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  • DiZeta Impianti is a company specialised in the design, creation and implementation of smoke removal and filtering systems (steel works, foundries, pressure moulding, stamping, heat treatments,...
    Supplier of: suction plant | Smoke extraction systems - fire protection | Ventilators and fans - industrial | sleeve filters | industrial extraction systems
  • Rokon Filterbau GmbH has been based in Brackwede in Bielefeld (Germany) since it was founded in 1990. From our initial role as a supplier of pipe and duct systems, we have been able to expand our...
    Supplier of: suction plant | Air filtration equipment | Goods handling systems, continuous | Dust extraction installations and equipment | industrial extraction systems
  • GGA S.r.l. is part of a group specialized in air handling. Its suction systems treat industrial by-products: welding fumes, dust (wood, iron, paper, etc.) whole oils and emulsifiers, foul-smelling...
    Supplier of: suction plant | industrial suction | Smoke extraction systems - fire protection | industrial extraction systems | smoke extraction
  • Design and implementation of acid vapour exhaust ventilation systems, ventilation and equipment in PVC or MOPLEN, decontamination of unsanitary environments, neutralisation of polluting vapours,...
    Supplier of: suction plant | Plastics - semi-finished products | ventilation systems | filtration plants | heating installations
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  • IMEA has been manufacturing turnkey industrial extraction facilities since 1973 for various sectors: nautical, joinery and the chemicals industry. In addition to machinery, IMEA proposes a vast...
    Supplier of: suction plant | Smoke extraction systems - fire protection | fan units | centralised extraction systems | filtering units for air systems
  • Supplier of: suction plant | Industrial equipment hire | excavators | vacuum cleaners | trucks
  • Supplier of: suction plant | Industrial sheet metal work | steel profiles | cartridge filters
    Saint-Petersburg - RUSSIA
    Supplier of: suction plant | Dust extraction installations and equipment | sleeve filters
    Casale Sul Sile - ITALY
    Supplier of: suction plant | Electroplating - machines | plastic material processing
  • Supplier of: suction plant | Vacuum cleaners, domestic | centralised extraction systems
  • Supplier of: suction plant | Gas filters | air filtration system
  • Supplier of: suction plant | Air purification - equipment and systems | air intake systems
    Campodarsego - ITALY
    Supplier of: suction plant | Air filtration equipment
  • AERO-LIFT Vakuumtechnik GmbH was founded in 1992 with production headquarters in Geislingen-Binsdorf, Zollernalbkreis, Germany, and specialises in vacuum lifting and transport technology. In the...
    Supplier of: lifting suction grips | heavy plant | vacuum suction cups | Handling of goods - motorized vehicles | Lifting - vehicles
  • Crushers, shredders and individual recycling systems – that is the world of ERDWICH. We are a highly specialized engineering and production firm in the field of recycling and shredder technology. Our...
    Supplier of: Recycling - machines and installations | Recycling and recovery - miscellaneous materials | Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations | shredders | grinder
  • ...or conveyor system, or own a conveyor, tank or silo for use in your business, you will find a suitable product for your application on our website. Components for a pneumatic conveyor pipe or suction pipe?
    Supplier of: Magnetic equipment | Magnets | Rupture discs | Industrial piping | elevator accessories
  • ...and realizes solutions for composting with bio-stabilization in biocell of the organic material, bio-drying plants of R.S.U. for the production of C.D.R., deodorization plants with biofilters and scrubbers.
    Supplier of: Smoke extraction systems - fire protection | industrial extraction systems | dust extraction systems | waste processing and recovery - machinery and facilities | recycling of wet wastes
    Weiterstadt - GERMANY
    KOREMA® is a family owned SME with over 50 years’ experience manufacturing fabric expansion joints for use in industrial pipeline systems. Our core competences are technical consulting, manufacturing...
    Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | Compensators | atex | fda | 10/2011
  • ...Automatic and Semi-Automatic, Hydraulic (Screen) Filters and Systems, Pump Suction Filters, Hydrocyclones, Moss-Sand (Gravel) Filters, Combi, Disk, Sieve and Nozzle Filters and Metalic Fertilizer Tanks.
    Supplier of: Irrigation systems | Filtering equipment and supplies | Screen filters | Sprinkler systems | hydrocyclones
  • ...PIECE, BARREL(OUT CASING), OUT CASING COVER, FLANGE CASING, FLANGE for the shipbuilding and marine industry, petrochemical plant, wind power palnt, Nuclear Power Plant and Water Power Plant, etc.
    Supplier of: Casting, steel | propeller shaft | connecting rod | ball valve | flange casing
  • ...fertilizers, metallurgical, food, coal power plants, biogas plants, transportation etc. ) and also in civil sector ( sewerage and other pipline cleaning, water treatment sites maintenance, drainage system...
    Supplier of: Vacuum cleaners - industrial | vacuum excavators | kombi trucks | industrial vacuum cleaning | vacuum trucks
  • ...Vertical Multistage, Horizontal Double Suction Split Case, Sewage and Waster Water, Vertical Sump, Horizontal Thermal Oil, Pump As Turbines, API 610 Pumps, Fire Fighting Pumps (NFPA 20, UL-FM...
    Supplier of: Centrifugal pumps | horizontal centrifugal pumps | centrifugal pump | fire fighting pump | electric pump and diesel pump
    Brindisi - ITALY
    ...for pickling process, phosphating, suction and depuration of acid and galvanizing fumes. Our Company, engaged since 23 years in the above mentioned field, is also involved in the design and construction of plants for the...
    Supplier of: galvanizing plant | Import-export - agents | plants and machinery for hot and spray galvanizing of metals
  • GIMA has been producing suction industrial use, since 1997. We develop and realize oil mist filter, wood mist filter, plants welding fumes, plasma and laser cutting plants, civil plants
    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | industrial ventilation systems | plants welding fumes
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