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  • MARR - Leader in Italy: restaurant industry distribution has been our speciality for over 40 years. MARR serves over 38, 000 clients in the commercial catering sector (restaurants, hotels, holiday...
    Supplier of: dairy products | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | Food - import-export | frozen foods - production | wholesale frozen food
  • Au Fromager de is an expert service for international customers wishing to purchase high quality French cheeses for export. The experience of Rungis cheese professionals to help fellow...
    Supplier of: Dairy products | Cheese | cheese shops | sale of cheese products | farm-fresh cheeses
  • Founded a little over 60 years ago, Régilait is the leading company in granulated milk powders and a major stakeholder in the concentrated milk and infant milk markets. Régilait is present in over 60...
    Supplier of: Milk substitutes for babies | Dairy products | Powdered and condensed milk | powdered milk | semi-skimmed powdered milk
  • Gusto Dairy specializes in the production and distribution of dairy products and more specifically white and yellow cheese, analogue cheese and food service products. The company started its operations in 2004 and has managed in a short while to become known in...
    Supplier of: Dairy products | Cheese | feta cheese | greek feta | fresh cheeses
  • Since 1989, Lactoland Trockenmilchwerk GmbH has supplied production and trading companies in the milk industry from its location in Dülmen in south-west Münsterland. Ninety members of staff ensure...
    Supplier of: Dairy products | Casein | powdered milk | dried cream | compound materials
  • ...into matchsticks or cubes for pizzas, cows' milk ricotta. The company's innovative line of frozen dairy specialities with a maximum shelf life of 12 months is a resounding success in international markets.
    Supplier of: Dairy products | dairy products | wholesale of dairy products | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | Food - import-export
  • ..., Whisky and Alcohols 6) Milk and Dairy products. 7). cheese (frozen or fresh) 8). fruits and vegetable Contact us, we’ll give you a fast, efficient and competitive answer tailor made. We work without stock...
    Supplier of: Dairy products | Beverages - import-export | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | Confectionary | SWEETS
  • The FRANCIA group consists of three companies which produce mozzarella and other cow and buffalo milk related products.
    Supplier of: Dairy products | wholesale of dairy products | Cheese | butter | cheese factories
  • The Uelzena Group, which has its headquarters in Uelzen and several subsidiaries in Germany and the EU, is one of the leading providers and innovative problem-solvers in food processing and milk...
    Supplier of: Powdered and condensed milk | Dairy products | Fruit juices | butter | dietetic foods
  • Dano Food is a trusted Belgian food company specializing in the export of agriculture-based commodities. We serve the export needs of a global clientele across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America....
    Supplier of: Milk | Powdered and condensed milk | Vegetable oils | Baby foods | Sauces
  • Our company packs "extra" quality dairy products. The butter dairy is located in the municipality of Houyet and the cheese dairy in the neighbouring town of Rochefort.
    Supplier of: Dairy products | Cheese | butter | rochefort cheese | rochefort butter
  • Agriform is the largest company in Veneto producing Grana Padano and other typical regional cheeses (Asiago, Piave, Montasio, Monte Veronese).
    Supplier of: dairy products | wholesale of dairy products | Cheese | cheese shops | fresh cheeses
  • ...Italian dairy and cheese-making traditions to make our products. The company specialises in the production of fresh cheeses, such as Primo Sale, Stracchino and Robiola, mature cheeses and Ricotta.
    Supplier of: Dairy products | Fresh milk | Cheese | goats' cheeses | fresh organic milk
  • At Isca dell'Abate, Perito, in Salerno province, you will find Fattoria dell'Alento, a cheese maker that is active in Italy and abroad. Our production is varied and based entirely on local products....
    Supplier of: Cream, sour | dairy products | buffalo-milk mozzarellas | buffalo ricotta | smoked ricotta cheese
  • The cooperative was set up with the objective of organising, along business lines, the collection and processing of cheese products made from milk from the farms in the Camuno-Sebino basin.
    Supplier of: Dairy products | wholesale of dairy products | Cheese | cheese | cheese factories
  • ...produces traditional Greek dairy products, PDO products (Feta, Manouri, Kasseri, Kefalograviera), Goat cheese, White soft cheese and a variety of Greek Authentic yogurts and desserts, produced under excellent conditions. We offer a full...
    Supplier of: Dairy products | Cheese | natural yoghurt | yoghurt | greek yogurt / greek yoghurt exporter
  • Manufacturers of high quality cheese and butter. With designation of origin. Wide variety of produce. Visit our website.
    Supplier of: Milk | Dairy products | dairy products | Cheese | cheese shops
  • ...frozen meat; flour for pizzas, cheeses and dairy products, buffalo milk mozzarella from Campania, mozzarella for pizzas, food-grade vegetable oils, olive oil, pasta, rice, deep-frozen fish, frozen pizzas, tomato pulp, peeled...
    Supplier of: Dairy products | Viennese bread and buns | Meats | Cheese | Pasta
  • The dairy company Euroiovine came about through the passion and commitment of the lovine family, which has applied its love for the countryside and healthy eating for decades taking particular care...
    Supplier of: Dairy products | dairy products | supplies for pizzerias | cheese | fior di latte mozzarella
  • Supplier of: dairy products | Cheese | ricotta cheese | caciotta cheese | butter

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