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  • ÁNGEL BALDOMÁ S.A. started its adventure more than 60 years ago with its own farms at Balaguer in the province of Lleida. We specialise in the production, grading and distribution of fresh eggs and...
    Supplier of: poultry farms | Eggs | egg yokes | egg whites | fresh eggs
  • Locating in Qingdao City, China, Qingdao Xingyi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd( an affiliated company of the 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. Ever since...
    Supplier of: poultry farming | farm equipment | Incubators - livestock | incubators | feeding line
  • LLC “AGROL” Poultry Farm (Broiler producer)- Zhornyska, Lviv, Ukraine. is a big poultry farm, which specializes in breeding broilers.
    Supplier of: Poultry, rabbits and game - farming | poultry farm | broiler producer
    mowe - NIGERIA
    sales of D.o.c sales of table size egg, consultant, sales of poultry inputs, marketer and distributor of veterinary products, vitamins antibiotics etc
    Supplier of: Poultry farming - machinery and equipment | poultry farm | plants and equipment for slaughtering poultry and birds
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  • Codaf srl provides automated feeders and drinking troughs and systems for poultry breeding. The " Giò" feeding trough patent, equipped with an automatic feed regulating system, characterised by the...
    Supplier of: Poultry farming - machinery and equipment | automated drinking troughs for poultry farms | automated feeders for poultry farms | machines for poultry farming | poultry equipment
  • Yutain Futai International Trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with self-independent import-export rights, which specialized in pig equipments; sheep / goat equipments; horse equipments; cattle...
    Supplier of: Poultry farming - machinery and equipment | farm equipment | Animal feeding equipment | Troughs and feeders | Syringes
  • Pre-fabricated farm buildings. Poultry-rearing equipment.
    Supplier of: Poultry farming - machinery and equipment | Egg products | metal structures | aviculture | industrial sheds
  • Company "Ukrainske zerno" is one of the largest producers of feed for farm animals and poultry in Ukraine. At the moment, we are among the three largest exporters of poultry feed.
    Supplier of: Livestock and poultry - feed | Feeds for animal farming | feeds for pigs | feeds for birds | cattle feed
  • ...and vegetable shops, beaches, pools, dairy farms, pig farms, rabbit farms, poultry farms, the tobacco industry, wine farms, the textile industry, the wood industry and individual personal residences.
    Supplier of: Industrial sprayers for surface treatment | misting pumps and fans | water sprays | fog systems | indoor and outdoor cooling systems
  • ...of companies "UKRZOVETPROPPOSTACH" offers to your attention complex solutions for conducting your business in the sphere of animal husbandry, poultry farming, veterinary medicine, plant growing.
    Supplier of: Veterinary products | medicines for veterinary use | animals drugs | compound feeds | feed premixes
  • ...bronchitis, etc. Wynnes is also selling on-farm fabricated poultry housing and runs and everything necessary to keep poultry. Wynnes is expanding its products to reproduce the same formula as they have done...
    Supplier of: Livestock and poultry - feed | Poultry farming - machinery and equipment | hens and poultry transport crates | fully vaccinated blue egg laying hens and light sussex hens
  • Healthy development of poultry complements vitamins and trace minerals enriching feed. Bird breeding hens are raised in our poultry farms with the best European specifications.
    Supplier of: poultry | Chicken | chicken | eggs | frozen
  • ...OF COMPANIES «SINYAVINSKAYA POULTRY FARM» is the largest association of the agro-industrial complex in the Russian Federation with well-organized marketable eggs and poultry production cycle. The basic...
    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | freash table egg | fresh tadle chicken eggs | table chicken egg | manufacturer of table chicken egg
  • ...experience in the manufacture of equipment for poultry farming, our equipment is in huge demand at poultry farms as well as farm houses. A wide range of incubators for small farm households as well as for large...
    Supplier of: farm incubators | Agricultural machines and accessories | incubators | incubators for eggs | puoltry equipment
  • ...Farm Jobs Farm Machinery Agrochemicals Animal Health Fertiliser Animal Feed Genetics Crops/ Seeds / Grain Horticulture Dairy Equipment Equine Poultry Farm Building Renewable Energy Senior Management
    Supplier of: Recruitment agency | agriculture | recruitment | horticulture | agronomy
  • ...production, servicing, public health, pest control, bio-security in terms of animal health in farms & poultries, plant protection, environmental planning, landscaping, construction and contracting.
    Supplier of: Crop planting and protection | Pest and vermin control services | Insecticides | environmentally-friendly insecticides | pesticides
    Florida - UNITED STATES
    ...are specialized in manufacturing and exporting animal feed granulator.our main products are the flat die pellet machine widely used in small, medium poultry farm and light industrial or for home use.
    Supplier of: ORGANIC FARMING | feed pellet mill | fish feed pellet mill | ring die pellet mill | floating pellet mill
  • ...buildings equipped with the latest trends in the poultry sector and mainly in growing broiler breeders. poultry farms "Martivo" has its own buildings for adolescent parents, which is an important factor and a good sized herd....
    Supplier of: Eggs | hatching eggs hatchery ross 308 cobb 500 | day old chiken | chiken broiler
    Seini - ROMANIA
    ...2001 and we are specialist in poultry farming, with the main activity: - Raising chickens for eggs and meat- Manufacture of birds feedWith a 100% private capital, our company is led by manager eng. Ioan...
    Supplier of: Eggs | class a eggs | fresh packed eggs | class b eggs | eggs from free-range hens
  • ...: Parking sheds, room extensions, toilets, bathrooms, roofingTransportation : Bus station, ticket counters, parcel offices, sheltersAgriculture: Farm house, poultry farms, generator rooms, sheds
    Supplier of: Slates, roofing | building and roof covers | plastic tiles
    Mogilev - BELARUS
    Our products are used in agriculture, plant growing, poultry farming, cattle breeding and husbandry.
    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | organic fertilizers | plant growth regulators | humic fertilizers | humic substances
    Beijing - CHINA
    ...meshes; High security / poultry / farm / residential / industrial meshes and netting) 4. Other fences and gates (temporary fences; Farm fences; Palisade fences; Decorative fences and gates) 5.
    Supplier of: Wire mesh, welded | metal hardware | steel
  • ...operating dairy, poultry and pig farms assuring the best possible results within the local settings. The services that we offer to Romanian farmers consists in planning and design of custom facilities from site selection...
    Supplier of: Pigs | animal livestock equipment
  • ...we have expanded to include the rearing of Poultry and Livestock in our farms dotted across the UK. We are very conscious in our operations about environmental factors as a result have included Ecological/Environmental...
    Supplier of: Import-export - food and agriculture
  • For over 30 years Dalton engineering ltd supplies poultry farm products and poultry equipment. Dalton engineering is supplying poultry feeding, drinking and ventilation systems.
    Supplier of: Poultry farming - machinery and equipment | poultry farm ventilation systems | poultry feeders | poultry feeding and drinking systems | egg belt welding material
  • ...poultry equipment Poultry farm Chicken farming equipment Automatic poultry equipment for broilers and chickens Find complete details about Automatic poultry equipment Poultry farm Chicken farming equipment from...
    Supplier of: Poultry farming - machinery and equipment
  • PARS
    Rasht - IRAN
    ..., our major supply is for poultry farms and we do work in cattle and honey bee and other animal as well...we have great potential to supply all type of animal medicines in our market..we are...
    Supplier of: Poultry, rabbits and game - farming | animal vaccines | animal medicine
    Riga - LATVIA
    Rema Ltd. is the biggest and the most modern poultry breeding and processing company in Latvia. The industrial facilities – 22 poultry farms – werenot used for 2 years.
    Supplier of: Chicken | chicken | chicken meat
  • animal nutrition, food, calcium carbonated, feed, hen, cattle, pig, poultry, farming, cat , dog, pet shop, sow, drink, feeder, turkey, pigeon, cow, farm, farmer, ribbon mixer, cereals, farming, eggs,
    Supplier of: Feeds for animal farming | complete animal feeds for all breeds | calcium carbonate
    Leominster - UNITED KINGDOM
    Poultry Farmers, Farming of poultry
    Supplier of: Goose | Duck | Fresh turkey
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