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  • ...S.S. farming business that produces strawberry plants, fruit trees and rootstock to be sold both to the Group companies and outside markets. Along with C.I.V. (Italian Consortium of Nurseries), the company has always been...
    Supplier of: fruit plants | Nurseries | environmental conservation | nurseries | farming advice
  • Asia Europe Trade (AET) is a European company with offices in Europe and Asia specialized in trading 1) in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 2) Private Labels (confectionaries, drinks, food and non...
    Supplier of: Beverages - import-export | Dairy products | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | Confectionary | SWEETS
  • ...boxes, bare rooted, root balls, roses, fruiting shrubs and flowering shrubs, ornamental plants - wholesale and retail, bouquets, hedge plants, poplars, vines and much, much more. Vivai Lazzaro grows its own...
    Supplier of: fruit plants | pot-grown fruit plants | fruit trees | Nurseries | rose gardens
  • Il Vivaio has been working in the horticulture business since 1992 and produces both conventional and organically grown traditional and grafted horticultural plants, for sheltered and open air...
    Supplier of: fruit plants | Agricultural systems and equipment | garden plants | nurseries | supplies for horticulture
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  • ...and selling garden plants and pot-grown fruit tree plants. Garden design and landscaping and maintenance. Sale of fruit trees, garden plants, ornamental trees and shrubs and old-fashioned fruit trees. Visit the on-line sales...
    Supplier of: Fruit trees | fruit plants | fruit trees | garden plants | rare plant
  • LTBS Co ., (Private Joint Stock) was founded in 2010 as a family owned company in Iran and Turkey categorized under the wholesale and Export of Fresh Fruits and Nuts. Our main target is spot...
    Supplier of: Fruit | raisin | barberry saffron | kiwi orange apple pomegranate annar | salt garlic tomato tomato paste
  • ...offerings are fruit trees and bushy plants: apples, pears, plums, quinces, cherries, cherry, peach, apricot, hazelnut, walnut, chokeberry, raspberries, blueberries, currants, WINE GRAPES(over 50 varieties). We have more than 150 different...
    Supplier of: Fruit plants | aronia chokeberry plants | fresh and frozen fruit | rosses flower seedlings | aronia fresh fresh
  • ...flowering trees; cypress; citrus trees; fruit plants; pistachio trees; hedging; pōhutukawa; palm trees; rare plants such as secular olives, agaves, cycads, strelitzias, grasses and unusual trees such as the...
    Supplier of: Fruit plants | fruit trees | Flowers and plants, greenhouse | large trees | trees
  • ...controlled and analyzed by the Institute for plant health of Serbia. Therefore, our buyers receive carefully selected, safe and certified nursery material, produced by EU regulations, with phytosanitary and all other...
    Supplier of: Fruit trees | fruit plants | Nursery plants | Agriculture - import-export | winery nursery
  • Vocne sadnice - Proizvodnja i prodaja sadnica - Lozni kalemi - Stare sorte sadnica voca - Kalemljeni orah - Sadnice kalemljenog drena - Sadnice japanske jabuke - Sadnice voca - Proizvodnja...
    Supplier of: Fruit plants | vocne sadnice | stare sorte sadnica | japanske jabuke kaki | kalemljene sadnice oraha
  • ...growing conditions for fruit. All our plants are grown to the highest possible standards and are ministry inspected at regular intervals during the growing season ensuring that our customers can rest assured they are buying only top quality...
    Supplier of: Fruit plants | fruit plants wholesale | soft fruit bushes and plants | raspberry canes wholesale | wholesale fruit and vegetables
  • ...fruit trees per year, also more than 2.5 million pieces of grapevine plants per year and 1 million pieces of rose plants. We export plants to many EU countries, as well as Russia, Asia, Africa and India.
    Supplier of: Fruit trees | fruit plants | fruit trees
  • ...We also offer our customers expert advice on planting, pruning and plant protection to achieve the best growing results. Cultivation Seed Materials Dear fruit lovers, in order to avoid mistakes when purchasing seedlings and fruit cuttings, you can find detailed...
    Supplier of: Fruit plants
    Bamenda - CAMEROON
    In today’s commodities market, experience, integrity and reliability are more important than ever. FG Biomass incorporates these ideals into its core business of marketing our Africa sourced and...
    Supplier of: Fruit plants | agricultural waste | biomass
    Ridjica - SERBIA
    Company Apple world doo from Serbia. We are one of the largest and most advanced suppliers of high quality table apples in Serbia. We aim to produce and offer our apples in accordance with the...
    Supplier of: Fruit plants | fresh fruits and vegetables
  • ...We are also dedicated to ensuring that all our products are quality-certified. We specialise in supplying plants to professionals (fruit tree plantations and vineyards) as well as decorative plants.
    Supplier of: fruit plants | Water plants | Nurseries | flower-stands | garden plants
  • Chersoneso Piante specialises in the quality production of various species of frangipani and over 300 varieties of rubra. Our offer includes highly varied colours, from red to white and orange, and...
    Supplier of: fruit plants | Nurseries | outdoor ornamental plants | flowering plants | interior ornamental plants
  • We produce trees of apple, pear, chary, peach, nut, plum, etcAlso available in our production rootstock, bud with virus free certificationAbility in all orchard activity and support. Our long...
    Supplier of: Fruit plants | fruit trees | nursery gardening | apple pear peach plum apricot nut hazelnut cherry | orchard fruit growing
  • Prodaja sadnica - vocne sadnice Dren - Proizvodnja kvalitetnog sadnog materijala po povoljnim cenama. Prodaja sadnica voca ribizle, ogrozda, brusnice, jabuke...Kompletan asortiman - vocne sadnice po...
    Supplier of: Fruit plants | vocne sadnice | sadnice voca | lozni kalemovi | prodaja sadnica voca
    Shenzhen - CHINA
    We supply artificial flowers and Christmas decorations in China. High quality and reasonable price. Fairly popular in Europe, North America and Mid-East. Various new styles and colors for selection....
    Supplier of: Artificial flowers, plants and fruit | plants and fruit | christmas decorations | artificial flowers
  • Nurseries for garden centres and horticulture. We provide subtropical varieties and we grow and sell ornamental plants in quantities, and at prices, that will interest garden centres.
    Supplier of: fruit plants | Nurseries | plants for forestry | ornamental plants | nursery seedlings
  • Supplier of: Fruit plants | Nursery plants
  • Supplier of: Fruit plants | Nursery plants | gardening tools | organic seeds | seedlings for fruit growing
  • Supplier of: Fruit plants | sale of fruit plants | flower seeds and fruit plants | Nurseries | nurseries
  • Supplier of: fruit plants | sale of fruit plants | fruit-farming | Nursery plants
  • Supplier of: fruit plants | Nurseries | trees
  • Supplier of: Fruit | fruit plants | fresh fruit | Vegetables, edible roots and tubers | retail fruit and vegetable markets
  • Supplier of: Fruit plants
  • Supplier of: fruit plants | Landscaping contractors | turnkey service | public park and garden maintenance | tree felling
  • Supplier of: fruit plants | Indoor and greenhouse plants, floristry | ornamental plants | flowering plants | succulent plants
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