solder for lead-free hot air solder levelling (hasl)
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  • MTM NE-Metalle is a company which specialises in electronic manufacturing service companies. We act as a supplier of solder and high grade anodes made of a variety of alloys for the electronics and...
    Supplier of: solder for lead-free hot air solder levelling (hasl) | lead-free solder | Storage and collection of waste - equipment | Metals - recovery and recycling | waste recycling
  • ...Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold (ENIG), Carbon Paste Screen, Immersion Silver (I-Ag), Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP), Immersion Tin (I-Sn), Lead Free Hot Air Solder Level (Pb-free HASL), .
    Supplier of: Printed circuits | various pcb and fpc boards | flex rigid pcb
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