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    Istanbul - TURKEY
    We are a young business, mastering the rules of both national and international trade. Since Turkey is the leading producer of pistachios and apricots, BioFood is committed to bringing to you Turkish...
    Supplier of: Eggs | hen egg | Agriculture - import-export | Food - import-export | Olive oil
  • Janssen Ei has over 50 years' experience in the production and sale of eggs. The company has 2 sites and is organised to receive new chickens every 20 weeks. We are therefore able to provide...
    Supplier of: Eggs | hen egg | fresh eggs | eggs from the farm | free range eggs
  • Granja Agas is a family-run firm that has specialised in breeding poultry for more than 50 years.Our main products are fresh eggs, organic eggs and quail eggs.Our main MISSION is to offer our...
    Supplier of: Eggs | quail eggs | hen egg | eggs from free-range hens | fresh packed eggs
  • ...production, grading and distribution of fresh eggs and egg by-products. Classification of egg-based products that we produce and sell: - Pasteurized liquid eggs. - Pasteurized liquid egg whites. -...
    Supplier of: Eggs | egg yokes | egg whites | fresh eggs | organic eggs
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  • Producer and wholesale distributor of eggs since 1995. Distribution mainly in Europe but also Iran and Iraq. Eggs in our offer are always healthy, the highest quality have all the necessary certificates and have excellent...
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  • Supplier of: Eggs
  • Supplier of: Eggs
  • Supplier of: Eggs
  • Feedlance group of companies specializes in the development, production and export of nutritional products for agricultural animals. The Feedlance Group produces and designs the products in the...
    Supplier of: eggs | Agriculture - import-export | bran | sunflower oil | flour
  • We are IFS certified family egg producers with production over 150 million pieces annually and almost 30 years of tradition and experience located in the very heart of Europe. We produce various...
    Supplier of: Eggs | class a eggs | hen egg | licences and patents | vitamins
  • Our company BPPARTNERSLTD is active in Bulgaria and is a subsidiary of the Greek company AMVROSIADIS AVEE with the main responsibility for its exports. AMVROSIADIS AVEE is one of the leading...
    Supplier of: eggs | Chicken | chicken | poultry | frozen
  • PAPEI, A.S.
    Roudnice Nad Labem - CZECH REP.
    Company Papei, a.s. is a manufacturer of eggs, leading Czech producer of delicaessen and specialities and successful importer of food products across the Europe. Our export activities are mainly focused on powdered egg products: dried whole egg (egg...
    Supplier of: Dried and liquid egg yolks | Eggs | egg powder products | egg powder | dried and liquid egg white
  • Hatchery "Martivo - Rumen Kirchev owns the most new and modern farm for broiler parents of the Balkans located in the. Topolchane, Sliven Municipality. Adjoining buildings consists of entirely new...
    Supplier of: Eggs | hatching eggs hatchery ross 308 cobb 500 | day old chiken | chiken broiler
  • SIA Martin OO is a fast growing distribution company, which has successfully working in Latvian market since 2010. "Martin OO" is specializing in the food industry. Company offers a wide range of...
    Supplier of: eggs | Meat | oil - distribution | meat | fish
    Seini - ROMANIA
    ...with the main activity: - Raising chickens for eggs and meat- Manufacture of birds feedWith a 100% private capital, our company is led by manager eng. Ioan Balan with over 30 years experience in poultry raising.Our company...
    Supplier of: Eggs | class a eggs | fresh packed eggs | class b eggs | eggs from free-range hens
  • Our company Eco Eggs Ltd. has been a leader in the distribution and supply of eggs and egg products to some of the major hotel and restaurant chains , individual hotels and restaurants and food trade...
    Supplier of: Eggs | eggs | frozen egg products
    Izmir - TURKEY
    ...Ltd. İZMİR- TURKEY, produce the highest quality egg handling machines. Since than we have always been improving our machines through scientific research and academic works to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We produce: -...
    Supplier of: Eggs | eggs grading machines | eggs packing machines
  • Seferkoy Farm was established in 2008. The purpose of this establishment was to export high quality products whole over the world. For now, our products are ; Olive Oil , Egg, Chicken, Artichoke. All...
    Supplier of: Eggs | export egg | export of olive oil | artichokes | export chicken
    Loo - ESTONIA
    Production and sales of pasteurized egg liquids (whole egg), boiled and peeled eggs, scrambled egg pulps. Sale of egg powder (yolk, egg albumen HW, whole egg, Choux pastry mix, Heat Stable Mayonnaise Yolk...
    Supplier of: Eggs | Egg products
  • Production and sales of pasteurized egg liquids (whole egg), boiled and peeled eggs, scrambled egg pulps. Sale of egg powder (yolk, egg albumen HW, whole egg, Choux pastry mix, Heat Stable Mayonnaise Yolk...
    Supplier of: Eggs | Egg products
  • BQE
    Poznań - POLAND
    Our company wholesales highest quality brown freerange eggs and cageeggs. Our hens are fed with GMO-free food. We have all the tests and farms are under veterinary supervision. We invite you to...
    Supplier of: Eggs | eggs | export | freerange | wholesale
  • Wanga farm are the largest producers of top quality commercial broiler hatching eggs. We have our own commercial breeder stock to produce only top quality broiler eggs. We carry parent stock of all...
    Supplier of: Eggs | hatching eggs | broiler hatching eggs
  • Trans-Globus Ltd. is a large consumer goods wholesale trade and distribution company which is located in Lithuania. We supply products from all over the world. Trans-Globus Ltd. will give you all the...
    Supplier of: eggs | Paper, packaging - manufacture | bottle caps
  • Camar Agroalimentaria is the biggest producer of eggs in Spain, whit more than 2000000 laying hens. We control all process since the first day of laying hen for high quality of product. We aren’t...
    Supplier of: Eggs
  • Supplier of: Eggs | Grains, livestock and poultry | Meat | Timber | cattle feed
  • Wholesale of fresh and pasterized eggs. Wholesale of dairy products, and deep frozen food products. With own warehouse and truck fleet, we also offer distribution services.
    Supplier of: Eggs | liquid egg products | dairy products | frozen bakery products | deep-frozen food products
    Riyadh - SAUDI ARABIA
    Importers of food staff like egg, frozen chicken and meat, frozen vegetables and fruits and corps.
    Supplier of: Eggs | we import eggs and other food staff and sale it in saudi | we import frozen chicken and resale it in saudi market | we import frozen meat and resale it in saudi market
    Zlatusha - BULGARIA
    Green Living Farm is a family farming business that specialize in producing high quality fresh eggs from quails.
    Supplier of: Egg products | Eggs | quail eggs | quail meat
    Sabah - MALAYSIA
    We engaged in poultry frozen Chicken suppliers and we are direct farm manufacture and our products are known to be Frozen Whole Chicken Poultry Feed Chicken Eggs Soyabeen Meal
    Supplier of: eggs | Chicken | livestock and poultry - feed | chicken | grains, livestock and poultry
    Egg Merchants, Wholesale of dairy products, eggs and edible oils and fats
    Supplier of: Eggs | Dairy products | Oils and fats, edible
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