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  • What does Haarmann GmbH & Co. KG actually do? Haarmann has been handling the distribution products from the broad main areas of tubing and sealing technology since 1994. Our customers come from a...
    Supplier of: high-temperature insulating fabrics | non-fibrous high-temperature insulating fabrics | high-temperature insulation products | Seals and packing material | Seals
  • ...and heat-insulating materials in Poland. We specialise in production and distribution of asbestos-free sealing materials, high-temperature insulations, frictional materials and fabric compensators.
    Supplier of: high-temperature insulation | high-temperature boards | high-temperature seals | Compensators | insulation tapes
  • ...braided sleeve, braided fiberglass sleeve, nomex braided sleeve, kevlar braided sleeve, heat wrap, removable insulation blanket, high temperature resistant fabric, heat resistant tape and so on.
    Supplier of: Thermal insulation materials | firesleeve | fire sleeve | fireproof sleeve | heat reflective sleeve
  • ...for industries, including electro-technical: high-temperature insulated sheathing. Coating of technical fabrics such as adhesive and non-adhesive tapes, straps, coated or extruded sheaths, braided, knitted...
    Supplier of: Straps, woven - industrial | Ribbons and ropes | Insulating seals | textile braids | synthetic fibre braid
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  • ...the manufacture of technical fabrics used in thermal insulation and for high-temperature industrial gaskets. Rope, braid, ribbon, fabric, insulation and heat-resistant products, and expansion joints.
    Supplier of: high-temperature seals | high temperatures insulating linings | technical fabrics for thermal insulation | Glass fibre and wool | Refractory materials and products
  • ...DuroBest® materials are suitable for high-strength, electrically insulating machine parts. Thermosetting materials are used as pressure-resistant insulation up to a temperature of 280 °C. K-Therm® can resist...
    Supplier of: high-temperature withstand seals | high-temperature slide bearings | high-temperature slide rails | high-temperature adhesive | Seals
  • ...tape with acrylic or silicone adhesive. High temperature resistant tapes. We are selling products in many different sectors: aeronautics, automotive, electric and electronics, oil, glass, paper, metals,...
    Supplier of: high temperature adhesive tape | Tapes, adhesive | two-sided adhesive transfer tapes | rolls of fabric | double sided tape
  • ...is an independent manufacturer of High Temperature Thermal Insulation materials. Dualinvest provides a full range of tailor-made solutions answering every high temperature insulation challenge. For 30 years our firm serves the...
    Supplier of: Thermal insulation materials | aluminium die casting | vacuum formed ceramic fibers | microporous materials | calcium silicate
  • ...- Taking our expertise, we now manufacture high-performance breathable insulation that can be combined with breathable fabrics to create the warmest and most comfortable garments in the world. Keeping people warm is easy, but keeping people warm and comfortable...
    Supplier of: Thermal insulation materials | thermal insulation for clothing | innovative insulation | breathable insulation for jackets | comfortable insulation for thermal clothing
  • ...shipping to the UK and Worldwide. We sell and develop machinery to sew many types of products from baby wear to upholstery, curtains and blinds to high temperature insulation and air-conditioning ducting.
    Supplier of: Textiles - Machines & Equipment | industrial sewing machines | fabric cutting machines | juki industrial sewing machines | juki lhd
  • ...diameter, glass roving, fabrics, heat-insulating broached mats and hollow glass microspheres. We succeded, and today we produce also heat- and sound-insulation of high quality and large...
    Supplier of: Glass fibre and wool | basalt fiber | glass fabric
  • ...strong R&D technology in high temperature silicone industry and Pamica's professional manufacturing of mica products, Silimica committed to provide high temperature insulation solutions for all cable manufactures in the world.Silimica high...
    Supplier of: Electrical insulation
  • HKO Heat Protection Group is a manufacturer of technical-grade textiles for extreme temperature ranges, with production facilities in Germany and China, as well as subsidiaries in the USA and France....
    Supplier of: unwoven fabric insulating materials (geotextiles) | high-temperature insulation products | Technical textiles | Coatings, plastic | unwoven fabric soundproofing materials (geotextiles)
  • Textile Technologies Europe Ltd manufacturer and distribute Europes largest range of High Temperature Textiles, High Temperature Fabrics, Automotive Heat Control Products and Industrial Textiles.High...
    Supplier of: high temperature textiles | high temperature fabrics | Technical textiles for industrial applications | automotive heat control | industrial textiles
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