grain refiner aluminium titanium boron wire alti5b1
aluminium grain refiner titanium boron alti5b1 wire/rods, mg99.9% for remelting -  MINDO METAL CO., LTD.


Grain refiner AlTi5B1, AlTi3B1, AlTi5B0.2 in 9.5mm dia. coiled rod or cut rod 0.5m/ 1m Coils: 180-220kg/coil, 3 coils/pallet, The grain refinement is an essential process in the aluminium casting industry Al-Si foundry alloys, aluminum extrusion billets etc, 5%Titanium-1%Boron-Aluminium is to maintain product consistency and quality, finer and more uniform grain structures.

Aluminium and aluminium alloys
alti5b1 -  titanio boro altibor -  grain refiner aluminium boron titanium - 
Yulin city, SHAANXI, CHINA 719319 Shenmu
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