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  • The expertise that we have built up through advice from different fields has enabled us to form a working group of specialists who cover many activities in the areas of geology, hydrogeology,...
    Supplier of: structural inspection | Topography - consultants | Well-management services | geotechnics and topography | geophysics consulting
  • Supplier of: structural inspection | Computer engineering | sanctions and inspections office
  • We provide extrusion, blowing, PET and injection, with final tests on the moulds, as well as during 3D CAD with engineering and structural inspection of the product.
    Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Moulds, precision | moulds for plastic materials | moulds for engineering goods | design of moulds for plastics
  • For example, 3D measuring machines, digital profile projectors, CNC measuring machines, sample preparation, micro structure analysis, inspection microscopes, laboratory microscopes and much more.
    Supplier of: inspection microscopes | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | microscope | machine lamps | scales
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  • ...hydropower installations, and other underwater structures; -Technical inspection of quality work during of the construction, reconstruction and repair of underwater crossings of trunk pipelines and other hydraulic...
    Supplier of: pipeline inspection | Marine, port and underwater works - contractors | underwater works | diving | hydrographic survey
  • ...We specialize in providing high-quality design services in all areas of structural engineering. From rear extensions, loft conversions and new builds to internal alterations and structural inspections.
    Supplier of: structural steels | Consultants - construction and civil engineering | Design consultants | building construction | residential building design
  • ...and Painting of steel Structures, Paint Inspection and Control, Tank Cleaning, Civil Marine Services. Diving and Underwater Engineering Services: Hull Cleaning / Inspection and Control, Commercial...
    Supplier of: Shipping companies - lines | underwater service | aqua expact | shipping management | oil bussiness
    West Palm Beach - UNITED STATES design a building structure and inspection. The qualified and professional structural engineers help clients and provide formation of structural calculations and design drawings required by building administrators. Their motive is to provide structural designs, calculation and...
    Supplier of: structural calculations | building inspection | Concrete constructions | structural design services
  • ...and safety inspections for bridge structures since its establishment in 1999. Also, the failure of expansion joint accelerates the malfunction of bridge support and the carbonation of a bridge concrete as drain...
    Supplier of: Expansion joints - ferrous metal | Bridges - construction
    Seoul - SOUTH KOREA
    ...FRONTICS AIS series of nondestructive inspection machines. Using the instrumented Indentation Technique (IIT), these machines can test tensile strength, residual stress and fracture toughness of materials from micro/nano...
    Supplier of: Testing equipment | instrumented indentation technique ndt | on-site structure ndt
  • ...constructions of port dock and hydraulic structures. Inspection, repair and construction of passages of gas pipelines, oil pipelines, water-pipes and drainage culverts. Inspection, repair and construction of...
    Supplier of: Marine, port and underwater works - contractors
    Glasgow - UNITED KINGDOM
    Structural inspections structural reports
    Supplier of: Structural work | structural consulting | inspections
  • Just like the people we collaborate with on a daily basis, each task and every one of their projects is complex and unique. This is why we at Knippenburg Armaturen have made it our top priority to...
    Supplier of: welded structures | inspection hatches | Plumbing, industrial | Cocks and valves | Compensators
    Woodbridge - UNITED KINGDOM
    Structural Engineers, Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy
    Supplier of: Engineering - industrial consultants | Industrial design
  • ...Furthermore, we produce steel structures for the following sectors: energy, oil and gas, special heavy plant, service modernisation, iron and steel manufacturing, automotive, prototypes, external...
    Supplier of: structural metalwork | Milling - steels and metals | Precision mechanics | milling | boring
  • ...such as longer life cycles, anti-rusty, stronger structure, more security, ..., etc. Our quality control department conducts strict monitoring during production and inspects products piece by piece.
    Supplier of: Locks, bolts and keys | door closers | padlocks
  • ...system which allows our rope access technicians to work quickly and with greater precision on ferrous structures and allows for work on difficult to access structures that would otherwise prove impossible.
    Supplier of: Storage tanks | application of corrosion- and acid resistant coatings | industrial rope access | double skin tank lining | solvent free coatings
  • ...corrosion. Corrosion can cause ageing in structures with ever higher associated repair costs and ultimately leading to emergency plant shutdowns. Extensive equipment is needed to properly inspect boats and...
    Supplier of: Monitoring and control equipment | scientific devices and instruments | industrial robots
  • ...and chemical, utilities and renewable energy. We specialise in the inspection of coatings for pipework, structural steelwork, process vessels and storage tanks, internal linings and fireproofing.
    Supplier of: Business Consultancy | training | coatings | project | management
  • ...and modifications with OEM STC.Major structural repairs and modificationsInterior solutions, refurbishments and modifications.MNG Jet knows its customers demands as a charter operator in Istanbul.
    Supplier of: Airline companies | air charters | business jet rentals | private jet | boss flight
  • ...river beds, underwater surveys, underwater structures, ships and shipping equipment. Our company also provides a quality range of handportable inspections systems for cavity walls, drains and many other duct type areas. A range of...
    Supplier of: Surveying equipment | inspection video cameras | underwater cameras | aerial photography | portable telescopic masts
  • ...Roof inspection fro commercial and domestic property, Real estate film and photography work carried out, Topography mapping, Unmanned vehicles are a safe and cost effective way to inspect any kind of structure.
    Supplier of: Photography, aerial | aerial photography | topographic survey | drones | building survey
  • the technical and economic principle. After the unceasing research and innovation, our products have a comprehensive structure type, complete specification series, and various application environments.
    Supplier of: Electric cables | heating cables | cables for defrosting | defrosting elements | heating resistor
  • ...for design, manufacturing and dispatch - regular inspected by Bureau Veritas. The high quality standard of buildings' structure is certified by CE marking: Astron products are in compliance with the EN1090-2...
    Supplier of: Buildings, prefabricated | construction of s/steel frames | parking builder | turnkey solution | industrial buildings
  • ...forgings and castings Radiographic – X-ray inspection of welded joints in metal structures and vessels of welded joints in pipelines of various purposes test – qualification welded joints Magnetic particle...
    Supplier of: non-destructive inspections | Non-destructive tests | non-destructive test laboratories | non-destructive control | non-destructive checks
  • ...& other consultancy servicesSolutions for 3rd Party Accredited installationsOur services include Firestopping/air sealing, fire compartmentation, fire boarding and structural steel protection.
    Supplier of: Fire protection services | passive fire protection | fire door installation | fire stopping | fire compartmentation
  • ...outdoor playground systems, that add attraction and value to any family-friendly facility. Before you open, we commission an independent safety inspection which certifies your play area safe for children to play on.
    Supplier of: Playground equipment | adventure playground equipment | children’s playgrounds | playgrounds | playground
  • ...Other related services of Rigwealth: RIGWEALTH HOUSING - Property Management - Property Rentals - Remodelling - Finishing uncompleted buildings - Construction of Building - Steel Structural Works - Drawings
    Supplier of: Security - Services | automated door and window systems | cctv cameras | tracking systems | surface finishing
  • ...means to locate targets within concrete structures prior to drilling, cutting or coring, and the ability to detect AC power and induced RF energy present in buried utilities.Utility Locating:...
    Supplier of: Quality control - construction and civil engineering | geophysical equipment | ndt equipment | gold detectors | ground penetrating radar
  • ...subassemblies.We have Millions of stock keeping units (SKUs) of product to choose from. Product availability, pricing, procurement, quality inspections and shipping are provided by ISO Certified operation.
    Supplier of: Vehicles, military | Ship equipment | Railway stock and equipment | accessories and spare parts | aircraft - instruments and equipment
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