yarn winding
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  • Supplier of: yarn winding | Copper wires and cables | Strapping, metal | strings | washers
  • R.T.B.
    Torrebelvicino - ITALY
    Supplier of: yarn winding | spooling and hank to cone winding yarns | Wool - threads and yarns
  • ...Twisters for Cross Winded Packages, Ply Yarn Twisters for Pre-Twisting the yarn/tape, Multi Spindle Bobbin Winders for Single Yarnwinding for Fishing Net Industries, Re-winder, Cone to Bobbin...
    Supplier of: Extrusion, plastics - machinery | extruded plastic lines | machines and equipment for rope making | extrusion lines for pet monofilament
  • ...cores, plastic spools). Our products include: Yarn carriers, plastic lap spools, plastic winding tubes, yarn spools for the textile industry, plastic spools, bobbins, winding tubes made from glass-fibre...
    Supplier of: Spooling and reeling machines | bobbins
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  • Weber Textilveredelungs GmbH is a reputable company in the textile processing industry and is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. We produce our own refined products as well as...
    Supplier of: winding machinery for yarn | wool yarns | dyeing of yarns | yarn refinement | hank yarn
  • Ningbo Credit Ocean Machinery & Electron Co., Ltd., founded in 2007 and located in the modernized international port city of Ningbo, China. We manufactures 3000 SETS high speed braiding machines and...
    Supplier of: Textiles - preparation, spinning and weaving machinery | Twisting and spinning - machinery and equipment | Weaving - machinery and equipment | Textiles - finishing, printing and dyeing machinery | Fabric printing - machinery and equipment
  • Supplier of: machines and equipment for winding, spooling and reeling yarn | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Steels and metals - machining | reconditioning of machines and equipment | rolling
  • Supplier of: machines and equipment for winding, spooling and reeling yarn | Spooling and reeling machines | winding machinery for sewing thread | winding machinery for technical threads
    Gaziantep - TURKEY
    Supplier of: spooling and hank to cone winding yarns | carded yarn | Used machines and equipment | machines and equipment for combing and carding cotton | machines and equipment for spinning and twisting
  • Supplier of: spooling and hank to cone winding yarns | Wool - threads and yarns | sewing threads
    Inverigo - ITALY
    Supplier of: spooling and hank to cone winding yarns | Silk - threads and yarns
  • ...advanced equipment such as four full-automatic winding machines, four imported automatic high-temperature scouring and bleaching drying lines, full-automatic gauze swab folding machine, washing dryer,...
    Supplier of: Bandages and dressings | Hospital and medical services | Baby-care products | dusters | bathroom towelling
  • ...for microfiber, fiber optics, medicine. From yarn, glass fiber, copper wire, plastic optical fiber. It replaces costly and delicate dancer units and is a special feature of our winding technology. All solutions,...
    Supplier of: winding | Electrical winding | fibre optic winders | winding machines | spool winders for metal wire
  • ...... In twisting yarns we use technologies like Savio , Allma , Saurer , SSM , RIte ... , in winding is also possible waxing with lubtex or sample paraffin wax. We do high quality threads and yarns for good satisfaction in work.
    Supplier of: Threads and yarns | cotton yarn | jute yarn | polyester yarn | bag sewing thread
  • ...manufacturers and suppliers of plied glass yarns, narrow woven fabrics and other textile materials. MULTIPLE WINDING has been servicing a wide range of industrial markets and global product ranges with textile yarns, woven fabrics and...
    Supplier of: Threads and yarns | plied yarns and twisted yarns | Fibres, artificial and synthetic | multi-end wound yarns | narrow fabric weaving
  • ...colors. 4.Electronically cleaned and spliced. 5.Winded on cones - packed upon your request 6.1 , 2 , 3 , 4 plies Flax Twines •Range Count from NM 0.20 (Lea 0.33) up to NM 6 (Lea 10) 1.Single & Twisted up to 6 ply. 2.Wet spun linen...
    Supplier of: linen yarns | Commercial and industrial linen | hemp linen | flax twines | flax spun yarn
  • ...Trutzschler Cer, Marzoli Wicks, Marzoli Rings Winding machines and Murata production is done. Our Saviour Folding Folding - business and Volkmann Twisting Twisting machines and 4-ply yarn is produced with a 2.3. And...
    Supplier of: dyed yarns | Cotton - threads and yarns | pamuk | sunni ve sentetik lifler ve iplikler | dyed yarns cotton colour
  • ...namely cotton, polyester, viscose, linnen, wool, silk and blends... With a large capacity of winding and dyeing machines that cover weights from 5 to 1148 Kgs, and a capacity of cloise to 20 tons a day.
    Supplier of: Threads and yarns | yarn dyeing bleaching finishing in several qualities | qualified professionals and cutting hedge technology | environment certifications such as iso oekotex gots step
  • ...colors.* Electronically cleaned and spliced.* Winded on 6" cones - packed as needed.* 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 plies----------------------- 2 -Dry thickness spun yarn * Range count: NM 0.20 (Lea 0.33) up to NM 2.5 (Lea 4)* Polished & Unpolished* Balls...
    Supplier of: flax yarn | Linen - threads and yarns | flax linen yarn
    ...treasure is we adopt PrimaLoft high performance yarn on headwear that creates ultimate comfort as following: Excellent warmth and Superior Softness Fast Dry Rate Enhanced Durability Quick Draw Technology...
    Supplier of: Cycling, clothing | multifunctional headwear | multifunctional buff
  • ...such as various kinds of FRP, pipes, blades of wind power turbines, environmental protection facilities, pressure containers, chemical storage cans, military aspects, sanitation wares, electrical, vessels,...
    Supplier of: Glass fibre and wool | fiberglass | cloth
  • ...the products itself, we also provide professional service on FRP, GRC, RTM, Pultrusion, Filament winding and Spray processings.we hope our product and service can help you expand your business rapidly.
    Supplier of: Glass fibre and wool
  • ...roving and other multi-end roving, High silica yarn, high silica rope, silica wick for e-cigarette, high silica braided insulation sleeve, Ekowool, high silica thermal resistance tape, cloth, etc..
    Supplier of: Glass fibre and wool
  • ...from 300 to 4000 Denier. The Yarns are produced on straight lift bobbins (bobbin’s size 300 mm*75 mm*86 mm) cross winding with final diameter 250 mm ( it’s possible to reduce bobbin’s diameter at Buyer’s desire).
    Supplier of: Technical textiles for industrial applications | polypropylene multifilament yarns | yarns for big bags sacks | polypropylene yarns for technical textile | ht fdy polypropylene yarns
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