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  • HEM Ltd. was founded in 1988 and now is one of the oldest private companies in the Russian market of laboratory supplies. Constant innovations and use of modern techniques in product manufacturing...
    Supplier of: Industrial microbiology | microbiology analysis | microbiology | Medical Equipment | Culture media
  • BIOMNIGENE, a company based in Besançon (Franche-Comté), is specialised in molecular biology and particularly genomic analyses. We provide genetic sequencing services for monoclonal genetic...
    Supplier of: Industrial microbiology | Scientific research centres and laboratories | Industrial analysis laboratory | environmental analysis laboratories | food product analysis laboratories
  • BOC Sciences is a brand of BOCSCI Inc. We leverage our wide spectrum of business in the fields of development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution to help you make best-informed decisions...
    Supplier of: Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | inhibitors | apis | gmps | natural compound
  • Creative Biogene provides kits, reagents, and services that help researchers explore questions about gene discovery, regulation, and function. Creative Biogene holds a leadership position in the...
    Supplier of: Industrial microbiology | gene overexpression | cdna clones | pcr kits | baculi
  • Can you see this? Your potential clients can too But they can't find you, even though you're the leader in your field! Boost your visibility with EUROPAGES
  • Immunosource is specialized in the European distribution of high quality biotech products, with main focus on the biotech and clinical research market in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands....
    Supplier of: industrial microbiology | Chemistry - laboratory products | distribution of high quality biotech products
  • Direvo Industrial Biotechnology GmbH is a company in the field of industrial biotechnology. The focus of business activity lies on development of products and processes regarding industrial usage of...
    Supplier of: Industrial microbiology | enzymes | biomass
    Kulim, Kedah - MALAYSIA
    Charmnote Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd is proud to manufacture the unique Charmnote EcoSuper X Product Range using Australian Technology and Australian Ingredients. The Charmnote brand provides powerful...
    Supplier of: Industrial microbiology | environmental cleaning products
  • Supplier of: Industrial microbiology
  • Supplier of: Industrial microbiology | Testing of products and materials | Cosmetics | Pharmaceutical products
  • Supplier of: Industrial microbiology | microbiology analysis
  • Supplier of: Industrial microbiology | Cosmetics
  • Supplier of: Industrial microbiology | Chemistry - laboratory products | Cosmetics | biopharmaceutical products
  • Supplier of: Industrial microbiology | protective work masks
  • Supplier of: Industrial microbiology
  • Supplier of: Industrial microbiology
  • ...Microbiology and Pharmaceutical industry as well as to public sector research institutes, Universities, Public Health England and Microbiology companies worldwide. Our products are backed up...
    Supplier of: microbiology | Import-export - chemicals and pharmaceuticals | antibiotics | carbohydrates
  • solutions to be provided to the Cosmetic industry. Microbiological safety of ingredients after extraction and cosmetic products derived from industrial formulation, equivalent to "cold...
    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Disinfection and sterilisation services
  • ...research institutes, the pharmaceutical and food industries, public health laboratories and private laboratories as well as research institutes and companies within the biotechnology, gene technology and...
    Supplier of: Laboratory equipment and instruments | biotechnology | sterilizer | autoclaves for sterilizing | autoclaves
  • ...line expertise, process engineering, microbiology and information technology have here been harmoniously integrated for optimum synergies. Nowadays, WHITE STEEL is synonymous with holistic...
    Supplier of: Chemicals and pharmaceuticals - packaging machinery | automatic packaging machine line | pharmaceutical | detergents production line | labeling machine
  • ...generally we extend our service to all types of food-processing and pharmaceutical industry fluids (liquids or gases). LEAF offers its clients: speed, confidentiality and appropriate individual follow-up.
    Supplier of: Industrial analysis laboratory | Food flavourings
  • ...that contains biologically active substances of microbiological and plant origin protein , all essential amino acids , vitamins, enzymes , promote digestion and feed conversion , as well as micro-and...
    Supplier of: Feeds for animal farming | dry brewers' yeasts | animal feed additives | fodder yeast | dry yeast for pet
  • ...are determined to meet all aspects of food and microbiological safety regulations. As well as being able to join your project from the design stage, our technical sales team also provide comprehensive...
    Supplier of: Forklift trucks
  • ...production to its launching. For us, production industrialization is an unknown term. At any production stage, human element and care participates. Before its launching, every product is processed more by...
    Supplier of: Cosmetics | cosmetics | private label | organic cosmetics | skincare
  • ...premises and equipment standards in such a way to prevent, at the highest level, the exposure to unacceptable levels of microbiological agents and chemicals in dried fruit for human health and consumer interests.
    Supplier of: Dried fruits | dried apricots | apricot kernels | hazelnut kernels | dried figs
    Stonehouse - UNITED KINGDOM
    ...& Metrology 2 - Quality Control : - Microbiology Products - Moisture Analysers 3 - Lab Water Purification 4 - Pipette Calibration 5 - Cell Cultivation Bioreactors | Fermentors Shakers |...
    Supplier of: Water purification | industrial weighing tools | quality control | products for the cultivation of living cells | laboratory pipettes
  • ...odour control, and water saving products. Our microbiological products harness the power of nature and are free of harsh chemicals, safe to use, and beneficial to the environment.We produce the award...
    Supplier of: Biotechnologies | cleaning products | waste water treatment apparatus
  • ...PPSL, AA, SFE, Membrane flirtation, Microwave series equipments, etc. We are capable of testing more than 100 botanical active ingredients and heavy metals, pesticide residue and microbiology, etc.
    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | natural medicine | herbal extract
  • ...when it comes to detecting food pathogens by microbiological methods as well as by molecular biological food analysis. For molecular testing, BIOTECON Diagnostics has developed the state-of-the-art...
    Supplier of: Biotechnologies | real-time pcr detection kits
  • ...development with more than 3, 000 scientific research institutions, schools, medical field, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, nutrition Nursing Research, food, biotechnology companies all over the world.
    Supplier of: Cosmetic brushes | amino acids - peptides | plant extract
    Las Vegas - UNITED STATES
    ...control. We have three in-house analytical and microbiological testing labs to ensure that your product is safe, meets specifications, and will retain its full potency until the expiration date....
    Supplier of: Vitamins and provitamins | private label manufacturer | bulk packaging
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