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  • On the strength of its efforts, MCS has developed into a key company for mould design and mould-making. The main automobile manufacturers count on its drafting precision, development speed and mould...
    Supplier of: foundry moulds | moulds | Die casting moulds | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | mould design
  • ...receiving liquid aluminium reception from the refinery, thanks to the installation of a special system. The pressure moulding service comprises robotic hydraulic presses with 300 to 1100-tonne capacity.
    Supplier of: Foundries, aluminium | foundry moulds | light alloy foundries | die-casting foundries | aluminium foundries
  • Founded in 1978 by Cresseri Luigi and Abbondini Giliano, the company C.S.F. has its head office in Castenedolo, in the province of Brescia, a town that has exported its high quality industrial...
    Supplier of: foundry moulds | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Die casting moulds | mould design with cad-cam technology | precision mechanical workshop
  • Balcro Stampi S.n.c. specializes in designing and making die-cast moulds for aluminium, magnesium, zamak and trimming moulds. The company's business also includes gravity casting.
    Supplier of: foundry moulds | moulds | Die casting moulds | pressure moulding | cast mould design
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  • We have over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of high-performance release agents, release substances, tyre spray solutions and additional products for shaping and casting processes. Our...
    Supplier of: foundry moulds | Rubber products | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | Forming - steels and metals | Cleaning, industrial
  • LBI (Les Bronzes d’Industrie) is a foundry that provides centrifugal (spun) casting. We have the capacity to handle a wide range of diameters, from 80 to 5000 mm and up to 20 tonnes, with many...
    Supplier of: Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | aluminium foundries | Casting of special and high-grade steels | stainless steel metalwork | forging metals
  • Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | Foundries, aluminium | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | foundry moulds | die-casting foundries
  • Manufacturing is entrusted to specialist personnel who have great experience in managing modern precision machinery. The company works flexibly to ensure it is able to respond quickly to all...
    Supplier of: foundry moulds | Blades and knives, industrial | block moulds | deep drawing moulds | moulds for metals
  • Supplier of: Moulds, foundry
  • Sand Technology founded in 2015 as a manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Silica Sand We take great pride in developing quality, specialty, and premium Industrial Silica Sand products. Our...
    Supplier of: foundry sand | Quartz and quartz sand | glass sand | silica flour | frac sand
  • Ardemir was founded in 1996 on a closed area of 1000 m2 with a capacity of 1000 tons per year. Second step was in 2004 in a 3000 m2 closed area with an annual capacity of 3000 tons. New foundry with...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | foundry | casting | machine parts | iron casting
  • PROUDLY TAILOR MADE IN ITALY SINCE 2000 Leggeri Attrezzeria Meccanica has been manufacturing pressure die casting, gravity and low pressure dies and core boxes for nearly twenty years now and is a...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | die casting moulds | gravity casting moulds | low pressure moulds | core boxes
    Fagaras/brasov - ROMANIA
    UPRUC TPA SRL is a traditional manufacturer of castings and machined parts.Products quality is the key element of which we never let go in the relation with all our clients. UPRUC TPA S.R.L. is...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | foundry in romania | moulds and patterns | castings and machined parts | mechanical workings
    Athens - GREECE
    ...soles moulds in numerous brands in Greece. We manufacture shoe soles moulds in PVC, TR, EVA, PU, TPU and rubber. To ensure the absolute product quality, the factory is equipped with a foundry department.
    Supplier of: foundry moulds | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | moulds for shoe factories and shoemakers | aluminium moulds | mould design and construction
    Kayseri - TURKEY
    UGUR-PAYZA casting iron co., with its experience of 38 years, provides services in cast iron group manufactures particularly in urban casting products. It produces as per order all kind of grey,...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | Cast iron items | grey cast iron | nodular cast iron | ductile cast iron
    Buzau - ROMANIA
    ALPRECO SRL Romania is a metal and cast iron foundry since 1993. The parts casting is done both through classical processes, crude blends and CO2 silicate based blends, core blends and resin based...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | cast iron foundry | Casting of special and high-grade steels | furnace heat treatment | machining of cast iron parts
  • Our company is located in the city of TaiZhou, China. We produce most kinds of molds including plastic injection mold, auto parts mold, ect. We are excellent for designing and manufacturing plastic...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | mould | plastic injection mould
  • General informationA team with 20-year experience of injection moulds, a new company, aim to realize creative ideas of injection moulds. Located in Qingdao, a beautiful city in east of China; Total...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | auto parts | home appliance mould
  • Yantai Sanwa is a joint venture with mold company of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Japan. The company has equipped many sets of CNC machines, EDM equipments, die casting machines, low pressure die casting...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | die casting | low pressure casting
    Loughborough - UNITED KINGDOM
    ...We specialise in the design and manufacture of moulding tools for the aerospace industry. Our other services include design & manufacture of special purpose machines and jigs & fixtures, general production machining and...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | machine tools for moulding metals | moulds and patterns
    Taganrog - RUSSIA
    ...the Foundry is high capacity DISA-131-Z Moulding machine. The Foundry production capacity is up to 1 000 tons of castings per month. The Foundry can also sell ready-made formwork components and fastening systems for...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | grey or ductile iron castings
    Linfen City, Shanxi Province - CHINA
    We, Linfen Zhiqiang Steel Co., Ltd., is a professinal foundry in China with ISO9001: 2008. Our main material are Gray iron & Ductile iron and our competitive price comes from 3 points: 1. We have our...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | cast iron foundry | auto parts
  • Chilches Materials is part of the Torrecid Group, a world leader in the supply of products and services for the ceramics, glass, refractory and casting industries. We specialise in producing very...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | ceramic opacifiers | zirconium silica
  • We are a 30-year experienced exothermic feeder sleeve manufacturer in Turkey. We can produce more than 300 different feeder sleeve models for iron and steel foundries. Our annual production capacity...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | feeder sleeves for foundry | exothermic feeder sleeves | mini risers | riser sleeves
  • We are Industrial Foundry Unit. We can take up Investment Casting, Ductile Casting, Sand Casting, Centrifugal casting as finished or semi finished ferrous or non-ferrous components according to...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | sand casting | centrifugal casting | investment casting | ductile iron casting
  • Our factory mainly produces kinds of die-casting moulds, lowpress- ure casting moulds, gravitational casting moulds, sand casting moulds. The moulds are involved with different industries, such as...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | mould design and production | aviation industry equipment
  • 1) Fine grain (0.5-0.8mm) graphite rod , graphite block ; 2) Cold mould graphite block , graphite rod3) ISOSTATIC graphite 4) graphite electrode5) Anticorrosion graphite (wax composite graphite...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | graphite molds for diamond drill
  • Ersop Automotive is producing moulds, serial stamping, spot and MIG welding, as well as machining and doing powder painting in Bursa, Turkey. We have exprience on tandem and progressive moulds...
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | metal forming and mould production company
  • Non ferous metal casting, sand casting and gravity die casting. Prototypes Low and Medium series. Casting patterns, moulds, sand core boxes etc.
    Supplier of: Moulds, foundry | foundry moulds | foundry | aluminium alloy foundry | 3d prototypes and prints
  • All types of wooden moulds for foundry work.
    Supplier of: Foundries, aluminium | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Moulds, foundry | Casting, steel
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