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  • Production of combination yarns and twines, as well as elastic Raschel knits: Single or double covered elastane yarns, with serving yarn made from filament fibres and/or staple fibres; Hamel...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | Threads, elastic | elastic threads | Threads and fabrics, elastic | cotton yarns
  • Founded in 1995, PROTEX new advanced textiles GmbH has become a reliable partner of the textile industry. Since then, we have continuously developed our products. Rooted in tradition and looking...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | polyester threads | weaving yarns | thermoplastic granulates | plastic yarns
  • With 17 years of experience, we supply the textile and metal processing industry across Europe. Our products are trusted by textile weavers, knitters, broad weavers, automotive suppliers, wire...
    Supplier of: Threads and yarns, artificial and synthetic | Threads, special | sub-contracting for the clothing industry | aluminium wire | wholesale yarns
  • Since 1950, the company Agea Gomma has specialised in the manufacture of elastics for the clothing, fitness and technologies sectors. Sitated at the company's registered office, which has grown to...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | Rubber products | Rubber - medical articles | crepe ribbons and rings for ready-made clothes | technical articles
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  • On thr market for over 40 years, Pinori Filati makes fantasy yarn for knitting, weaving and sewing. Its manufacturing range includes natural, noble, artificial and synthetic thread, as well as slub,...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | flax spun yarns and threads | cotton spun yarns and threads | carded yarn | silk yarns for hosiery
  • Braided cords for shoe stitching. Shoe laces. Braided cords for decoration. Manufacture and wholesale of shoe laces, slippers, sports clothes and jewellery.
    Supplier of: Threads, special | thread for laces | sewing thread | Leather and shoes - supplies and accessories | jewellery cords
  • OJSC "SvetlogorskKhimvolokno" has been put into operation in 1964 as an artificial fiber manufacturer. It is the major enterprise of the city. There are more than ten thousand workers from...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | Threads and yarns | Technical textiles | Fabrics, nonwoven | polyamide, polyester and nylon yarns
  • Supplier of: threaded spindles | threaded spindles for drive technology | Screw cutting - steels and metals
  • Supplier of: Threads, special | Hook-and-loop fasteners | Zip fasteners | spun yarns and sewing threads | hook and loop fasteners
  • Supplier of: Threads, special
  • Supplier of: Threads, special
  • ZhangJiaGang Prancy Dragon Textile Co., Ltd is a professional company who is mostly engaged in fancy yarn, wool yarn and hand knitting yarn. We have more than 10 years experience for exporting. With...
    Supplier of: Wool - threads and yarns | wool yarns | hand knitting yarn | fancy yarn | chenille yarn
  • FILTEC has been the specialist in development and production of technical textiles for more than 20 years - particularly for the high demands placed on filaments, sewing threads and fabrics in the...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | sewing thread | stainless steel woven fabric | high performance polymers
  • Quality – creativity – innovation. These are the distinguishing features of our yarns and the guidelines we have followed throughout the history of our company. Quality has been the top priority from...
    Supplier of: Cotton - threads and yarns | Threads, special | Threads and yarns | natural fibres | technical threads and fabrics
  • Kempas Yarn Co. Ltd is manufacturer of viscose yarn, bamboo yarn and viscose blended yarns in Turkey. We produce 100% viscose yarn, 100% Bamboo yarn and viscose blended yarns like visco-linen,...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | Threads and yarns, natural | Threads and yarns, artificial and synthetic | Threads and yarns | Textile - import-export
  • SUPRLABS invents and produces innovative fibers, filaments, yarns and textiles that enable innovative products for new and diverse markets. We have invented new ways to metalize (silver, …) textile...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | silver yarns | silver fabric | silver fiber
  • Dynatex S.A. is a technological and innovative company, active in the niche field of technical textiles. It is part of a large Belgian textile group based in Mouscron. Dynatex is the first company in...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | Technical textiles | steel wires
  • KALETEKS Textile., ltd here, we have a professional factory specilized in producing 100% acrylic regenerated yarn with more than 50 years’experience. We sell our products to Indonesia, Pakistan,...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | 100% acrylic yarn | yarn | recyled yarn | yarn mix polyester
  • PTC «Khimvolokno» JSC «Grodno Azot» is a large manufacturer of nylon and polyester yarns and fibres, as well as polyamide 6 (PA 6) virgin and PA 6-sbased composite material. Each of the main types of...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | Threads and yarns | Technical textiles | polyamide, polyester and nylon yarns | polyamide spun yarns and threads
  • E.F. For over 20 years, A. Kümpers has produced high-performance textiles in line with market requirements. Our products include: • Cotton fabrics • viscose fabrics • fabrics for technical use • raw...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | Fabrics for technical use | viscose fabrics | raw fabric | wool and animal hair blend spun yarns and threads
  • Beautiful Baker’s Twine is made in England by the sole UK manufacturer of cotton baker’s twine, James Lever 1856. James Lever is a family run business now in its sixth generation and have been...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | bakers twines | bakers twine manufacturers
  • We are professional bag sewing thread manufacture in China since 1987 , we have almost 40% market share in China . bag sewing thread made by our company have very high quality , The thread model we...
    Supplier of: Threads, special | bag sewing machine | bag sewing thread
  • Producing and selling threads
    Supplier of: Threads, special | sewing threads | artificial and synthetic spun yarns and sewing threads | spun yarns | technical threads and fabrics
  • We are producer and exporter of Chenille Yarn , Textured polyester ATY , Spandex Covered yarn and DTY Polyester Yarn in Turkey ,
    Supplier of: Threads, special | custom order accepted | spandex covered yarn single or double
  • m, processing the raw natural rubber material into a rounded elastic thread with modern technology
    Supplier of: Threads, special | rubber thread | elastic rubber bands
    Mohammedia - MOROCCO
    spun polyester120755036poly polypoly cottoncountinious filamentcottonrayon embroderypolyester embrodery
    Supplier of: Threads, special
    Leon Guanajuato - MEXICO
    we produce thread of backstitch for make shoes high quality and excellent price
    Supplier of: Threads, special | thread counter | thread shoes
  • Supplier of: Threads, special | sewing threads
  • Supplier of: Linen - threads and yarns | Threads and yarns | Cotton - threads and yarns | Threads, special | sewing threads
  • Supplier of: Silk - threads and yarns | Threads and yarns, artificial and synthetic | Threads, special | Threads, elastic | Textile fibres, natural
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