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  • LR DISTRIBUTION is a company that specializes in textiles. We import and export styles of jeans across the whole of Europe. We market high quality men's and women's jeans for you. Our jeans...
    Supplier of: women's clothing | women's jeans | women's pants | Textile - import-export | Clothing - import-export
  • LARAH CREATEUR is your manufacturer/wholesaler of women's clothing specialised in medium and large sizes. Located in the heart of the wholesalers' district, we invite you to come and discover our regular collections...
    Supplier of: women's clothing | manufacturer of large size women's clothing | creator of large women's clothing collections | french made women's clothing manufacture | white label women's clothing collection
  • Specialist in 100% cotton sponge fabric items, MPM TEXTILES HAIRDRESSERS CLOTHING & PROMOTIONAL TEXTILES manufactures advertising and professional textiles for merchandising, advertising gifts,...
    Supplier of: Commercial and industrial linen | textiles for hotels | waffle bathrobes | spa bathrobes | capes for hairdressers
  • fashion garments. Choose from mens, womens and even kids clothing. Founded in 1967 and headquartered in Manchester, we've become a fashion phenomenon and a successful suppliers of high fashion in the...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women's wear | Clothing - import-export | Clothes, men's | Childrenswear
  • Can you see this? Your potential clients can too But they can't find you, even though you're the leader in your field! Boost your visibility with EUROPAGES
  • Volcar creates collections from the designs of the best-known designers, at Brendola (VI), via Cantarella. Most of our collections are based on the designs of the greatest fashion stylists. In our...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women clothes manufacturing | women's high fashion | women's wear | packaging
  • Radical Chic is a Russian brand of accessories and clothing made from natural materials - silk, wool and cashmere. Each Radical Chic scarf is a new sharp look at familiar things, it is a pleasure...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women's clothing | women's fashion accessories | women's scarves | women's wear
  • a wide range of women's off-the-peg clothing with unique trendy and colourful garments, and also timeless fashion such as jackets and jeans. You can discover our selection of skirts, dresses and trousers and jumpsuits and...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women's coveralls | women's skirts | women's pants | women's jackets
  • Canoe is the russian leader in the production of premium knitwear. The company has been operating in the CIS and European markets for over 25 years. The volume of production is 600, 000 units....
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | caps for women | women's caps | women's fashion accessories | women's knitted garments
  • ...includes leggings. We provide sizes for adult women and children. We have a very wide range of styles, patterns and colours, so they can match almost any outfit. The clothes are made of high-quality materials that allow...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | producer of leggings | classic leggings | three-quarter-length leggings | leggings with lace along the leg
  • Whether agency, industry or private; Large or small batches, shirts for school leavers/graduates or workwear, promotional items or merchandising, tour support or collection, casual wear or your own...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | Textile finishing | Clothes, men's | Clothes, children's and baby | Silk-screen printing
  • ...for export, mainly to Africa. We provide men's, women's and children's clothing, house linen, 1st or 2nd choice summer or winter packed in original or sorted 45kg waterproof balls for 20 or 40 feet containers. We...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women's clothing | women's wear | Clothes - second-hand | Childrenswear
  • Come and discover our upcoming e-business giants and pioneer site, broadcast your firm on our platform, add your goods, manage your orders and stocks at no cost. You can advertise or purchase all...
    Supplier of: women's clothing | women footwear | E-business - services | Bicycles | Laptops
  • ...sense of fashion, wide combination range of clothes and accessories make the trade mark "Roze" exclusive. Every "Roze" collection has its own history, new approach to fashion and clothes in general. A garment for woman...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women's clothing | women clothes manufacturing | women's jackets | women's wear
  • When set up in the mid-1980s, Miss Naikè was a small craft production company. In just a few years, the company developed from a small craft company to a genuine industry. At the dawn of the new...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women clothes manufacturing | women's wear | women's high fashion | women's fashion accessories
  • ...material and tight cuts. Fancy something a bit more unusual? Latex guys, BDSMers, doms and subs can find exciting fetish clothing perfect for their next roleplay in our ORION erotic store. Dildos, vibrators and more!
    Supplier of: women's clothing | women's clothing | women's tights | women's lingerie sets | Electronic books
  • ...enables it to provide a particular niche clientele with an exclusive service ranging from prototype designs to the manufacture of clothing lines for men and women, particularly trousers and skirts.
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women's wear | women's pants | women's jackets | made-to-measure garments
  • ...founded in 1999 at Brescia, is a wholesaler for women's clothing that trades under the #MYASTREET@ brand. Our 20 years of experience have enabled us to hone special intuition to identify the trends that...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women clothes manufacturing | direct sale of women's clothing | women's clothing wholesaler | women's outfits
  • For almost 20 years, Yehwang has been supplying trendy jewelry, clothing and accessories to over 20, 000 customers in over 50 countries worldwide. Nationally and internationally known stores and...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women clothes manufacturing | women's fashion accessories | women's scarves | Import-export - jewellery, precious stones, watches and clocks
  • ...clothes from European suppliers for men/women/kids; as well as home textile and bric-a-brac by bulk. Our warehouse (5000 sq.m.) is located in Riga, Latvia - Snikeres iela 23. We seek to build and sustain a...
    Supplier of: women's clothing | Clothes - second-hand | clothes stocks | used clothing | clothing export
  • ...7 million items of clothing and footwear, from Europe's biggest brands, for men, women and children. All items are available direct from our warehouses, and clients are free to visit by appointment.
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | wholesale clothing | branded clothing | undergarment stock | children's clothes stock
  • Gruppo Gama srl, is a long-standing firm based in Campania, that works as a contract manufacturer of men's and women's trousers. The firm's structure has an establishment equipped with modern...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women clothes manufacturing | women's pants | pants | men's pants
    Vitulazio - ITALY
    In Vitulazio (Caserta province) Indumenti Usati Fratelli Brisciano has for over 50 years guaranteed the quality of its second-hand men's, women's and children's clothing.
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | Clothes - second-hand | Clothes, men's | used clothing | reclaimed knitwear
  • ...trends. Our fashion items will help retailers to distinguish themselves from other shops. So please visit our webshop to see our large collection of trendy Korean women fashion, Korean children fashion and more.
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women's wear | korean women fashion | women's fashion | Childrenswear
  • Since 1982 Parocas has been synonymous with fashion, style, elegance and quality. Our long experience in the knitwear sector helps us to select the best clothes for our clients. Padova's Centro...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women's coats | women's high fashion | women's jackets | women's knitted hosiery
  • ...province ) has grown year by year to emerge as one of the leaders of high-end fashion. The company makes haute couture women's clothes, pullovers, skirts, capes, knitwear, jackets and fabrics.
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women's high fashion | women's sweaters | jackets | knitwear factory
    Castelfiorentino - ITALY
    Lorenzo and Bruno Pucci created the L.P. label in 1972. The brand story starts with the idea of a femininity that expresses a powerful identity, retaining an elegance as fashions change. Exemplary...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women's wear | women's skirts | women's pants | jeans for women
  • JSC Artknita provides garment manufacturing service. Our company manufactures light outerwear garments of natural fibers: linen, cotton and wool. Our garments are exported to USA, Denmark, Great...
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | women clothes manufacturing | women's jackets | Import-export - textile and clothing | Ladies' formal wear
  • Spanish manufacturer of men's and women's outer garments. Quality and design in parkas, gabardines, coats and jackets.
    Supplier of: Clothes, women's | Ready-to-wear | coats | long jackets | men's clothing
  • Supplier of: Clothes, women's
  • Supplier of: Clothes, women's | Clothes, children's and baby | baby sleep sacks
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