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  • ...Ferrero, International Beer and Mineral Water Brands, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, Kraft, Cadbury, Kimberly-Clark, Henkel, Ritter Sport, Mondelez, etc. 7) Non food ( coockware, fasionary, cosmetics,...
    Supplier of: Mineral water | Beverages - import-export | Dairy products | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | Confectionary
  • Happy birthday San Benedetto mineral water!
    Supplier of: Natural mineral water | Mineral water | wholesale mineral water | Water, carbonated | wholesale beverages
  • The company is located in Modica, covering a surface area of over 8 000 m², in a vast, fertile limestone plain of tectonic origin: SI.A.M (brand: Santa Maria). SI.A.M. can satisfy the market requests...
    Supplier of: Natural mineral water | Mineral water | Water production | Water - production and distribution | Water, carbonated
  • ...plant of bottling drinking and mineral water, which is located in Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk region, offers future partners and national retailors, which are located in EU countries, production of packaged natural mineral medical-table water and...
    Supplier of: Natural mineral water | Mineral water | mineral waters | drinking water tanks | drinking water supply
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    Akwa, Douala - CAMEROON
    Ets Nmegini Amalanga is a registered company here in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon as an importer and distributor of quality wine and Vodkah including whisky, Presently i am in search for...
    Supplier of: mineral water | Wines | wine | tablewine | vodkha
  • ...different from any standard machines. we offer mineral water plant, bottling plant, blow machine semi and fully auto mode. also pouch packing machine, jar washing and filling machine.our company concept is purely...
    Supplier of: Mineral water | mineral water plant manufacturer | bottling machines
  •, the company launched a new mineral water filling line in 2006, another four years, and Sipan’s masterpiece was in markets: the fruit compotes, which very quickly became the best seller of the company.
    Supplier of: mineral waters | Soft drinks | carbonated soft drinks | compotes
  • ...introducing the two French mineral water -Ventadour (sparkling) and Chantemerle (Still) in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. The water comes from France, Meyras - the Pestrin and only be available in fine dining and...
    Supplier of: mineral waters | Beverages - import-export | sparkling water
    Kremenchug, Poltava Region - UKRAINE of the largest producers of mineral waters in Ukraine. The mineral water plant is situated directly within the area of the unique Mayborodovka mineral water deposit. The whole process is completely automatic starting with extraction of mineral...
    Supplier of: Natural mineral water | mineral waters | natural and carbonated mineral waters
  • Our company offers mineral water in bulk. The produced water is still and sparkling. The water is at a depth of 130 meters and bottled directly from the well. Chemical analysis of the water showed the presence of...
    Supplier of: Natural mineral water | mineral water | beverages
    ...that is exported around the World.The International A&D Group on World Market very successfully represents product Natural Spring Mineral Water "Leda" in PET bottles: 0, 25 L, 0, 5 L, 1, 5 , 0, 5 L, 18, 9 L.
    Supplier of: mineral waters | Non-alcoholic drinks
  • EKO NOVA is an international trading company. Our main products are beverages (waters, soft--‐drinks, beers, spirits, …), toiletries, FMCG and Duty--‐Free products. Other branded products are not...
    Supplier of: Mineral water | Duty-free - international trade | Beverages - import-export | Liquors and spirits | beers
  • we Produce Mineral water in differen size bottels 250 ml-330 ml-600 ml-1.5 Lt. we also produce Carbonate soft Drink in 4 flavor.Cola, Orange, Lemon.
    Supplier of: Mineral water | fruit juices | carbonate drinks
  • ...Sirketi has been engaged in mineral water and fruit aromatic water since 2007.A new facility has been launched with the capacity of 50.000 bottle/hour with fully automatic machines and by untouched human...
    Supplier of: Natural mineral water | mineral water | carbonated beverages
    Bitola - MACEDONIA
    Our company is a distributor of the following products: Bottled beer-Macedonian qualityMineral(sparkling and still) bottled waterIce Tea Juices with different flavorsPlease, if you have any questions...
    Supplier of: mineral water | Beer | bottled beers
  • ...etc, Coconut oil, Iodized salt, Mineral water, Fruit juice(nectar) to various countries from Sri Lanka .We are seeking reliable buyer and good investors for joint venture for expansion our company.
    Supplier of: mineral waters | Spices | coconut oil
    Mineralnye Vody - RUSSIA
    ...soft drinks, mineral and pure water in Russia. For a long time we are represented at the market of natural mineral water and turned out to be a very reliable partner and solid manufacture. Our...
    Supplier of: Natural mineral water | mineral waters | soft drinks
    Adelaide, South Australia - AUSTRALIA
    We are an established Australian Agency company dealing in any commodities required by our clients. However, we do specialize mainly in seafood productsas it has been our business nature from the...
    Supplier of: Mineral water | marketing of frozen seafood | tinned seafood
  • Natural mineral water, 1st prize Termalia 2009. Low mineral content water. Natual mineral water that boosts body hydration, particularly recommended for the preparation of children's foods.
    Supplier of: Mineral water | Natural mineral water
  • Souroti is a natural sparkling mineral water.
    Supplier of: Mineral water | Water production | sparkling water

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