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  • Legnoquattro is a modern company which provides the following services: wood bleaching to eliminate stains and differences in colour, colouring to give the cut wood continuity, seasoning, drawing for...
    Supplier of: Veneers | veneering | wood veneers | manufacture of stained wooden veneers | manufacture of stained wooden veneers
  • Wooden panels, veneers, plywood, import-export, natural wooden sheets and panels. Veneers and plywood.
    Supplier of: Veneers | veneered wood | fine wood veneer | Panels, wood | Panels, chipboard
  • We manufacture poplar and pine plywood panels with an annual production of 30 000 m3 for the farming and industrial markets. We cut to order. Wood panels | poplar plywood panels | pine plywood panels...
    Supplier of: Panels, veneered and plywood | veneering | wood veneering | laminated wood for veneering | Panels, wood
  • Specializing in making wooden sashes, frameworks and fences, wood assemblies, wood shaving litter and goods transport. We also make other types of products: jointed wood, using finger-jointing,...
    Supplier of: Veneers | Wood chips and sawdust | wooden sashes | wooden fences | wooden doors
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  • Supplier of: Veneers
  • Supplier of: Veneers | veneer products | veneer layons | Wood - semi-finished products
  • Supplier of: Veneers
  • Supplier of: Veneers | cut timber | oak timber
  • Goddon Wood is a manufacturer of Burma teak products with over 20 years expertise. Our main products are Burma teak lamella, solid wood flooring, outdoor decking, yacht decking and sawn timber. Since...
    Supplier of: Veneers | burma teak lamella | burma teak decking | burma teak solid flooring | burma teak outdoor decking
  • Manufacturer of PVC profiles: windowstools and PVC chamber window sills. In addition, galvanized and aluminum exterior window sills, agglomarble, softline, window sills blinds and window anchors and...
    Supplier of: Windows | plastic window profiles
    Galich - UKRAINE
    ...UA is a Ukrainian rotary cut beech and birch veneer producer. We manufacture veneers of 1, 0-2, 6 thicknesses of different length and width suitable for the client. We can offer veneer of different grades - ABCD...
    Supplier of: Veneers | veneers | beech | rotary | peeled
  • Plexwood is an interior design veneer, composed of end grain wood and with the grain veneer, which give the product a clear linear structure.
    Supplier of: Veneers | wooden flooring | wood panels
  • Company "Plyterra" is one of the most reliable and experienced manufacturers of plywood in Russia. We manufacture different types of plywood, including MR and WBP raw plywood, special plywood for...
    Supplier of: Veneers | exterior birch plywood | fire-retardant plywood | film-faced plywood
  • ...activity is the production and sale of sliced veneer of Ukrainian breed. We are happy to welcome everyone who is interested in mutually beneficial cooperation on condition of confidence and decency...
    Supplier of: Veneers | veneers | wood veneers | oak veneer | wood
  • Fab smile veneers offer a stay at home kit for clip in veneers that's right no dentist required! Our veneers can be moulded to a perfect fit for your teeth to cover up those broken, clipped or crooked teeth. Get your clip in...
    Supplier of: Veneers | clip in veneers | clip on veneers | natural looking veneers | hollywood smile
  • We utilise a unique method for manufacturing through-dyed birch veneer, reconstituted birch veneer and laminated blanks.
    Supplier of: Veneers | reconstituted veneers | dyed veneers | laminated wood | laminated blank
    Hope Valley - UNITED KINGDOM
    We are specialist suppliers of lightweight and flexible, 100% natural, stone veneers.
    Supplier of: veneer | Floors, computer room | tiles | wall | flooring
  • SLICED WOOD VENEER! Our company manufactures sliced trimmed veneer of the following species of wood: oak, ash (white and colored). Produced veneer has a thickness — 0.56 mm and a length from 0.7 m to 4 m....
    Supplier of: Veneers | veneers | veneer products | oak veneer | ash veneer
    Lugoj - ROMANIA
    Aesthetic veneer producers, based in Romania, offers from its permanent stock, a variety of essences in different thickness and length. We produce and market veneer made out of European essences; personally...
    Supplier of: Veneers | veneer for panels plywood doors and furniture | top quality venner | hand picked logs for high quality finish
  • MicroWOOD® veneer distinguishes itself from other veneers: as thin as a sheet of paper, printable and highly flexible. The possibilities are endless with this veneer.
    Supplier of: Veneers | microwood® veneer | paper
  • We manufacture & supply Okomue Veneer of 0.2 to - 3 mm thickness with A, B, C, D gradation as per industry standards. With the help of our well trained, skilled labor we assure you to deliver the best quality face veneer &...
    Supplier of: Veneers | manufacturing of rotary cut veneer of okoume from gabon | face veneer of okoume
  • ...of hardwoods that provide beautiful decorative veneers. Our projects have included collaborating with fine Furniture designers, the Automotive and Aircraft industries, Marine designers and Architects matching their vision with our expertise...
    Supplier of: Veneers | wood veneering | veneer products
  • FLYHIGH Wood Industry Co., Ltd is an integrated professional enterprise mainly committed to wood-based materials manufacturing and Imp.&Exp. The company is located in Zhejiang province, neighbor with...
    Supplier of: Panels, veneered and plywood | veneer | plywood
  • ...'' Ltd. manufactures and sells natural wood veneer ( beech, oak, walnut, cherry, sapele are always in stock and other types of wood under certain orders ) in the domestic market of Turkey. (lengthwise sliced...
    Supplier of: Veneers | veneer manufacture
  • GRIGO Bog Oak veneers, lamella, plans and boards are being produced under a unique patent pending, 100% environmentally friendly technology - and letting us in much shorter period of time (from one...
    Supplier of: Veneers | bog oak veneers
  • Patients across Manchester, Cheshire and Hale come to Butterfly Dental Care Ltd for dental services ranging from a check up to cosmetic contouring. We have a reputation which is enviable in the...
    Supplier of: veneers | Dentistry - apparatus and equipment | cosmetic dentistry | dental implants | teeth straightening
  • KG is a world leading supplier of premium-finish wrapping veneers and veneer edges. Our products include: Veneer edges, veneers, fixed-length veneer, thick-cut veneers, special veneers
    Supplier of: Veneers | veneer products | wood veneers | veneered wood | wood
  • Woodplus sets a model among manufacturing companies by exclusively undertaking the stabling and commerce of veneers androots (burls).
    Supplier of: Veneers | marquetry | inlays | corbels | wooden accessories
  • We at R.Ulrich have felt at home in the veneer trade since 1938, and today we offer a whole range of services that leaves nothing to be desired. We are also a founding member of the IVC (International Veneer Company). Our products:...
    Supplier of: Veneers | veneer products | Wood - semi-finished products | fine woods | wooden tables
    Moscow - RUSSIA
    We produce machines for veneer and plywood manufacture. We offer veneer and plywood for sale. Veneer size 1600x1600x1.5mm, 1430x2860x1.5mm, 2860x1430x1.5mm, 1600x3200x1.5mm
    Supplier of: Panels, veneered and plywood | veneer | plywood veneer | peeled veneer | birch
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