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The emergency order telegraph system allows the bridge and engine room to communicate with one another quickly and reliably in case of an emergency. An order is transmitted from the bridge to the engine room at the touch of a button, where it is then signalled visually and acoustically on one or more telegraphs. The staff in the engine room need to acknowledge the order to make the visual and acoustic alarm stop. Up to 12 telegraphs can be integrated in one system. Each telegraph is equipped with 11 illuminated order buttons and an integrated buzzer. Furthermore, other functions, such as changing over between two telegraph systems, "wrong-way alarm" or the activation of external alarm indicators, can be integrated, too. The emergency order telegraph system is flexible and scalable, meaning it is suitable for small applications with just two devices (e.g. bridge and in engine room) right up to large installations with several systems (multiple bridges and engine rooms).

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