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  • ...oils can garnish your dishes, embellish cooks' recipes and also be added to cosmetic formulae thanks to their emollient, nutritive and antioxidant properties. The innovative area of food supplements is an additional application to this food...
    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | special oils | biological oils | perfumed oils | walnut oils
    Colombo - SRI LANKA
    ...oil on the market. It can be used in cooking, to consume straight from the jar as a supplement, it makes a wonderful moisturizer for skin and hair and its ultimate claim to fame is that it’s a widely recognized. Smith Naturals is one of Sri...
    Supplier of: Oils and fats, edible | we are proudly informing you that our all products are free | in addition to above certifications we are able to obtained
  • ...the company also offer Nigella Sativa for cooking purposes as a very beneficial spice. Hair and skin care are also an important field for BioNatal LLC. The company produces Nigella Sativa handmade soap from the black cumin oil and powdered seeds. A facial mask is natural...
    Supplier of: Foods, health | black seeds | black seed oil | nigella sativa oil | black cumin oil
  • ...we have decided to make a great team of olive oil lovers, as we call EPOS Olive family. EPOS Olive is a trademarked brand as Marca Nacional in Portugal. Our brand's main product ranges include Extra Virgin Olive...
    Supplier of: Olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | export of olive oil | food / beverages - wholesale and retail | extra virgin olive oil
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  • appreciated in its purest sense and in fine cooking. We offer a 500 liter bottle that can easily sit as a decoration on your bar, but should be used in everyday cooking calling for a heart healthy oil. The Song of Odysseus is a name meant to evoke the Greek journey...
    Supplier of: Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | greek olive oil | flavoured olive oil | greek products
  • ...and vitamines inside of soap from the olive oil and herbs. That means ails keep all the vitamines . The ingredients of our soaps are olive oil for protecting the moisture level of skin and nourishing skin; coconut oil...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | %100 natural soaps | virgin olive oil soaps | handmade soaps | baby soaps
  • ...Length: blow595cm Width: 20cm 25cm 30cm etc Goodness : environmental protection, etc Application : Hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, cooking rooms, washing rooms and etc
    Supplier of: Ceilings, modular cladding | pvc panels | pvc panels and ceilings
  • ...ISO22000: 2005, ISO14001: 2004.We supply natural extract, stabilizer flavour & color, food color, original peanut paste, cream, natural flavour, butter oil substitute, shortening and cooking fat.
    Supplier of: Food flavourings | food flavourings | savoury pastries
    Cesis - LATVIA
    ...smoked, pickled fishes, fish in brine or in oil, and various kinds of fish salads. Products are hand made and based on high quality raw material. Products are paked not only in plastic tins/canns with...
    Supplier of: Fish, tinned | fish | canned foods and of vegetables
    Turkey/instabul - TURKEY
    ...Can (Tinned), Glass Bottle, Plastic Bottle Place of Origin: Turkey Use: COOKING AND CRUDE Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: 500 ML: glass bottle 1000 ML: glass bottle 5000ML TIN: Delivery Detail: 10 DAYS
    Supplier of: for cooking | Olive oil | extra virgin | in glass bottles | occanic
  • There is a fine art to the use of extra virgin olive oil and herbs. Choosing the right herb to go with a particular dish is a science. We offer you a new way of cooking.
    Supplier of: Olive oil | Olives | balsamic vinegar | savonerie | olive paste
  • Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | Cheese | Bread, cakes and pastries
  • Our Vie Range lies in our three brands that have evolved through research of bringing a splendid selection of practical products that can be used every day. Vie-Healthcare: This was our first venture...
    Supplier of: Handicraft | bali | thailand | soap | incense
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