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Waste and recyclables collection boxes - within little space -  GRUBER SYSTEME HORST GRUBER


oecomodul systems allow you to organize the separation and collection of waste and recyclables simply and cost-effective. Whether in the office, kitchen, cafeteria, in administration facilities, in hospital, in industry or in private household, we can compose solutions for any place and need. The main advantage lies in the flexibility and variability: the set can be adjusted in size and content according to any need. The modules are delivered ready-made in standing, mobile, and fixed version or for wall fastening.The cap colours available (blue, brown, grey, yellow, red, green) make it easy to optically distinguish the several contents. The inside buckets can be removed, emptied and cleaned easily. The modules contain either 15 L inside buckets or 30 L inclining buckets in the double width. The building set principle allows the most various combinations which can be changed back at any time.

Dustbins, waste bins
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