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lead and lead alloys - Import export


  • Mainly engaged in various specifications of Electrolytic copper, Lead ingots, Aluminum ingots, Zinc Ingots, Antimony Ingots, Tin Ingots, Magnesium Ingots and Alloy Ingots.
    Supplier of: lead ingots | Aluminium alloys | aluminum ingot
  • ...heat transfer copper tubes、copper alloy tubes、titanium tubes、steel tubes、stainless steel tubes、aluminium tubes etc, serving for cold and heat source apparatus manufactures in refrigeration and...
    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes - non-ferrous metal | condenser tube | evaporator tube
  • CNIC
    Ningbo - CHINA over 26yeas in ningbo china, we have advantage in the following items, it inclute: Die-casting parts(Zinc & Aluminium alloy), mould, the lathe process parts(CNC turnery parts) and stamping parts etc。
    Supplier of: Machines for the manufacture of PVC and Aluminium Doors and Windows | aluminium die-casting | cnc milling
  • ...chinese leading supplier of Titanium Materials, Nickel Alloys , Specialized in mill Products of Titanium Tubes, Pipes, Bars, Sheets, Wires and forgings. also with Nickel Alloy Tubes, Bars, Plates .
    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, titanium | titanium tube | titanium pipe
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  • ., leading manufacturer of forged alloy steel in China.
    Supplier of: Steel, tool | forged steels | special alloyed steels
  • ...producer of titanium and titanium alloys, titanium bars, titanium sheets, titanium wires, titanium tube, titanium standards parts .with the standard of ASTM B348, ASTM F67, ASTM F136, AMS4928,...
    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, titanium | titanium sheet
  • Main products: Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, Aluminum Ingot, Zinc Ingot, Lead Ingot, Tin Ingot, Antimony Ingot, Copper Scrap, Aluminum Scrap, etc.
    Supplier of: Iron, steel and metallurgy - import-export | sale of non-ferrous metals | stainless steel
    Kenilworth, Nj - UNITED STATES
    On-Site Lead-Free Hardening & Tempering Alloy Steel, High Carbon Steel, Martensitic Stainless Steel RoHS Compliant Processing, Custom Heat Treated Properties, Lead-free processing, Tempered Martensite,...
    Supplier of: Heat treatment of steels and metals | pre-tempered strip steel | steel supplier
  • ...Ø Stainless Steel Ø Duplex/Super DuplexØ Nickel Alloys Ø Titanium/Titanium AlloyMain Products Form is: Ø Pipes/ TubesØ Corrugated / Finned TubesØ Pipe FittingsØ Flanges/Tube Sheet FlangesØ Stainless Steel...
    Supplier of: Pipe and tube fittings - non-ferrous metal | ball valves
  • Our company exports aluminum ingot/alloy/billet, zinc ingot, lead ingot etc.
    Supplier of: Foundries, aluminium | aluminum ingot | aluminum profile
  • Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of carbon and alloy steel seamless tubes in India.
    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, steel
  • ...Casting, Steel Casting, Cast Part, CNC Machining PartService function: We also offer a wide range of material selections, covering carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron and ductile iron."
    Supplier of: Bells, casting
  • ...and rolling equipments; Copper rod 、Aluminum rod and Aluminum wire drawing equipments; frame and tubular wire stranders; Copper flat wire 、Aluminum wire and lead sheath continuous extruding equipments etc.
    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | aluminum machining
    ...metal scraps such as all kinds of copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, nickel, e motors, lead etc.We also own a smelter of aluminium producing low quality alloys if asked from the Greek trading market.
    Supplier of: Metals - recovery and recycling | scrap metals | recycling metals
    Shaanxi - CHINA
    ...Asia and Middle East. We supply Aluminium ingots, Zinc ingots, Antimony ingot, Tin ingots, Bismuth ingots, Lead Antimony alloys, Aluminium Silicon alloys, babbitt metal, Silicon metal, antimony trioxide etc.
    Supplier of: Pipe and tube fittings - ferrous metal | zinc ingot | antimony powder
  • ...& exporter in India - Neelcon. Neelcon assures high quality stainless steel products like stainless steel fitting, stainless steel pipes, stainless steel tubes & other copper steel and alloy steel products.
    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, stainless steel
  • Gemei is a leading supplier of TUNGSTEN and MOLYBDENUM Product. It is one of the earliest factory engaged in refractory material as well as their alloys in China since 1995.
    Supplier of: Pipe and tube fittings - ferrous metal | tungsten plate
    Mumbai - INDIA
    ...Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Copper, Brass, Monel, Inconel, Aluminium, Hastelloy, Lead in the shape of Pipes, Tubes, Rods, Sheets, Plates, Wires, Angles, Coils, Strips and Pipe Fittings in India.
    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, stainless steel
  • Stainless Steel flat and long products from the worlds leading mills in Japan , South Korea and Europe all to ASTM specification.Nickel alloys , Electronic Alloys and precision strip also supplied.
    Supplier of: Stainless steels | thermal insulation - materials | bending wing seals
  • Our company is a top leading provider for tires and alloy wheels in Romania
    Supplier of: Wheel rims, vehicle | jante | anvelope
    Mumbai - INDIA
    We are leading wholesaler in non ferrous metals specially in copper and copper alloys.
    Supplier of: Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | copper strips | drawn copper products
  • We are Gumus Metal company established in 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey. We are manufacturers, so we can offer you hight quality goods with best prices. It can be a competitive advantage for your...
    Supplier of: Compound-filled flexible leads | flexible copper busbar | braided copper busbar | copper flexible connector | grounding components
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