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  • Over the years CLASS-TRADING has become a major player in the Belgian export market for used clothing, vintage fashion accessories, handbags. Garment clearance, ends of lines from Nordic countries.....
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  • Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | sale of second-hand clothing | second-hand shoes | second-hand boots | exports of second-hand garments
  • In addition to quality, our range of products is vast: second hand men's, women's and children's clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.
    Supplier of: second-hand clothing | second hand clothing | import-export of second-hand clothes | second hand men's clothing | second hand women's clothing
  • the sorting and exporting of second-hand clothes, footwear, rags, antique and vintage costumes, which are sold to worldwide wholesalers and importers of second-hand clothing, since 1998.
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | second hand clothing | import of second-hand clothing | purchase and sale of second hand clothing | second-hand women's clothing
  • ...including for collecting second-hand clothing, paper collection, electronic waste, cardboard/plastic, glass and so on. For the past two years, ECONOX has been working to come up with solutions to the...
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | second-hand clothing | Containers | Containers, metal | containers
  • ...small quantities to our clients who operate second-hand market stalls or shops (pick of the crop, luxury and top end clothing, VINTAGE, leather and furs, Levi's, antique and embroidered bedding, 1st choice). We also export large volumes of used...
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | second hand vintage clothing | second hand branded clothing | supplier of second-hand bedding | Import-export - textile and clothing
  • ...of an high quality and also impeccable second hand sorted for export. The Original is high-quality used and new clothes and includes used clothing of the best and the finest brands. Women's second-hand clothing, men's used...
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | second-hand clothing | second-hand baby clothes | sorted second-hand clothes | second-hand shoes
  • ZENOTEX BVBA: Worldwide export of second-hand clothing.
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | second-hand clothes | second-hand men's clothes | second-hand women's clothes | worldwide export of second-hand clothes
  • Used clothing, sorting & recycling of all textiles – second hand clothes store, original street collection.
    Supplier of: second-hand clothing | second-hand clothing for professionals | Machinery and equipment, used and reconditioned | Textiles - recovery and recycling | collection and processing of used cloths and clothes
  • Since 1953, IRCEB Buggenhout nv has specialised in the import, export, processing and wholesale of shoes, used clothes, non-woven fabrics and cloths. We supply these products in a range of different...
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | cloths | Footwear | Import-export - textile and clothing | Textile - import-export
  • Capasso s.a.s. is a company that specializes in the distribution and sale of pre-owned garments: from jumpers to trousers, jackets to coats, not to mention all sorts of clothing accessories. Sale of...
    Supplier of: second-hand clothing | import of second-hand clothing | Textiles - recovery and recycling | used bags | used clothing export
  • We are an importer and exporter of second-hand clothing in Belgium. Located in the center of the wealthiest part of Europe, we gather the best of the second-hand clothing in the world.
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | import of second-hand clothing | export of second-hand clothes | second-hand women's clothes | second-hand shoes
  • ITC is a young and dynamic company with over 30 years experience. By remaining reasonably sized, ITC is able to attentively answer and satisfy the specific wishes of its customers. Because we always...
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | second hand clothing store | second hand shoes | Import-export - textile and clothing | Textiles - recovery and recycling
  • ...clothes, cashmere clothes, second-hand accessories, second-hand hats, second-hand coats, wool offcuts, used clothes exports, used clothes import, second-hand jeans, second-hand clothes and other items sorted and collected, used household linen, second-hand backpacks, used – buy and sell, used clothes,...
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | second-hand clothing | second-hand branded clothing | Clothing - import-export | used footwear
  • The activity of our company has been trading in clothes, sorting and processing since 1994. We are based in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary and we have a commercial office in the United Kingdom.For sorting,...
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | clothes - recovery and recycling | original used clothes | english original used clothes | door to door collection
  • Comindusa srl has track record in the clothing and footwear sectors that stretches back for over 25 years, and its business consists of sorting and selling clothes and shoes. Most of our clothes is...
    Supplier of: second-hand clothes | second-hand clothing | second-hand clothes | second-hand designer clothes | second-hand prato clothes
  • in the field of second hand clothing. Founded in the year 2006, it has acquired an advanced knowledge in the process of sorting second hand clothes. Our clothes are tried from the...
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | sale of second-hand clothing | bulk used clothes | used clothing | used shoes
  • La Fripe Rhodanienne provides second-hand clothing, as well as high quality footwear.
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | wholesale second-hand clothes | exports of second-hand garments | used clothing bales | used clothing wholesaler
  • ...export cash 4 clothes collections, door2door collections, sorted second hand goods and NEW CLOTHES - last season stock lot, over, branded last season stock, leftover and store and customer returns.
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | Clothing - import-export | clothes - recovery and recycling | used clothing export | cash 4 clothes collections
  • Aukuras Credence is a proud business that has been working with clothes in Ireland for over 10 years. We have recently decided to expand our business and we are looking for new client's who would be...
    Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | sorted second-hand clothing | second-hand children’s clothing | clothes - recovery and recycling | bulk used clothes

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