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  • The rare craftsmen still present in the historic centre of Venice in July 96 decided to embark on the adventure of restoring the 3, 000m² surface area of the old naval shipyard, then in ruins, to the...
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    Istanbul - TURKEY
    ORTECH MARINE MAINTENANCE S.A Ortech marine maintenance team located near the main shipyard area base port of Tuzla -Istanbul. With over 30 years of experienced chief marine engineer in the field of marine...
    Supplier of: Marine engineering | marine engine maintenance | marine engine spares | marine engines and ship propeller units | replacement and repair of marine engines
  • TecnoVeritas started its Asia Pacific operations based at Singapore, under the name of TecnoVeritas Asia Pacific. These office is intended to create a closer relationship with the marine clients...
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  • ...and overhaul of in-board and out-board marine engines, standard and in-depth maintenance of electrical systems, wood-working (restoring and varnishing) as well as sales of craft by Conarg and ItalNautica.
    Supplier of: marine engine maintenance | Boats | Motors for pleasure boats | gel coat repairs | plant servicing workshops
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    West Benagl - INDIA
    Capability to build and fabricate from 40 HP (without license) up to 250 HP, are all installed for sailboats, charter fishing and professional sports, on pleasure boats of all kinds, from the boat to...
    Supplier of: marine engine maintenance | Shipyards - repairs and maintenance | boat engine repair
  • Supplier of: marine engine maintenance | Ship engines | Diesel-engined boats - spare parts | boat engine workshops | boat engine repair
  • Supplier of: marine engine maintenance | diesel engine maintenance | Spare parts for diesel engines | generator set spare parts | generating set maintenance
  • Supplier of: marine engine maintenance | Motorboats | Upper works | pleasure motor-boats
  • Supplier of: marine engine maintenance | Ship engines | boat engine repair
  • LEROY-SOMER, the world leading drive systems specialist, designs and manufactures electric motors, designs and manufactures electric motors, geared motors and electronic speed variators. Our wide...
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  • Our company provides mechanical engineering expertise with highly qualified and trained mechanics. We service and maintain marine diesel engines either afloat or alongside throughout the world on a...
    Supplier of: marine engine repair | worldwide service of marine and gas combustion engines | maintenance of ship diesel engines | Ship engines | industrial engineering
    Duisburg - GERMANY
    ...and petrochemical, food and pharma, oil and gas, marine, water and wastewater, environmental engineering, biotechnologies, power generation and distribution as well as mechanical and plant engineering.
    Supplier of: Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - output and flow | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Flowmeters | Weight and mass - measurement and regulation instruments | thermometers for industrial use
  • ...Equipment, - Construction, Material Handling & Marine Industry, - Environment Industry, - Manufacturing & Industrial sector, - Oil & Gas Industry, - Power Generation. Our products help Reducing Maintenance, a Relaxed Mechanic, Enhanced Product...
    Supplier of: Spare parts for diesel engines | engine protection and control | engine starting | engine fluid and air filtration | engine rebuild pto
    Singapore - SINGAPORE
    ...and Operations Management, Supply Chain and Logistics, Fabrication and Maintenance. 2. To Oil and Gas, Power and Energy, Marine and Shipbuilding, Mining and Process, Water and Sewage, Construction and 'Etc.'​.
    Supplier of: Engineering - industrial contractors | manufacturing of flanges | flanges for industrial piping | oilfield services | valve stockist
  • ...of industries including trucking, mining, marine, oil and gas, power generation and agriculture Sales of Cummins Power Generation Generators Sales of Cummins Onan marine generators Sales of Fleetguard Filters (Cummins Filtration) Sales for Genuine Cummins Parts...
    Supplier of: Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories | diesel engines | spare parts | service | cummins
  • ...the complete spectrum of marine maintenance services over the past 30 years, showcasing a long reference list of satisfied clients. NAFTOSOL’s highly skilled engineers with diverse experience can provide professional...
    Supplier of: marine maintenance | Ship maintenance and repairs | ship repairs | engine overhaul | flying squads
  • Offshore and marine spares supply, maintenance and repairs for the oil and gas and offshore wind industries. CTS Offshore and Marine Limited, as part of CTS Offshore and Marine Group, provides quality and professional afloat inspections and...
    Supplier of: Marine engineering | offshore marine hvac systems | steel manufacturers | diesel engine repairs | hvac systems
  • ...spare parts wholesale and services and maintenance; Develops its own business specializing in five areas: Power Generation, Marine Engines, Agricultural Machines, Commercial Vehicles and Earthmoving...
    Supplier of: marine engine spares | Engines, internal combustion - components and parts | commercial vehicle spare parts | engine components | mechanical components
  • ...are used as reliable backup power supplies in power engineering, oil and gas industry, buildings and structures, airports, river and marine vessels, road and rail infrastructure and in the other segments of industry.
    Supplier of: Energy sources, alternative - equipment and systems | alkaline storage batteries | nickel ferrum batteries | nickel cadmium batteries | accumulator batteries
  • dealing in chemicals, petrochemicals , marine industries, and water and wastewater applications. United International Group for Projects: UGPT established in 1984, we have built a reputation for a high quality & responsive...
    Supplier of: Chemicals - import-export | Fertilizers and soil conditioners | bitumen for roads | chemical solvents | bitumen emulsions
  • ...including out of water storage if required. • Engine and Outboard Services • Sea trials before your arrival • Interior and Exterior refurbishment of furnishings • Lifts of your yacht/ribs and storage • Skipper and yacht deliveries...
    Supplier of: Pleasure boats | boat dealers | used boats | inflatable boats | berth rental and sales
  • ...and inspections carried out by engineers. Supplying to various industries, including automotive, construction, manufacturing and marine & sea-faring, and with a nation-wide distribution...
    Supplier of: Vehicles, special - construction and equipment | cranes | mobile lifting gantry | crane services | overhead cranes
  • ...technical support, designing, engineering, installation, maintenance andrepair.Our quality products and services have put us first in line of choice establishing a bondof trust with our customers,...
    Supplier of: Ship equipment | yokohama fenders | twistlocks | lashing belts | hatch cover seals
    Kaliningrad - RUSSIA
    ...on the following types of work: capital and maintenance dredging, project design, full scope of construction and commissioning of the sea and river waterways; engineering survey, mining, land...
    Supplier of: Dredging contractors | Dredgers | offshore drilling for mining engineering | ship chartering | dredging
  • ...Marine Services. Diving and Underwater Engineering Services: Hull Cleaning / Inspection and Control, Commercial Diving, Inshore and Offshore Diving Underwater Fitting and burning, Underwater welding, Underwater Scrapping and Painting, Search, Salvage and Rescue operation,...
    Supplier of: Shipping companies - lines | underwater service | aqua expact | shipping management | oil bussiness
  • ... - Provisions & Bonded Stores Supply - Deck & Engine Stores Supply - Cabin Stores Supply - Technical Stores Supply - Safety & Rescue Equipment - Portable Equipment Rental - Garbage & Sludge Disposal - Bunker/Luboil Supply - Fresh...
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    Rochester - UNITED KINGDOM leaders in the supply, installation and maintenance of marine electronic equipment in the leisure, fishing, commercial shipping, military, oil and offshore industries. With over 40 years experience we offer...
    Supplier of: Radar systems
  • ...of ship's and industrial engines, technical support, preventive maintenance and marine and industrial engine repairs, grouting and fitting horns with resin as well as sales and advice on spare parts.
    Supplier of: Ship engines | shipyards | industrial maintenance
  • ...with expertise in the Nuclear, Agricultural, Marine, Oil & Gas Industries - On & Off Site Maintenance, Repairs & Services Industries - Provision of Bespoke Equipment through testing & R&D - 3D Rapid...
    Supplier of: Nuclear power stations - installations and equipment | industrial decommissioning | nuclear reactors | technical consultants on nuclear energy | nuclear components
  • Founded in 1977 by its current owner Renato Varriale, Varriale Snc is mainly concerned with the sale of spare parts and engines for industrial, agricultural, marines and automotive...
    Supplier of: marine engines | marine diesel engines | marine engines and ship propeller units | marine engine spares | petrol pumps for marine engines
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