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  • PICCINI is the story of a family, four generations who have passed on their values as well as their knowledge and love of wine. PICCINI is a company rooted in its territory and local Tuscan...
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  • The organic wine cellar “Masseria Vigne Vecchie” was set up in 2005 as a cooperative at Solopaca, Campania. Its 14 hectares of land put organic farming first. Its range of Samnes wines vindicates its...
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  • ...sulphites as far as possible. This means that fermentation in closed tanks takes as long as necessary to obtain a sparkling wine characterised by its elegance and tiny bubbles which give the palate 100% of the taste.
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  • ...Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi; We also sell others wines from the Marche region, notably Passerina, Rosso Piceno, Lacrima and other AOC and IGT wines. We also carry a range of brut and sweet sparkling wines.
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  • At Antica Tenuta del Nanfro, 37 of its 49 hectares are devoted to growing grape vines. The company is situated within the long-established Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG production area, where vines have...
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  • Rossovermiglio was founded in the Sannio region by the Verlingieri family to continue our centuries-old winemaking heritage. Our vineyards are ideally located and part of the family's tradition of...
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  • LIGAPAL designs, manufactures and markets innovative products used in French vineyards and over a dozen other major wine producing countries. We provide vine-tie pliers, disgorging wrenches, ties,...
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  • Italian brand Luvit & Lumoè is the perfect choice for celebrating the most important moments in your life. Italian brand Luvit & Lumoè proposes a selection of exclusive Italian wines that represent...
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  • ...classified grand cru wines - a range of sparkling wines - a 100% customisable wine-making service, to order. The team at GRANDS VINS DE GIRONDE can meet all your needs for Bordeaux and other wines, still or sparkling, both in France and...
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  • ...cellars, then sparkling wine production in closed vats. Production on the estate and wine tasting. For three generations the Liessi family, perched at the top of the Mire hills in the commune of Refrontolo, has been...
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  • The "Castello di Roncade" is one of the most characteristic symbols of rural culture in Veneto society. It is situated in a welcoming, sunny village near Treviso, and just minutes away from the...
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  • about 800000 bottles, divided between sparkling prosecco, the classic glass of wine that can be sipped on any occasion and at any time of the day and the Ruralia sparkling prosecco, a prosecco obtained by...
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  • AtlanteExport is a network made up of manifold companies in the agri-food sector niche "Made in Italy" organized by means of a flexible structure that ensures reliability, expertise and technology to...
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  • We are proud to produce only high quality of Prosecco guaranteeing the quality and origin of the wine (DOC). The Controlled Designation of Origin, known as the acronym DOC, is a brand of Italian...
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  • ...and estate bottling of premium quality wines. Our wide range of product include sparkling, white and red wines made with local varieties and international grapes, including Prosecco and Pinot Grigio.
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  • Tenuta Merolla is located in the hilly part of the province of Benevento in area Melizzano, one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of production of Sannio. Traditional local grape varieties...
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    Toronto - CANADA
    ...for the importation of their sparkling wines abroad for large scale distribution in the huge West African wine market in Nigeria. Wineries should kindly contact us and email catalog and best most competitive price list of...
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  • Wine-growers through the generations, our desire is to transform our grapes and to bottle a product that reflects who we are. A wine that pools the age-old experience of our family in grape growing...
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  • ...particularly suited to producing red, white and sparkling wines according to the classic Franciacorta method, with a particular taste and strength due to their optimum exposure to the sun, essential for growing good...
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  • Cantina Sociale del Chianti e Chianti Classico is located at Poggibonsi, in Siena province. Cantina Sociale del Chianti e Chianti Classico sells the wines from its own production directly, produced...
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  • ESTAA Ltd is an importer, exporter, distributor and whole seller of a complete range of branded food and non-food products all over the world. Our capable, seasoned team builds of expertise in...
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  • ...ruby-coloured sparkling or semi-sparkling red wine, must be served between 12 to 14°C to get the best from its fragrances and bouquet; originally from Modena it is now enjoyed all over the world.
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  • "Minsk plant of sparkling wine" is considered to be the flagship of the wine industry in Belarus and one of the best among similar enterprises of the CIS. The company produces high-quality champagne, sparkling, wines, and throughout...
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    Loazzolo - ITALY
    Production, sale and exporting of the highest quality sparkling wines. The classical method and natural vinification is a process of producing our sparkling wines.
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