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  • ...and hygiene product business. Professional products for kitchen and food industry hygiene: detergents, descaling agents and cleansers. Disinfectants for interiors and professional surface treatments.
    Supplier of: production of disinfecting detergents | natural detergents | washing detergents | sanitizing detergents | industrial detergents
  • ...Insecticides and professional use Detergents. LABORATORIOS BILPER Group has implemented, thanks to its human team, an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System that contributes to the achievement of our goals, as per the standards ISO...
    Supplier of: Disinfectants, non-medical | disinfectants | detergent manufacturer | hospital disinfecting | insecticide manufacturer
  • ...and industrial hygiene material. Detergents, washing-up products, graffiti removal products, air-fresheners, disinfectants, hand gel, grease removal products and all types of chemical products for...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | detergents | Cleaning, industrial | Cleaning machines, industrial | Insecticides
  • For example, we supply the detergent and disinfectant industry with amines, oxo-alcohols, bromine compounds, starch derivatives, phosphates and nitrilotriacetic acid sourced primarily from renowned European...
    Supplier of: Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives | Chemicals - import-export | Alcohols, phenols and derivatives | inorganic chemicals
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  • ...the design, production and marketing of detergents and cleaning chemicals. The company is located in Athens, Greece in modern facilities along with the production plant. The company has a wide range of high quality cleaning...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | household detergents | liquid detergents | dishwasher detergents | washing machine detergents
  • ...universal solution, floor detergent, disinfectant multisurface solution, disinfectant gel WC, furniture solution, limescale removal, anitmold solution, drain solution, starch solution) & cosmetics manufacture (liquid soap,...
    Supplier of: Hygiene and beauty articles | manufacture | cosmetics | wet wipes | household
  • ...We are also the largest supplier of these products, in the Middle East region. Raw Materials Paints Raw Materials Swimming Pool Chemicals Food Grade Chemicals Oil Field & Drilling Chemicals Oilfields * Paints * Laboratories * Laundries * Water Treatment General...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | marine shipping indiustries | metal steel industries | power stations | sewage treatment
  • ...industry sectors. Healthcare: High quality disinfection products; Personal Care: Natural head lice repellent shampoo's, sprays, body washes soaps etc. ; Sports Apparel: Clothing deodorisers, water proofing, Chamois Cream, Foot Balm; Household: Low temperature...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | hospital and health care products | veterinary and pet grooming products | personal care products | clothing deodorisers
  • ...and whole room dry mist decontamination products, including disposable antimicrobial, sporicidal curtains that are effective in the fight against Ebola, C Difficile, MRSA and other such infections. Suitable for all medical and healthcare settings, the...
    Supplier of: Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment | disinfection | antimicrobial | fungicidal | decontamination
  • Our main products are: Detergent Chemicals, Food Additive, Feed chemical, Fertilizers, Mining Chemicals, Pulp & Paper , Tannery Chemical, Water Treatment &Disinfectants, Veterinary Chemical, etc.We...
    Supplier of: detergent chemicals | Mineral oxides and peroxides | mining chemicals
  • ...the BLEU LINE Srl in Forl. Insecticides, disinfectants, rodenticides, detergents powder and liquid formulations in both concentrated and ready to use, accessories and equipment for the professional pest control for over 60 years. The...
    Supplier of: Rat poisons | rodent control | rodenticide
  • Chemical products Room fragrances - Kitchen cleanser - Disinfectants - Traditional cleaning product – Soaps – Laundry. Detergents and softeners - Floor cleaners.
    Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | cleaning products
  • ...antiseptics and disinfectants. Huanxin manufactures PCMX, PCMC, DCMX, MX, etc. widely applied in the fields of disinfection, detergent, cleanser, pharmaceuticals, leather production, etc.
    Supplier of: Detergents, household
  • BORMAN works in the professional cleaning and hygiene product business. Professional products for kitchen and food industry hygiene: detergents, de-scaling agents and cleansers. Automatic...
    Supplier of: sanitizing detergents | washing detergents | natural detergents | industrial detergents | hand detergents
  • We were founded on 1st July 1954 with the aim of manufacturing cleaning products and care agents for industry and municipalities. Only a few years later, the product range was expanded to include...
    Supplier of: detergents | disinfectants | Cleaning and maintenance - equipment and supplies | sanitisers | cleaning products for hands
  • Our company, HERMES® Fassadenreinigung, is based in Brachthausen near Kirchhundem in the heart of Germany's South Westphalia region. We are the experts to turn to for everything concerning cleaning...
    Supplier of: detergents | cleansing-disinfecting cleaners | Cleaning machines, industrial | Water purification - systems and equipment | façade cleaning
  • ACT Aerosol Chemie Technik GmbH focuses on the production and bottling of chemical technical products in the automotive sector. From products such as the classic brake cleaner and vehicle care...
    Supplier of: filling detergent products | detergents for motor vehicles | Vehicles - accessories and equipment | Vehicles - services | car cleaning product
  • Welcome to WHR GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Come and speak to us! Non-woven cloth rolls, non-woven cloth, wiping cloths and wet wipes...
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | disinfectants for land and environments | industrial disinfectants | disinfectants for medical use | industrial detergents
  • Since 1953, we have been offering individual solutions in the field of flexible packaging to customers in the washing product and detergent industry, hygiene industry and food industry. Thanks to our...
    Supplier of: detergents | hand disinfectant | Cleaning and maintenance - equipment and supplies | packaging to order | powder fillers
  • The in-house organisation of Chemifarma relies upon a dynamic and well-coordinated technical team comprising veterinarians, nutritionists, chemists and pharmacists.
    Supplier of: environmental disinfection products | animal feed additives and disinfectants | Veterinary products | animal feed additives | articles for veterinary use
  • Ecochem is the result of extensive work by chemists, technicians and specialists in the detergent sector to create high grade technoclogical and environmentally-friendly cleaning systems in...
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | organic detergents | detergents for the food and canning industry | ecological detergents | industrial detergents
  • Supplier of: Disinfectants, non-medical | detergents | Lubricants, graphite | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | drain clearing products
  • Supplier of: Disinfectants, non-medical | detergents and degreasing - professional | Scouring - steels and materials | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | manufacturer of cleaning products
  • Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | production of detergents | detergent product distributors | industrial disinfectants | cleaners
  • Manufactures of cleaning detergents for domestic and industrial use. Suppliers for branded products and own label. Price Breakers are committed to care for the environment producing eco friendly...
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | detergent manufacturer | detergent product distributors | laundry
  • Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | production of detergents
  • Supplier of: Detergents, household | production of detergents | wholesale detergents | cleaning products and janitorial supplies for industrial use
    Bari - ITALY
    Supplier of: Laundry detergents for household use | production of detergents | softeners
    Bad Salzdetfurth - GERMANY
    Supplier of: production of detergents | detergents | Hygiene and toilet products
  • Supplier of: Detergents, household | production of detergents | hand-basin | liquid soaps
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