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  • ...cutting fat, half carcasses, pork parts and beef parts, mechanically deboned poultry meat (MDM), poultry as a whole and in parts.We cooperate with the largest beef slaughter and processing...
    Supplier of: Pork | pork fats | fat | pork sides | Meats, frozen and deep-frozen
  • Sweetened pork lard. Pork suet fat is one of the main raw materials we use. Customers have different requirements, our products exclusively are from pork fat of the highest quality.
    Supplier of: lard llard de pork | iberico pork | Food Processing | sain de cerdo | lard processing manufacturer
  • ...specialising in processing Iberian pork fat, INTEXUR continues its traditions by offering the finest Iberian pork products available, delighting its very demanding customers. Products include: lard, pork scratchings,...
    Supplier of: Pork | fried pork fat scraps | pancetta coppata
  • ...and onion chorizo, knuckle of ham, pork fat, cacheira (pig head)..., without forgetting more general products, such as minced meat, sausage and creole sausage, but obviously with quality raw...
    Supplier of: pork | Meat | Meats, cooked and cured | Sausages | chorizo
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  • We are also happy to receive enquiries regarding pig’s bladders, pork chitterlings, pork fat casings and pig’s stomach.
    Supplier of: natural pork entrails | Offal | hippocrepis unisiliquosa | natural entrails | natural sheep entrails
    Dnipro - UKRAINE
    We imports pork (cutting fat, back fat, liver, shoulder, legs), beef (liver), chicken and turkey (quarters, liver, wings, skin).
    Supplier of: Pork | pork | importer of meat | chicken | turkey
    Mississauga - CANADA
    ...thigh meat, turkey drums, turkey mdm, turkey breast, whole turkey, beef offals, beef shin shank, beef cuts, beef trim, pork cuts, pork offals, pork fats, pork shoulders, pork legs, pork collars.
    Supplier of: Import-export - food and agriculture | chicken | hens
  • Supplier of: fried pork fat scraps | oils and fats, nonfood | Miscellaneous products of animal origin
  • Supplier of: fried pork fat scraps | Meats, cooked and cured
  • ...comprised by the basic raw meat for processors, cutting plants and canned meat factories, represented by the whole varieties of: carcasses, anatomic pieces bone in and boneless, trimmings, fats and offals.
    Supplier of: Pork | fat | pork belly | pork leg | Meats, frozen and deep-frozen
  • ...an abattoir that also offers a section that cuts and renders fats, with slaughtering and butchering services for the industrial sector, as well as transformation of lard into fats via a rendering process.
    Supplier of: pork abattoirs | pork offal | iberian pork offal | iberian pork bacon | pork cuts
  • ...category fat, 3rd category blood, cattle hides and also chilled pork carcasses, chilled or frozen pork legs, loins, shoulders, collars, bellies, tenderloins, trimmings, offals, cutting fats, neck fats, rinds.
    Supplier of: Pork | Beef | Offal
    Supplier of: Pork | Meats, frozen and deep-frozen | Beef | Chicken | frozen offal
  • ...pulp, category 3 products (MBM, animal bone meal, animal meat meal, pork meat meal, feather meal, poultry fats etc.), feed additives (lysine, threonine, methionine, vitamins etc.) and other products.
    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export
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