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cooking oils - Import export


  • ...Paste, Green Chili Paste, Red Chili Paste, Mineral Water, Spices Masala, Mayonnaise, Chutneys Sauce, Curry Pastes, Fruit Juices, Cooking Sunflower Oil, Biscuits, etc., under the brand name of a PARADISE.
    Supplier of: Drink additives | date juice | spice masala | natural mineral water | mixed pickles in oil
  • ...Mills (HOM) is a leading company in the Cooking Oil category in Pakistan since 1955. In 2006, HOM successfully diversified in other food related categories namely, spices, rice, sauces, bottled water and...
    Supplier of: Additives, food | food | spices
  • ...our business , We are exporters of , Edible cooking oils, fresh and frozen fruits &vegetables , spices , and all other kinds of rice and grains , we also export organic fruits and vegetables...
    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | exporters of fruits vegetables from asia | exporters of spices pulses from asia | exporters of garments | import exports of organic fruits and vegetables
  • ...Linoleic content is the maximum in vegetable cooking oil, therefore, eating sunflower oil has curative effect to the patient with hypertension, fatter, cerebral embolism, heart disease, nephriticWe have operated in refined and crude sunflower...
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | manufactural | supplier | import-export | edible oils exporters
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    Kiev - UKRAINE
    ...jatropha oil, mixed oil, used cooking oil, , Sunflower oil, sesame oil, palm oil, soybean oil, oil are household with world wide consumers who uses our oils regularly as a healthy cooking.Roszeal oil is a leader in edible oil Products today enjoys enormous market share in the overall oil segment with a dominant market leadership in edible...
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | refined sunflower oil | refined soybean oil | refined palm oil | olive oil
  • obtained from fractionating refined palm oil to separate liquid parts (olein) from solid parts (stearin).INTENDED USERBD Palm Olein is used as cooking oil as well as frying oil for food industries such as snack food...
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | edible vegetable oils | palm oil
    Hung Yen - VIET NAM
    ...Edible Oil, Vegetables Oil, Cooking Oil, Natural Rubber, Timbers, Plywood, Furniture, Petroleum, Gas, Crude Oil, Metal Scrap, Urea 46, Cane Sugar icumsa 45, Wood Pellet, Wood Pallets, Coal, Coke,...
    Supplier of: edible oil | Import-export - food and agriculture | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | agricultural products | fresh fruits and vegetables
    Mumbai - INDIA
    ...Powder (Whole & Skimmed Milk), Used Cooking Oil and Biodiesel (ASTM grade, CE or any Quality as required by International Standards), andPackaged Drinking Water.Our Mission is to conducting Business with Ethics and respond to...
    Supplier of: Oils and fats, edible | sunflower oil | palm oil
  • includes tinned and dried vegetables, cooking oils, flour, rice, ready meals, curry, gravy, soft drinks, Chinese products, packaging of ever packaging of every kind for every take-away....
    Supplier of: Meats, frozen and deep-frozen | wholesale frozen food | wholesale clothing
  • ...oil press, you can make your own cooking oil at home from different seeds, such as peanut, white sesame, black sesame, walnut, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, flaxseed.Features of tenguard household oil press:  304 food...
    Supplier of: Household appliances, electrical - import-export | house hold oil press | home use oil making machien
  • : No soot, Non-radiative, oil and fat free Perfect cooking : Foods sear quickly on outside , Sealing juices in the inside. Quick Cooking: Cook 2~3 times faster than standard oven appearance:...
    Supplier of: Microwave ovens | microwave oven | halogen oven
  • ...photocatalytic technology acts upon your cooking oil at a molecular level by slowling down the oxidation process and increasing its thermal conductivity.After the immersion of this ceramic device in the frying...
    Supplier of: Food - import-export
  • ...Lamb & Goat), White Meat (Poultry, Pork), Offals Specialty items (Sheeps Cheese, Beta Lamb CCs), Edible Cooking Oil, Olive Oil, Chilled and frozen Rice, Sugar, Body Beauty Products, Fertilizers, etc.
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils
  • ...products, Cooking Oil, Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Olein, Olive Oil, Sugar, Rice, Copy Paper, Fertilizer, Oil & Gas sector and operates network of agents and subsidiaries...
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils
  • ...(sunflower, corn, palm) and primarily olive oil (extra virgin) as well as balsamic vinegar variants in glass or PET bottles. Furthermore we specialize in canned artichokes, anchovies and peeled tomatoes.
    Supplier of: Food - import-export | sunflower oil | anchovies | smoked ham | frozen meats
  • ...RBD Rapeseed/Canola Oil Refined Soybean Oil RBD Groundnut/Peanut Oil Coconut Oil RBD Palm Oil RBD Palm Olein Rice Bran Oil CRUDE DEGUMMED SOYBEAN OIL Crude Palm Oil Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil (DIN 51605) Used Cooking Oil (UCO)
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | various | edible oils | from | the refineries
  • ...sunflower oils, soybean oils, corn oil, rapeseed oil, rice, sugar, cocoa powder, cashew nuts, pulses. Non edible commodities like bio-diesels such as crude degummed rapeseed oil, used cooking oil.
    Supplier of: used cooking oil | Vegetable oils | Sugar | buying and selling | cdro crude degummed rapeseed oil
  • the collection and purification of used cooking oils.Utilizing our purpose built storage and processing facility, and through our highly committed team, we work hard to ensure the proper...
    Supplier of: used cooking oil recycling | Oils - recovery and recycling | biodiesel | vegetable oil recycling | iscc-eu certificate
  • ...pure, natural, distilled cooking olive oil and other essential oils. Nüve Soap contains only pure vegetable oil. Coconut, date, apricot pit, castor, almond and shea oil are some of the ingredients we use...
    Supplier of: Soaps, toilet | soap | olive oil soap | cold vegetable soap | natural soap
    Southampton - UNITED KINGDOM
    ...hospitals, golf clubs etc. We also offer a waste cooking oil collection service, free of charge saving disposal costs. Our used oil removal service is available even if you do not buy fresh cooking oils from...
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | vegetable oil | rapeseed oil | waste oil | collection
    Singapore - SINGAPORE
    ...wholesaler for cooking vegetable oil - palm oil, sunflower oil. We also supply building materials, solar systems, vehicle spare parts, aircon spare parts, heaters, coils, fans, shipbuilding...
    Supplier of: Oils, cooking - machinery and equipment | oil & gas procurement | edible vegetable oils | steel for shipbuilding | agarwood
  • ...based in Riyadh the capital, we sell used cooking oil worldwide on very high quality and reasonable price please dont hesitate to email me back or contact me for more info, SDT company...
    Supplier of: Oils, cooking - machinery and equipment | we sell used cooking oil | used cooking oil suplier | exporting used cooking oil | waste vegetables oil
    Romania - ROMANIA
    ...oil origin russian, europe, asia , refined oils, crude oils, degummed oils, corn oil sunflower oil rapeseed oil soybean oil palm oil in flexy tank, drum, bottled sgs inspection cif aswp payment 100%lc...
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | palm oil | refined sunflower oil | corn oil | soybean oil
    Lome - TOGO
    Supplier of: Food - import-export | indian rice | evaporated milk | motor oils | tomato paste
  • ...machine, engine oil purifier machine, cooking oil purifier machine and so on. We practice in this line for ten years, so we have a strong technology and gain rich experience. Our products have been exported to many countries, and get a high...
    Supplier of: ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS | oil purifier machines | oil filter machine
  • ...are a manufacturer company, base on all type of Cooking Oil as Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Oil, Corn Oil, Soybean.etc Both crude an Refined Common an Organic our product are G/A product in the Market.
    Supplier of: Oilseed crops | sunflower oil | corn oil
  • , Our major prodcuts are : UCO--used cooking oil , Caustic soda , Fertilizers , Soap noodles , LABSA , SLES , Gelatin , Glycerin and so on .If there is any need , pls feel free to...
    Supplier of: Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | chemicals
  • ...purifier 4. Engine oil purifier (Decolor) 5. Diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier 7. Cooking oil purifier 8. Multi-Functional oil purifying machine 9. Fully Automatic Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester (BDV Tester)
    Supplier of: Machinery and equipment, used and reconditioned | oil purification | oil purifier
    Pnp - CAMBODIA pepper, animal feed, cooking/vegetable oil, fertilizers, chemical items, farming machinery, generators, printing/copy paper and external/internal network extension business correspondents.
    Supplier of: Agriculture and forestry - machinery and equipment | international market entry | whole grain rice
  • ...varieties of vegetable cooking edible oils and biodiesel fuel in the best competitive prices: oils available at best competitive prices (refined and crude sunflower edible oil, grade A refined and crude palm edible...
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | crude and refined palm oils
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