semi-foam plastic moulding
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  • JR Purtec produces innovative moulded parts that are used in the automotive industry, public transport, medicine, office and home furnishings and sport and leisure. Ever since it was founded (in 1971...
    Supplier of: moulded polyurethane parts from integral semi-rigid foam | moulded polyurethane parts made of integral foam | moulded polyurethane foam parts | moulded polyurethane parts made from energy-absorbing foam | Plastics - industrial products
  • iMed is an expert supplier of technical precision parts and assemblies made from plastic in small-, medium- and large-scale series for use in key industries. As a system supplier, iMed can look back...
    Supplier of: injection moulds for plastics | thermoplastic foam cast parts (tfc plastic parts) | Moulds and patterns | Hand tools, non-power | Portable power tools
  • HODA, UAB privately owned Lithuanian capital company, one of the biggest plastic injection moulders in Baltic states with 5400 m² area of production plant and 3500 m² of warehousing facilities. At...
    Supplier of: Plastics moulding | semi-finished plastic products | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Plastics - industrial products
  • Supplier of: Plastics moulding | plastics - semi-finished products | Plastics - industrial products | plastic injection | moulds
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  • In the drive for all-out quality in the design, production and assembly of modern engineering plastics components, few companies come close to Hydrovern. Design The very best in traditional...
    Supplier of: Reinforced plastics - moulding | Plastics - semi-finished products | Plastic products for engineering | Plastics - machines and material for industry | Plastics - industrial products
    Höpfingen - GERMANY
    Supplier of: Plastics - semi-finished products | Foams, rubber and plastic | Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic | Plastics - construction industry | Plastics - industrial products
    Kleve - GERMANY
    Supplier of: Plastics - semi-finished products | Foams, rubber and plastic | Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment | Punching machines, plastic | Plastics - industrial products
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