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  • Food Hub is a platform that puts food-processing companies in the Occitanie Region in contact with French and international purchasers for free. The platform aims to play a sourcing role for buyers...
    Supplier of: Cheese | Foie gras | Beer | Olives | Meat
  • ...wishing to purchase high quality French cheeses for export. The experience of Rungis cheese professionals to help fellow professionals from the food and hospitality trades.The finest cheeses delivered...
    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese shops | sale of cheese products | farm-fresh cheeses | french cheeses
  • Supplier of: Dried fruits | Fruits, dried | Vegetables, dried | Import-export - food and agriculture | toasted dry fruits
  • ...products and more specifically white and yellow cheese, analogue cheese and food service products. The company’s employees work on a daily basis in order to satisfy our customer’s needs in the maximum level Our products : - FETA PDO...
    Supplier of: Cheese | cheeses | feta cheese | fresh cheeses | parmesan cheese
  • Our products include: Fresh cheeses, cheese, organic cheese, speciality cheeses, dairy products, organic dairy products and whey protein cheese
    Supplier of: Cheese | fresh cheeses | cow's milk cheeses | cheeses and dairy products | ricotta cheese
  • The FRANCIA group consists of three companies which produce mozzarella and other cow and buffalo milk related products.
    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese | cheese factories | caciotta cheese | provolone cheese
  • Rochefort cheese and butter maker. The butter dairy is located in the municipality of Houyet and the cheese dairy in the neighbouring town of Rochefort.
    Supplier of: Cheese | rochefort cheese | belgian cheese making factory | abbaye cheeses | Dairy products
  • Cacio di Pienza's production is a tradition with very ancient origins passed on from one generation to the next. Milk producers came together to form the Cooperativa di Cotignano, using and keeping...
    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese | sheep's cheese | pienza pecorino cheese | sheep's milk cheeses
  • We are manufacturers of cheese packaging machinery. Our packaging machines are new or reconditioned and are destined for cheese-makers and the cheese industry.
    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese packaging lines | cheese packaging | cheese-making machinery | servicing of cheese packaging machinery
  • Agriform is the largest company in Veneto producing Grana Padano and other typical regional cheeses (Asiago, Piave, Montasio, Monte Veronese).
    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese | cheese shops | fresh cheeses | hard cheeses
  • ...the NONNO NANNI line of unripened soft cheeses, including our main products Classic Stracchino, Stracchino with Yoghurt and Strachinno with probiotic ferments. Rounding off our range of cheeses are...
    Supplier of: Cheese | goats' cheeses | spreading cheeses | fresh cheeses | stracchino cheese
  • We draw inspiration from Italian dairy and cheese-making traditions to make our products. The company specialises in the production of fresh cheeses, such as Primo Sale, Stracchino and Robiola, mature cheeses and...
    Supplier of: Cheese | goats' cheeses | organic cheese | semi-mature goat's milk cheese | mature goat's milk cheese
  • ...Tomasoni creamery produces soft and firm cheeses, hard and semi-hard, by processing milk sourced from local farms. The main products are Crema del Piave, a popular cheese enjoyed for its smoothness,...
    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese | fresh cheeses | stracchino cheese | buffalo milk cheeses
  • The cooperative was set up with the objective of organising, along business lines, the collection and processing of cheese products made from milk from the farms in the Camuno-Sebino basin.
    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese | cheese factories | fresh cheeses | regional and typical cheeses
  • MEVGAL is a Dairy Company located in Koufalia near the city of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. It ranks: - 3rd amongst all Greek dairy companies and - 9th in the food sector The company...
    Supplier of: Cheese | greek feta cheese producers | cheese suppliers and exporters | greek cheese products pdo controlled denomination of origin | Dairy products
  • Manufacturers of high quality cheese and butter.
    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese shops | ricotta cheese | cheese wholesalers | Dairy products
  • We supply products for pizzerias, restaurants, trattorias, hotels, bars, brasseries, sandwich shops, patisseries, grills, bakeries and canteens. Prepared anchovies, frozen meat; flour for pizzas,...
    Supplier of: Cheese | Viennese bread and buns | Meats | Dairy products | Pasta
  • Welcome to Dana Dairy Group’s home on Europages. We are a world-leading producer and supplier of top quality milk and dairy products. Our DANA brand is our mark of excellence. It is well known to...
    Supplier of: Baby foods | uht milk | evaporated milk | infant formula | baby milk
  • Montanari & Gruzza spa is situated in Via Emilia between Reggio Emilia and Parma: the company doesn't stop at providing all possibile sizes of butter, it also matures Parmesan Reggiano (which it also...
    Supplier of: Cheese | parmigiano reggiano | grana padano | organic reggiano parmesan | organic butter
  • Choose the type of cheese you like and we will mix it for you. We make a stringy cheese that melts and spreads while retaining its extraordinary shape with suitable browning.
    Supplier of: Cheese-making machinery | Cheese | cheese shops | cheesemaking | mozzarella

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