch firewood | wood pellets
  • ...worldwide. Namibia Charcoal sells Charcoal, Briquettes, Triquettes and Firelighter products. All products are printed in either 'Namibia Charcoal' or customer's own branding and packaging as well (extra fees may apply on packaging).
    Supplier of: Charcoal | charcoal bbq | briquettes | lump charcoal | acacia charcoal
    Dnipropetrovsk - UKRAINE a manufacturer of hardwood charcoal briquettes excellent for grill & BBQ as well as for restaurants. Advantages of these briquettes are: - Do not include hazardous substances; - Environmentally-friendly product; - Do not...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | hardwood charcoal | charcoal bbq | charcoal pelletes | charcoal for restaurant
  • ...of all kinds: white charcoal, sawdust briquette charcoal, compressed charcoal, binchotan, chestnut charcoal, mangrove charcoal, lychee charcoal, .. We are from Japan where charcoal-making techniques are admired worldwide.We hold...
    Supplier of: Charcoal | white charcoal | vietnam charcoal | sawdust briquet | bamboo
    Tangerang - INDONESIA
    ...Shell Charcoal and Coconut Shell Briquettes Manufacturer since 2008. Our briquette is made of all natural materials: coconut shell charcoal and small portion of natural starch as binder. Agrindo Sejahtera briquette is processed...
    Supplier of: shisha briquette | shisha charcoal | hookah briquette | briquette | Fuels, solid
    Kharkov - UKRAINE
    BKM WOOD "ZDOROVIY SON" is one of the largest producers of wood pellets, Charcoal, Firewoods, wood briqueete, coal briquette, Sawdust, Pine wood logs, spruce wood logs, oak wood logs etc in Ukraine.
    Supplier of: charcoal | Biomass energy - production | wood pellets | firewood | wood shaving
    Katowice - POLAND
    ...environment friendly. Coconut Charcoal briquettes burn up to three times longer than traditional charcoal briquettes, meaning you require less replenishing and loose less heat.These Coconut Charcoal briquettes provide...
    Supplier of: coconut charcoal high rate of heat | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | heating idustrial and domestic fuel | environmentally friendly | sustainable natural recorses
    Glukhov, - UKRAINE
    ...pellets, Charcoal, Fire woods, wood briquette, coal briquette, Sawdust, Pine wood logs, spruce wood logs, oak wood logs etc in Ukraine. We are supplier of wood Pellets, Firewood , Charcoal ,...
    Supplier of: Wood products | pallet wood | pine | spruce | high quality
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