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  • Our core trade has always been expressed in our name: ICE, INDUSTRIA COMPONENTI ELETTRICI (electrical component industry). Our momentum has enabled us to transform 25 years of ideas into products...
    Supplier of: magnetic components | Transformers | transformers | ferrite transformers | inductance
  • Goudsmit Magnetics, driven by magnetism since 1959, is an international industrial company dedicated to the design and manufacture of magnets & magnetic systems for metal separation, recycling,...
    Supplier of: Magnets | magnetic components | ferrite magnets | Metal detectors | magnetic separators
  • Manufacturer of magnetic applications for industry such as permanent magnetic chucks, electromagnetic and electropermanent chucks. Also manufactures lifting magnets, demagnetizers, electromagnets,...
    Supplier of: magnetic components | magnetic plates | Electromagnets | Magnetic equipment | magnetic lifters
  • Transformer Mnfrs, Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers
    Supplier of: magnetic components | Electric motors and parts | Electricity generators | Transformers | Electronic components
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  • Supplier of: magnetic components | magnets and permanent magnets | Magnetic equipment | Writing boards
  • Supplier of: magnetic components | Magnetic equipment | magnetic levitation
  • ...manufacturer of permanent magnetic components, we have offered all our products and services from a single source since 1963. From the development, design and manufacturer of our own tools and products, the production of...
    Supplier of: Magnets | magnets and permanent magnets | ferrite magnet | gripper magnets | mirror magnets
  • ...and the processing thereof, magnetic components such as transformers, inductors, transmitters and other winding goods and assemblies, through to complete end devices such as power supply units or systems...
    Supplier of: ferrite magnets | Passive electronic components and printed circuits | Electrical & Electronic Components | Electricity - distribution | Low coercitivity materials
  • ...Services: Sintered NdFeB Magnets, Bonded NdFeB Magnets.Various magnetic components (Hooks, Rotors, Stators, etc). Solution in magnetic field (magnetic circuit design by FEA, magnetizing pattern, assembling and replacement of magnetic material).
    Supplier of: Magnets | rare earth magnets | motors magnets | magnetic sensors
  • ...range of products including: - Cemented carbide inserts - Cutting tools - Mold components - Magnetics - Metal products and designs We make also any custom-made product upon customer’s request.
    Supplier of: Moulding, rubber - machinery | cutting tools | drills | punches | mould components
  • ...plastic parts, all under the same ownership. Over the past 28 years cultivated in this industry, PAIRUI has grown to a recognized name in global market in the areas of power supplies and magnetic components.
    Supplier of: Photoemitters, power | switching power supply | led drivers | pairui | dc-dc converter
  • Our engineering team has extensive experience manufacturing RFIDs, magnetics, memory modules, power supplies/adapters, DC motors, fiber optic assemblies, and a variety of magnetic components.
    Supplier of: custom magnetics | Active electronic components | electronic manufacturing services | rfid products | memory devices
  • ...other applications that require complex, multilevel, close tolerance parts. We specialize in producing gears up to 12 AGMA, self lubricating bearings, soft magnetic components, and custom mechanical parts.
    Supplier of: Sintering - steels and metals | powder metallurgy | powder metal parts | powdered metal gears | self lubricating bearings
  •, for use in high stress, wear and magnetic applications. MPP has pioneered the manufacture of aluminum pm parts and is a premiere supplier of lightweight aluminum components, which have helped MPP’s customers obtain the benefits of...
    Supplier of: Sintering - steels and metals | powder metallurgy | metal powder products | custom engineered powder metallurgy products | producer of structural aluminum powder metal components
  • ...AlNiCo, assembling magnet components, and magnetic systems. Today the annual production capacity of sintered NdFeb is over 500 tons&SmCo over 250 tons, as well as assembling magnet components over 10, 000 pieces each month.With an...
    Supplier of: Magnets | smco | ndfeb
  • ...& cores and Antainano® ribbon & cores as well as components which are used in a wide spectrum of applications in power electronics and electronic information industry. As the leading manufacturer of amorphous materials and...
    Supplier of: Magnets | nanocrystalline magnetic materials | amorphous magnetic materials
  • known as "Paradise on Earth", as a high-tech enterprise, which dedicated in researching, manufacturing and selling sintered NdFeB magnet, SmCo magnet, Ferrite magnet and magnetic components, etc.
    Supplier of: Magnets | motor magnets | permanent ndfeb magnets
  • ...magnetic materials and related components . Our production base is in Anji County in Zhejiang Province, We can produce 50 tons of various properties of NdFeB magnets every month.Our NdFeB performance can be N52, 50M,...
    Supplier of: Magnets | neodymium magnets | alnico magnets
    Xiamen - CHINA
    ...manufacture of magnetic materials and components, including permanent magnets, flexible Magnets and machinery. With manufacturing bases in both USA and Europe and applications engineering staffed facilities around the...
    Supplier of: Disks, magnetic | permanent magnet | magnetic tool
  • Founded in 1960, the company is world leader in the design and manufacturing of plastic, magnetic and rubber components.
    Supplier of: Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic | Rubber and plastic - processing | Plastics - construction industry
  • ...ribbon, magnetic core and electronic components for more than ten years. Company started to build and expand the domestic market from 1998, by more than ten years' development, the company estabilished an...
    Supplier of: Electrical and magnetic insulation | amorphous cut core | transformer core
  •, home appliances, crossover networks, subwoofer amplifiers, and related audio components. Since 1981, Elytone has grown rapidly in the fields of magnetic components and audio products.
    Supplier of: Transformers
  • Alta Industries has started its activity in 1998 over the production and know-how of a company specialized in manufacturing magnetic components for the military industries.
    Supplier of: gas turbines magnetic components | Gas turbines | mechanical engineering industrial equipment | turbine exciter cables | soleinoids
  • We are manufacturer of gas appliance component--magnetic valve and thermocouple as flame failure devices.
    Supplier of: magnetic valve | Control switches - electric | thermocouple
  • ...magnetic bars, magnetic components, magnetic rotor and cow magnets. As the sole agency of Baotou Factory, the biggest resource of rare earth in north China, we can supply high qulity magnets for low prices.
    Supplier of: magnetic motor | Non-ferrous metal ores | magent
  • development and business together. From NdFeB, SmCo, Ferrite, Alnico magnet solenoid to magnetic components, we had never stop trying to provide the most appropriate solutions and customized services
    Supplier of: magnets | Magnetic equipment | rare earth magnets
    New Taipei City - TAIWAN R.O.C.
    Magnetic components for power industry and resident illumination by LED, welcome distributor and ODM project
    Supplier of: Lightning conductors | transformer and led lighting fxiture manufacturer in taiwan
  • AET is an ISO 9001-certified, leading induction component manufacturer in Poland. With 25 years of operations, AET provides in-depth experience in production of pulse transformers, grid transformers,...
    Supplier of: Intermediary electronic transformations | ferrite cores | bobbins | hf litz wire | pulse transformers, inductive components
  • Did you know how easy, fun, fast and very much cheaper it is to customize your own promotional goods than to buy them ready-made? Design your own badges, key fobs and magnets using our machines and...
    Supplier of: Marking - diverse products | football balls | key-rings | badges | metal key chains
  • TESLA MAGNET designs and manufactures a wide range of top performance, state-of-the-art superconducting and resistive magnets for the World's most specialist applications in science, medicine and...
    Supplier of: Magnetic equipment | superconducting magnet coldhead | resistive magnets | mri superconducting magnets | nuclear fusion magnets
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