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gas treatment
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  • With more than 50 years of experience in plastic processing, we produce our Hel-X fillers for biological waste water and gas treatment and for use in aquaculture.
    Supplier of: gas treatment | Electrical components and parts | Fish breeding equipment | Aquaculture and pisciculture | aquarium filters
  • Supplier of: gas treatment | Ventilators and fans - industrial
  • Supplier of: gas treatment | Compressors | compressed air systems and equipment
  • OGE Group is a sales organisation of a group of private companies from various industrial sectors. Our strategic supplier network meets all the demands of global value creation with a competitive mix...
    Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Compensators | Oiling - machines and systems | stainless steel metalwork | filters
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  • The HAMON group is a worldwide player in the field of engineering and contracting (project engineering, construction and management), present on all 5 continents, quoted on the Brussels stock...
    Supplier of: Cooling towers | Hearths, industrial | Engineering - industrial contractors | Extractors, gas and smoke - equipment | cooling systems
  • ...petrochemicals/oil & gas, waste water treatment, chemical facilities, settling tanks, thickeners, anaerobic digesters, heat exchangers, gasometers, bridges for primary tanks, clarifiers, aerators,...
    Supplier of: Iron and steel industry and foundries - machinery and installations | Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations | Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | Heat treatment furnaces | Compactors and crushers
  • ...AVK Group, which comprises 110 companies worldwide and develops and produces valves, hydrants and accessories for water and gas distribution, sewage treatment plants, fire protection and industrial sectors.
    Supplier of: Couplings, mechanical | pipe couplings | pipe coupling | pipe repair clamps | repair clamp
  • Thermal and thermochemical treatments: gas nitriding, Tenifer® ferritic nitrocarburizing, carbonitriding, carbocementation, bainitic hardening, martempering, hardening and return to the atmosphere, salt and...
    Supplier of: metal treatment | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Heat treatment of steels and metals | Sand blasting - steels and metals | metal hardening
  • We are the first dried fig processor in the world that uses laser sorting technology to discard the moldy dried figs and inventor of ozone gas treatment to inhibit microbial growth.
    Supplier of: Fruits, dried | dried figs | figs | prunes | dried apricots
  • hugely popular in many industries, from rolling stock & rail lubrication, to mining lubrication, oil & gas, water treatment plant maintenance, food & beverage production, and a huge variety of others.
    Supplier of: Lubrication equipment and machinery | rail lubrication | centralised lubrication | systems and equipment for lubrication and greasing | automatic lubricators
  • ...Paints and Coatings, Rubber Industry, Agricultural (Fertilizers), Solvents, Foam and Resin Industry, Soap and Detergents, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment and Mining and Other Chemical industries.
    Supplier of: Granules for plastics | supplier of chemicals polymers and fertilizers | sourcing procurement logistics supply | polymers and chemicals | raw material ldpe hdpe lldpe hdpe
  • We serve customers in diverse industries, including water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage.
    Supplier of: Dosing pumps | manufacturer of metering dosing pump accessories | back pressure and pressure sustaining valves | pressure relief valves and calibration pots cylinders | injection quills pulsation dampeners and degassing valves
  • We have become a major player by combining design, manufacturing, equipment installation and gas, liquid and pasty fluid treatment production units.
    Supplier of: Engineering - industrial contractors
  • ...materials for all business sectors (construction industry, civil engineering, breeding, food-processing, funeral services, water treatment, air treatment, gas, oil, nuclear, pool repairs, etc.).
    Supplier of: Plastics - industrial products
  • ...catalyst, sulfur recovery catalyst, CO treatment catalyst, organic gas treatment catalyst etc.Besides, we have been producing ceramic ball and tower packing.Ceramic ball is used popular to support catalyst,...
    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | exhaust treatment catalyst | ceramic ball
  • ...retest. Equipment for gas cylinder retesting refurbishment - vice, valving, devalving, test-pump, test-ramp, cylinder drying and cylinder cleaning equipment. Inner and outer cleaning, painting chambers, gas mixture units…Post filling treatment units for gas cylinders and gas bundles.
    Supplier of: Fire extinguishers | fire extinguisher maintenance machinery | gas cylinder maintenance machinery | gas cylinder bundel | pressure testing equipment
  • Landee are used for a variety of applications, mainly in petroleum & natural gas transportation, water treatment, energy generating, chemical producing and mine processing industries pipeline.
    Supplier of: Flanges | flanges for industrial piping | mechanical finishing of flanges | steel flanges | plastic flanges
  • ...and specifications, meeting quality standards such as API, ANSI, EN, ISO and widely used for petroleum & natural gas transportation, water treatment, energy generating, mine processing and more.
    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, steel | Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic | Gas and oil pipelines - installations | gas supply pipe network construction | elbow pipes
  • ...and develop tailored piping systems for the treatment and distribution of water as well as the safe transport of industrial fluids and gases. With our portfolio we mainly cover water-cycle applications such as water and...
    Supplier of: Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic | plastic piping systems | pipe fittings | polyethylene tubes and pipes | pvc fittings
    ...Water Treatment / Chemicals, Oil & Gas Equipment / Marine Equipments, Moisture Absorbent (Silica Gel, Container Desiccant, Activated Alumina, and Molecular Sieve), Fab Media/Diffuser Product, Pumps / Blower.The...
    Supplier of: Packaging, glass | Water treatment products | moisture absorption | centrifugal pumps | blowers
    Fagaras/brasov - ROMANIA industry, water treatment, natural gas transport, warm and cold water distribution systems. The production is entirely fitted in, the company having steel and iron foundry, machining and heat treatment...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | moulds and patterns | foundry in romania | castings and machined parts | mechanical workings
  • ...vapor recovery system, flare gas treatment, oil water separator, three phase filter(solid, liquid, gas), demister, waste gas treatment, gas purification/cleaning.during 15 years development,...
    Supplier of: Environmental clean-up - machines and equipment | filter | strainer
  • ...water and sewage treatment systems, gas pollution control, and other environmental engineering products. We have abundant experience in the treatment of industrial, domestic and commercial...
    Supplier of: Environmental protection - machines and equipment | sludge dewatering machine | multi-disc screw filter press
  • ...& paper, oil & gas, mining and water treatment to best improve their customers’ water, energy and raw material efficiency.  They enable their municipal and industrial customers to improve their water...
    Supplier of: Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | Water treatment products | water purification
  • ...Wire Mesh Baskets, wire mesh conveyor belt .Then can make sure suitable your filter machines , Look like Y strainer , Water treatment machines , gas and oil filtration enquitment system.and so on .
    Supplier of: Screen filters | filter cartridge | metal meshing
  • ...power flue gas desulfurization, sewage treatment and other industries and fields, as the domestic products with excellent quality, timely delivery, reasonable price selling across the country, and...
    Supplier of: Mining, surface - machinery and equipment | slurry pump | centrifugal pump
  • ...nuclear industry, electrical power plant, food, beverage, pharmacy, water treatment and natural gas industry.We remain focused on being the leading provider of high-quality stainless steel in China.
    Supplier of: Pipe and tube fittings - non-ferrous metal | flexible stainless steel pipes | metal pipe fittings
    Llinars Del Vallès. Barcelona - SPAIN
    ...- Combustion Gas Control; - Methane Treatment; 2) Solid Waste and Liquid Waste Incineration for Industrial waste, municipal waste, hospital waste and animal waste.Tecam Group offers turn-key technological...
    Supplier of: gas emission treatment | Environmental clean-up - machines and equipment | volatile organic compound voc
    Ukmerge - LITHUANIA
    Executable: CNC turning, milling, boring, grinding, polishing, welding by electricity and gas, heat treatment and other steel processing works...
    Supplier of: Toothed wheels | Gears | spare parts for agricultural and gardening machines
  • ...building , Office building , Drinking water supply, Waste water treatment, gas transporation and other industrial field .Welcome any companies who interested in cooperating with us come to visit us .
    Supplier of: Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic | ppr pipe and fitting | hdpe pipe and fitting
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