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  • With more than 50 years of experience in engine maintenance and component processing, we are experts in repairing engines, maintenance, upgrading, conversion and manufacture from small-scale...
    Supplier of: laser welding | Shearing - steels and metals | Perforation of steels and metals | Milling - steels and metals | Bearings, crankshaft
  • As a well-established company in the metal machining and processing industry, we are specialists in the key processes in sheet metal machining and lightweight steel and apparatus construction. Our...
    Supplier of: laser welding | cnc laser welding | laser labelling | Folding - steels and metals | cnc sheet metal work
  • We have operated for more than 25 years as a partner and developer for industry, providing high-quality products throughout that time . Our first products were simple sheet metal parts, but today we...
    Supplier of: laser welding | laser cutting | Steel, special | Steels and metals - machining | Sheet Metal & Tubes
  • JOSCH Strahlschweisstechnik GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise based at the historical industrial complex in the Teicha district of Petersberg, Germany. Goetz Sobisch and Joachim Schenke founded the...
    Supplier of: laser welding | Welding work - steels and metal | Tempering, metals - machinery and installations | welding components | welded construction made from aluminium
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  • ...resistance compacting, induction brazing, laser welding. Our welding solutions are dedicated to specific demands and match the customer's needs perfectly. We apply our expertise in various fields, from feasibility analysis to on-site...
    Supplier of: laser welding | Welding, electric - equipment and supplies | Brazing - equipment and supplies | Brazing - steels and metals | welding stations
  • Since 1946, we have been manufacturing transmission components, constant-velocity joints, steering parts and parts for mechanical engineering in high quality and with a vertical range of manufacture....
    Supplier of: laser welding | laser cleaning | Mechanical engineering - custom work | Cleaning - steel and metals | transmission shafts
  • ...of experience in laser cutting and welding technology Stainless steel divisions in different locations In-house powder-coating systems International QA standards: EN-ISO 9001: 2015, EXC3 in accordance with EN...
    Supplier of: laser welding | laser engraving | Machine tools - metal shaping | cnc milling | processing of stainless steel
  • The range of products offered by A.Mauri comprises special profiles made using a cold-forming of sheet steel, cold rolled steel, zinc-plated and Sendzimir-coated steel, stainless steel and brass and...
    Supplier of: laser welding | Sections and bars - ferrous metal | Sections - ferrous metal | Welding work - steels and metal | sections for the shipbuilding industry
  • As a system partner we develop, manufacture and supply customer-specific production technology worldwide as original equipment manufacturer. Our trademark includes flexible assembly systems, laser...
    Supplier of: laser welding | laser machining | Portable power tools | assembly lines | test benches
  • ...Lasercut AG has dedicated itself to precision laser processing. The objective was, and still is, to be a strong partner to our many different customers in the implementation of prototype parts when processing sheet metal by providing the latest...
    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser welding | laser-welded sheet metal products | cnc laser welding | laser machining
  • Tool and mould construction is an additional mainstay of our business. Our focus in this area is on plastic injection moulds for sophisticated technical parts. Our more than 30 years of experience in...
    Supplier of: laser welding | laser welding of plastics | Machine tools - metal shaping | Cutting - machine tools | Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories
  • ...and spin welding. Added to this are laser welding and thermal processes such as hot air and hot riveting. We also offer complete system solutions. This goes from welding prototypes to large special systems...
    Supplier of: laser welding of plastics | Ultrasound systems - Processing plastics | Welding robots | welding equipment for plastics | equipment for ultrasonic washing
  • NAIDEKA, UAB is metal processing company, providing: CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC bending, CNC sheet bending, CNC cutting, CNC punching, CNC plasma cutting, CNC turning, CNC drilling, CNC gas...
    Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Metal construction, lightweight | Welding work - steels and metal | Milling - steels and metals
  • Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser welding | laser welding of plastics | soldering lasers | laser cutting conversion centres
  • Supplier of: laser welding | Shearing - steels and metals | Industrial sheet metal work | Steel & Metal Transformation | panel finishing
  • Supplier of: laser welding | Folding - steels and metals | Boilermaking, heavy | Wrought iron | welded structures
  • Supplier of: laser welding | Steel & Metals | Boilermaking, heavy | cnc turned parts | cnc milling
  • Supplier of: laser welding | laser | Laser apparatus and instruments
  • ...process.In regard to quality, speed and economy, laser welding systems are superior to conventional processes, making laser welding equipment and services popular offerings for industrial usage.
    Supplier of: laser welding | Plasma cutting machines | cutting machines | cnc cut | plasma generators
  • ...Lasers, CNC Press Brake, Tig and Mig welding processes. We have experience of processing a wide range of materials such as, Titanium, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Mild Steel. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard...
    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser welding | laser cutting | laser cutting units | water jet cutting
  • ...from 20 to 50W. Fiber lasers for welding and cutting from 100W to 4kW. CO2 lasers for welding, cutting and surface treatment from 100W to 8kW. Diode lasers for hardening and plastic welding. Laser welders for jewellery applications including ring sizing and repairs. Lasers for medical...
    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser welding | laser marking systems
  • BAST S.R.O.
    Moravske Budejovice - CZECH REP.
    ...Very important technology is LASER BEAM WELDING with digital camera positioning. Our products can be powder coated in our own line. We offer also liquid painting in our 3 boxes. Final assembly - mechanical, wiring,...
    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser welding | laser systems and machinery for cutting metals
  • Brantheim is the leading industry in providing assistance as well as completing welding projects right form scratch to transforming it into a finished product.The motto of Brantheim is to provide...
    Supplier of: laser welding | Industrial sheet metal work | robotic welding | engineering services in sheet metal | press brake
  • Supplier of: laser welding | Polishing - steels and metals | systems and machinery for polishing metals
  • Supplier of: laser welding | Steel & Metals | automatic lathe parts | cnc turned parts | cnc milling
  • Supplier of: laser welding | Moulds and patterns
  • Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser welding | metal engraving | engraving of plates
  • Supplier of: Laser printing | laser welding | conventional machine tools for sheet bending | fine panel work | sheet metalwork
  • Supplier of: laser welding | Engineering - industrial consultants | broach welding
  • Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser welding
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