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  • Accredited materials testing and geotechnics workshop, that conducts load tests, EC marking of aggregates, structure surveillance, structural and compliance inspections on building materials. The...
    Supplier of: testing composite materials for building | building material analysis | tests on building materials | Non-destructive tests | Quality - certification
  • Established in 1989, Fire Testing Technology (FTT) was the first company in the world to specialise in the manufacture, supply and maintenance of reaction to fire testing instrumentation. FTT have...
    Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | testing composite materials for building | testing insulating materials | measurement instrument testing | fire
  • ChangDa Composite Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 2001, it is a comprehensive company that engaged in R&D, production and marketing of thermal insulation and ESD reinforced plastics. Changda is performing quality control,...
    Supplier of: Thermal insulation materials | durostone materials | solder pallet materials | fr4 epoxy fiberglass laminates sheet | 3021 phenolic bakelite sheet
  • ...innovative and comprehensive material testing systems for a wide range of industry sectors, including but not limited to: metals, composites, construction, automotive, aerospace, biomedical and as well as test labs in tension, compression, bend/flexure, shear, tear, peel, impact,...
    Supplier of: Testing equipment | universal testing machine | servo-hydraulic universal testing machine | compression testing machine
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  • ...part processing activities. Companies engaged in building molding, sintering, and finishing equipment, heat treat and temper, various plating finishes, post-production machining processes, tooling, gauge and fixture construction, raw...
    Supplier of: Sintering - steels and metals | powder metallurgy | fabricated metal products | friction material made from powdered metal | manufacturer of powdered metal components
  • ...curtain wall materials such as Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP), Aluminum Honeycomb Panel (AHP), PVDF coated Aluminum panel, enameld Aluminum panel, stone grain aluminum panel etc. With the developing and growing of Chinese aluminum curtain wall industry,...
    Supplier of: Import-export - construction and publics works | aluminium composite panel | alunimun curtain wall material
  • ...with the use of high-speed permanent magnet motors and structural composite materials. In many benchmark tests their units always outstrip the competition and is undisputed for its build quality and
    Supplier of: Industrial waste management | waste king disposal | waste disposers
  • ...of various pipe production lines and perfect testing equipment. Most of our products are exported to the Middle East, America, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Iran and Southeast Asian countries,...
    Supplier of: Bathroom installations - items for the disabled | pex al pex pipe | aluminum plastic pipe
  • Welcome to Form + Test Seidner Co. GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Come and speak to us!
    Supplier of: test instruments for building land | building material analysis | materials testing | machines for dynamic material testing | testing machines for construction materials
  • Over the years, the material testing laboratory Centro Controllo Materiali Edili srl has gradually extended its range of services, providing a growing number of tests in the areas of building...
    Supplier of: laboratory for building materials | material testing | Construction control | product quality certification | calibration check
  • Ultrasound, electromagnetic, penetrating liquid and radiography controls for companies and worksites. Civil engineering testing and diagnosis: non destructive tests on concrete civil buildings.
    Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | tests on building materials | non-destructive inspections | material control and analysis laboratories | testing and inspection of supporting pipes
  • Supplier of: building material analysis | tests on building materials | Teaching materials | Laboratories, technical and scientific - teaching materials | Roadlaying materials
  • The MPA NRW acts as a testing, monitoring and certification body, predominantly for customers from small- and medium-sized businesses and industry. We test, monitor and provide certification for the...
    Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | tests on building materials | radiation protection | gauges
  • A.R.CHI.MEDE is an analysis and consultancy firm in the fields of chemicals, industry and sales technology, and is recognised by many certifying organisations. We provide companies support and...
    Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | building materials test laboratories | Soil and water analysis | biological and microbiological analysis laboratories | accredited laboratories
  • Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | testing refractory materials | testing insulating materials | building materials test laboratories | traction load tests
  • We are manufacturer of metal composite materials for 18 years. Supplying aluminum composite panel, copper composite panel, stainless steel composite panel, titanium-zinc composite panel and honeycomb...
    Supplier of: metal composite materials manufacturer | Buildings, modular | aluminum composite panel
  • Supplier of: Building materials | composite materials with resins
    München - GERMANY
    Supplier of: Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment | Testing of products and materials | Electronic optic components | Medical and surgical instruments | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment
  • Supplier of: Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment | Testing of products and materials | terrace
  • Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | Building materials | ec marking
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