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    Lviv Region, Drohobych - UKRAINE
    ...of wild and cultivated berries (sea buckthorn, blackberry, blueberry, lingonberry, elderberry, raspberry, strawberry, sloe, rosehip, mountain ash black, mountain ash), mushrooms (boletus edulis,...
    Supplier of: sea buckthorn | Berries | Mushrooms | black berries | frozen berries
  • Pura Agro produces natural and organic grape seed oil and flour, corn germ oil, organic sunflower oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic sea buckthorn oil, and other seed , fruit and nut oils
    Supplier of: sea buckthorn oil | Vegetable oils | grape seed oils | sunflower oil | hemp seed oil
  • ...)are factory and export Wild Sea buckthorn oil to Europe for 8 years, currently selling 1). Sea buckthorn Fruit( Pulp ) Oil 2). Sea buckthorn Seed Oil 3) Sea buckthorn berry juice powder ...
    Supplier of: sea buckthorn | Pharmaceutical products | seabuckthorn | hippophae | sanddorn
    Ovidiu - ROMANIA
    We produce sea buckthorn, It is our first year of harvest and we have a production of approximately 60 tones of fruit. We are selling frozen sea buckthorn fruits in small and large quantities. Established in 2012, located in Constanta,...
    Supplier of: sea buckthorn | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | frozen berries | biological product | salle raw
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  • The sea buckthorn trees grow wildly on the mountain more than 3000m above sea, no pesticide, no fertilizer.
    Supplier of: sea buckthorn | Additives, food | goji
    Sector 1 - ROMANIA
    We sell seablackthurn, rosehip medicinal plants in small or big quantities. We sell frozen, dried or fresh products. Our products are harvest from Buzau. Products are exported every year in countries...
    Supplier of: sea buckthorn | Fruit | medicinal plant | horns | rosehip
  • Among berries, we offer frozen European blueberry (bilberry), raspberry, blackberry, elderberry, and sea buckthorn.
    Supplier of: Honey | Fruit, frozen and deep-frozen | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | frozen fruits | frozen berries
  • ...processing and sales of frozen and dried berries Carpathian blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, sea buckthorn, chokeberry, cranberry, elderberry, ceps, chanterelles.
    Supplier of: Fruit, frozen and deep-frozen | Vegetables, frozen and deep-frozen | frozen berries | deep-frozen foods | frozen fruit
  • Our product range includes, but is not limited to blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, blackberry, blackcurrants, cowberry, sea-buckthorn, Boletus Edulis, Cantharellus Cibarius.
    Supplier of: Fruit, frozen and deep-frozen | frozen | mushrooms | supplier
  • ...natural oils (rosehip organic oil, sea buckthorn oil, walnut, wheat germ oil, etc.), nuts, honey, buckwheat - to the suppliers of Amazon, Ali Baba, TradeKey and to the trading floors of the world.
    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | organic oil | cold pressed oils | rosehip oil | seabuckthorn oil
  • ...processing and sales of frozen and dried berries Carpathian blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, sea buckthorn, chokeberry, cranberry, elderberry, ceps, chanterelles.
    Supplier of: Fruit, frozen and deep-frozen | frozen fruits | frozen berries | iqf fruit | iqf berries
    Saint-Petersburg - RUSSIA
    ...0°C and 20°C.It contains no preservatives, colourings or flavorings.Mors is a natural juice from berries: - Cranberry- Red Bilberry- Black Currant- Cherry- Sea Buckthorn- Sea Buckthorn +Red Bilberry
    Supplier of: Soft drinks | juice from berries for horeca | producing mors for horeca segment | producing natural juice from berries | producing juice for horeca
    Belgrade - SERBIA
    Infused dried fruits (raspberry, sour cherry, strawberry, aronia, red and black currants, sea buckthorn, wild blueberry, apple slices, plums...) 3.
    Supplier of: Fruits, dried | dried prunes, pitted and unpitted | infused dried fruits | freeze-dried fruits | organic dried fruits
  • ...& calibrated, jam, raspberry extra, class 1, crumble, blackberry, blueberry, red currant, black currant, sour cherry, plum, gooseberry, aronia, cranberry, lingonberry, sea buckthorn, asswqa apple.
    Supplier of: Fruit, frozen and deep-frozen | iqf fruits | iqf vegetables
  • Main products is wild berries: Blueberries, Blackberries, Lingonberries, Aronia, Elderberries, Sea-buckthorn, etc.
    Supplier of: Fruit, frozen and deep-frozen | frozen berries | mushrooms
    Medyka - POLAND
    ...fruit (Vaccinium myrtillus L); - Sea buckthorn fruit (Hippophaë rhamnoides L.); - Elderflower (Sambucus nigra L.); - Linden flower (Tilia cordata Mill); - Yarrow flower (Achillea millefolium L.);...
    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | medicinal plants from natural environment | export of primary processed medicinal plants | wholesale trading of medicinal plants
    Lahore - PAKISTAN
    ...roots, Juniper berries, Dried Sea buckthorn berries, Withania Coagulans, Charila, Pakhra, Dried Water lilly, Dried Rose Petals, Valerian roots, Screw Plant, Gum Asafoetida, Wormwood, Fresh Red...
    Supplier of: Dried fruits
  • Our product list includes Wild Blueberry, Wild Blackberry, Cranberry, Lingonberry, Elderberry, Aronia, Sea Buckthorn, Raspberry and Walnuts.
    Supplier of: Fruit, frozen and deep-frozen | iqf berry producer and seller | processing and freezing facility | walnut processor | iqf wild blueberry organic and conventional
    Pärnu - ESTONIA
    Berryes (Sea Buckthorn), frozen.
    Supplier of: Fish, frozen and deep-frozen | Fish, processing | Fish - import-export
  • Anklam Extrakt GmbH produces and distributes premium-quality plant extracts for the pharmaceutical, food and dietary supplement industries. In addition to our premium extracts, we also supply our...
    Supplier of: Extracts, food | Food and beverage additives | Extracts for pharmaceutical preparations | vegetable extracts | medicinal plant extracts
  • Ltd Georgian Herbs has been established in 2012 by experienced wild harvesters and exporters of medicinal herbs. We specialize in collection, drying, production and export of natural wild berries,...
    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | Liquorice | Dried fruits | Spices | mushrooms and berries
  • We produce handmade aromatherapy bath, body and skin care products, using only the finest natural ingredients, which are vegan-friendly and SLS, SLES and paraben-free. Our products are suitable for...
    Supplier of: Skin-care products | handmade | natural | aromatherapy | body care
  • We are Ukrainian company with a diverse and unique range of products and technical capabilities - we are able to provide you with a consistent high quality supply of Ukrainian unrefined cold pressed...
    Supplier of: sea buckthorn oil | Vegetable oils | rosehip oil | flaxseed oil | manufacturer
  • Our business began in 1992, when we started creating arrangements of artificial and dried flowers. Since 2002, we have primarily focused our efforts on selling our Ovis sheep's milk soap and...
    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | bath salts | soap dish | decoration material | gift items
  • We supply comprehensively food, pharmaceutical and feed industry with raw food, functional additives, auxiliary substances and feed additives. We offer : 1. BACTERIOSTATICS AND PRESERVATIVES,...
    Supplier of: Edible gelatine | Additives, food | lactic acid | organic acids | phosphates
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