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  • Willy A. Bachofen GmbH is based in Nidderau (close to Frankfurt) in a central location within Germany. Here, the WAB Group has established an extensive store of replacement parts and wear parts....
    Supplier of: container mixers | laboratory mixers | mixers for the food processing industry | Mixers and grinders for the food processing industry | dispersing machines
  • Our expertise lies in container mixers, batch mixers, laboratory mixers, high-speed mixers, universal mixers, charging stations and discharge stations.
    Supplier of: container mixers | batch mixers | drum mixers | plastic material mixers | laboratory mixers
  • Plastics manufacturer and forwarder: Zeppelin is a global leader in its markets with its turnkey systems for handling high quality bulk material. Plastics processor: In this demanding industry,...
    Supplier of: container mixers | Goods handling systems, continuous | plastic industry instruments | container filling equipment for bulk solids | machinery for the production of plastic shoes
  • Supplier of: container mixers | Sorting and sizing equipment for fruits and vegetables | Weighing and dosing equipment
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  • TAHT
    ...roofing accessories until the concrete and cement syloses, concrete mixers, containers for waste, for life, for complex grounds, containers for border crossings, electrical power constructions, etc.
    Supplier of: Real estate, business and industrial - developers and agencies | steel | wood
  • Our range comprises a variety of items including containers, mixers, and dosing, unloading and filling facilities...
    Supplier of: Containers, metal
  • homogenisers (homogenisation mixers) as well as various types of mixers and containers for the manufacture of liquid and semi-solid products (ointments, creams, suspensions, pastes, syrups etc.).
    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | homogenising machines and equipment | vacuum packing machine
  • KASAG is a medium-sized industrial company in Langnau in the Swiss region of Emmental. Since 1929, the company has been creating jobs in this region for a qualified skilled workforce. This hilly...
    Supplier of: Engineering - industrial consultants | Fruit-based preparations | stainless steel and alloy pressure apparatus | stainless steel exchanger | reactors for chemical plant
  • Our range of Planetary, Twin Shaft and Pan mixers means that we can supply the ideal mixer for your needs. Our high-speed planetary mixers, for the precast block making and ready-mix industries,...
    Supplier of: Concrete mixers | sicoma mixers | omg mixers | pan mixer | twin shaft mixers
  • ...O2 monitoring and EasyMate liquid oxygen devices. ISO 13485: 2016 certification and BeP (in-house test service) for pressure container construction are a matter of course; the production location is Germany.
    Supplier of: air/oxygen mixers | Medical Equipment | Sensors | oxygen sensors | fittings for medical technology
  • ...small tripods, explosion-protected agitators, container agitators, agitators for waste water treatment and the pharmaceutical industry, compressed air agitators, universal mixing and kneading machines, compulsory...
    Supplier of: rubber mixers | agitators and mixers | compulsory mixer | mixers | Chemical and pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment
  • ...belt systems, drying conches, equipment and container construction, liquefiers, chocolate pumps/feed pumps, magnetic filters/separators, straight way valves, overhaul of used chocolate machines,...
    Supplier of: mixers for food industry | Confectionery - machinery and equipment | Boilermaking, heavy | Foundry machines - centrifugal | Boilerwork
  • ...production of PET bottles and containers. Use in industry: Cosmetics, cleaning products, chemicals, honey, mustard, sauces, fruit juices, spirits, vinegar and cooking oil, milk, mixers and other beverages.
    Supplier of: Thermos packaging | synthetic caps | pet packaging | pet bottles | hot fill
  • Tillman is present throughout the entire world thanks to a network of subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg. Tillman Building Materials & Chemicals is a world leader on the...
    Supplier of: Additives, cement and mortar | accelerators for concrete and mortars | admixtures for concrete and mortar | setting retarders for concrete and mortars | mortars for construction work
  • ...produces overhead travelling cranes, gantry, container, console and other industrial cranes in normal and S performance. Production of industrial equipment includes concrete mixers, concrete silos and...
    Supplier of: Metallurgy and iron and steel industry - machinery and installations | tower cranes | overhead travelling crane | gantry cranes | assembly of steel structural metalwork for construction
  • ...stainless steel drums and stainless steel containers, stationary and mobile handling systems, such as lifting columns, mixers and pallet exchangers, double flap systems and stainless steel housings.
    Supplier of: Boilerwork | Bins, tanks and hampers - goods handling | batteries with stainless steel pipe | stacking bins
  • (U.S. By using acoustic energy, ResonantAcoustic® mixing eliminates the need for blades or impellers, allowing materials to be mixed in any sealed vessel, even end-use or shipping containers.
    Supplier of: Laboratory equipment and instruments | machines and equipment for mixing | multi-function processing | bench to production scale mixing
  • ...refined over many years, so that today's product contains the little touches that you expeThere are more than 8000 Sicoma high speed planetary / countercurrent concrete mixers in use today around the world.The...
    Supplier of: Concrete mixers | twin shaft mixers | planetary mixers | turbo pan mixers | sicoma mixers spare parts
  • ...of enhanced 100% juices, which contain added nutrients, essential antioxidants, minerals and herbs. The newest additions include a vitamin enhanced water and No Worries brand cocktail mixers.
    Supplier of: Beverages - import-export | concentrated fruit juices | carbonated water with low mineral content | fruit nectars | non-alcoholic bitters
    Milan/italy - ITALY
    ...worldwide are still using old technology and out-dated polymers developed many years ago, still mixing their ingredients in a food industry mixer like a giant yogurt recipe without the application of heat.
    Supplier of: Tyres | gomma | buco | tyre | puncturesafe
  • ...body with a wide range of semi-trailers of silo, container, chassis, tanker, lowbed, dumper/tipper, etc.CONSTRUCTION & CONTRACTING: LIGHT STEEL BUILDINGS of houses, villas, cabins, workshop, factory,...
    Supplier of: Mining and quarrying - machinery and equipment | crushing | semi-trailers
  • ...and YELLOW RIVER GENERAL , contains a series of trucks like cargo truck, dump truck, tipper truck, tractor truck, concrete mixer truck, trailer, tanker truck and so many other special vehicles.
    Supplier of: Road transport, tipper truck | truck parts
  • ...changer cases, speaker cases, amplifier cases, mixer cases, MIC cases, MIC stand cases, earphone cases, interphone cases, TV cases, computer cases, motor cases, musical instrument cases, tool cases, cable...
    Supplier of: Boxes and crates, wood | flight cases | rack cases
  • Concrete Mixer, Concrete Batching Plant, Concrete Mixing Station, Gantry Crane, Container Crane, Bridge Erection Machinery for Highway and Railway, Movable Support System
    Supplier of: Cranes and gantries | crane construction | crane manufacturing
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