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  • ...flavourings for chocolate, food flavourings for health products, food flavourings for tea, food flavourings for coffee, food flavourings for infusions, flavourings and natural flavourings, food colourings.
    Supplier of: coffee and tea | Food flavourings | Food preservatives | Additives, dyes and pigments - industrial | Food - import-export
  • Sino-Nature International Co., Ltd is a famous raw material supplier of botanical products in Europe. Our products include Chinese herbs, health food material, herbal tea material, spice and tea....
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | tea blends | Plants and herbs, medicinal | Spices | Condiments, extracts and spices
  • products. In our retail outlet, you will find unroasted and roasted coffee beans, a large variety of ground coffee and decafeinated coffee. We also sell grand cru tea and chocolate as well as sweetners, sugar and gadgets.
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | wholesale coffee | espresso coffee | ground coffee | coffee blends
  • Founded in Naples in 1977, Interkom successfully markets non transformed coffee from different countries. The company imports and exports coffee, selecting the best offers on the international green...
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | wholesale coffee | ground coffee | coffee | decaffeinated coffee
  • WERTFORM has been in operation since 1983, using the latest technologies as a subsidiary of the international CAFEA Group in cooperation with the DEK. In this time, we have established ourselves as...
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | processing coffee and tea | espresso coffees | coffee surrogates | coffee
  •, coffee pods, coffee capsules 100% arabica coffee. Mokasol is, amongst other things, responsible for the distribution and sales of BARLEY, CHOCOLATE, TEA, HONEY AND LIQUEURS as well as COFFEE BASED CREAMS.
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | coffee | italian coffee | roasted coffee | coffee blends
  • The coffee produced by Costadoro is available both in Italy and abroad, in single doses for the home and office. Members of the Costadoro line: Master Club Coffee, San Francisco.
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | coffee blends | roasted coffee | ground coffee | decaffeinated coffee
  • The company was founded in Brescia in 1956 as a small traditional coffee roaster. Since then much has changed ... except the passion for a good coffee and the traditional care with which it is...
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | wholesale coffee | coffee | italian coffee | plantation coffee
  • It is very important to us that our ice-cream contains a high proportion of selected natural raw ingredients. Only the very best raw ingredients, of the highest possible quality, can guarantee the...
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | espresso coffees | coffee grinder | Coffee machines, professional | semiautomatic coffee dispensers
  • Since the company was established in 1970, we have skilfully supplied raw materials for the food industry. Among our customers from all over Europe are a number of well-known companies from the...
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | Dietary and organic foods | Condiments, extracts and spices | Cocoa and chocolate | Food and beverage additives
  • - Sample dispatch service. - Finishing for batches of over 100 tins.- Wide range of tins in stock.- Products dispatched anywhere in Europe.- Low prices.- Fast delivery.- Silver tins ready for...
    Supplier of: Tins and cans | metal boxes | tin pill boxes | metal packaging | tin cans
  • ...processes, La Tosteria coffee and tea has achieved an excellent level of quality whilst respecting traditional values. Specialist coffee bars choose La Tosteria because they appreciate our...
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | roasted coffee | wholesale roasted and refined coffee | import of roasted coffee and related products | processing of coffee blends
  • Moka Rica has stood for research and innovation in the field of espresso coffee since 1950. Expert technicians and ultramodern production facilities inside the plant oversee all the production cycle...
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | barley coffee | coffee liqueur | decaffeinated coffee | coffee
  • Saicaf rests on the solid foundations of its company background that dates back to 1932, when passion and enthusiasm for coffee, research into quality raw materials and work methods enabled the...
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | wholesale coffee | espresso coffee | roasted coffee | contract roasting of coffee and related products
  • Tea, spices, medicinal and aromatic plants, dehydrated plants, prepared mixes for the meat industry, extracts, essences, aromas and accessories for the meat and tea industries.
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | Herb teas | green tea | Condiments, extracts and spices | Spices
  • Coffee roaster since 1957. We roast coffee. Brands : DURBÁN, SUBLIME, SIXTO AYORA, MORUCHA. We are looking for distributors.
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | coffee blends | ground coffee | coffee | wholesale coffee
  • Azúcares Prieto is a company dedicated to the packaging, customisation and distribution of sugar and artificial sweeteners. We also sell chocolates and sweets: ideal for after a cup of coffee. Sugar...
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | decaffeinated coffee | Sugar | Food and beverage additives | sweeteners
  • Valentino Caffè spa has over 50 years experience in the ground coffee, brewed coffee and coffee pod business aimed at companies and organisations.
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | wholesale coffee | production of coffee | coffee beans | Coffee roasting - equipment
  • Italcaffè provides coffee blends to satisfy the tastes of your customers and for you to enjoy too. You can tell a good espresso by its aroma. Italcaffè uses fine blends sourced from the best tropical...
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | espresso coffee capsules | espresso coffee pads | espresso coffee for hotels and restaurants | wholesale roasted and refined coffee
    Supplier of: Coffee and tea | wholesale coffee | coffee | wholesale roasted and refined coffee | roasted coffee in beans

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