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  • For the past 3 generations, MONINI has meticulously selected oils from the finest growing regions of Italy and the Mediterranean basin, bottling and selling an extra virgin olive oil that is of a...
    Supplier of: aromatic soil | Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | oil presses | olive oil
  • The Sallemi family has been producing olive oil uninterruptedly applying the same levels of reliability, honesty and professionalism since 1873. In 1999, Raffaele Sallemi first introduced the oil it...
    Supplier of: aromatic soil | Olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | oil presses | oil-mills
  • Founded in 1880, the company Oleificio Gulino is one of the oldest and most prestigious oil producers in Italy and, over the years, has received more than 100 national and international awards. The...
    Supplier of: aromatic soil | Olive oil | Tinned Foods | extra virgin olive oil | nero d'avola
  • Family tradition passed on from generation to generation. The Corneli family has been working for over 40 years in the oil sector, producing quality extra-virgin oil, with the professionalism and...
    Supplier of: aromatic soil | Olive oil | own production | extra virgin olive oil | biological oils
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  • Supplier of: aromatic soil | Dietary and organic foods | Grains, livestock and poultry
  • Supplier of: aromatic soil | Gastronomic specialties | liquors | marmalades
  • Supplier of: aromatic soil | Foods, gourmet | marinade | spices for food | sauces and seasonings
  • Supplier of: aromatic soil | Olive oil | porcino mushroom (edible boletus) | mushroom pate
  • Supplier of: aromatic soil | Olive oil | extra virgin oil
  • Sustainable products – naturally for wood. We are forward thinkers who develop products that are of the highest quality and as environmentally friendly as possible. We have a complete range of...
    Supplier of: Paints and varnishes | Oils, industrial | Shellac | natural colours | stain removal
  • ...Adramitiani, Kolovi Sunny climate and ideal soil conditions Light Taste & Easily digestible Local area compost from sea weeds, grapes and other organic farm by products Golden-Yellow color Dark Glass bottle...
    Supplier of: Foods, health | extra virgin organic olive oil | greek olive oil extra virgin | organic honey | dried tomatoes
  • ...of 40, 80 & 250 gr.Ideal climatological and soil conditions in our area, allow us high quality aromatic and healing herbs production.Herbs, Aromatic Plants, Oregano, Mountain Tea, Sage, Bay Leaves, Chamomile, Parsley,...
    Supplier of: aromatic herbs | Plants and herbs, medicinal | oregano | mountain tea | sage
  • We are a leading Egyptian company in the field of natural herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants. Both soil and plant samples are continuously examined annually by inspection organizations.
    Supplier of: Herbs and plants for cooking | plants and herbs-medicinal | exporting herbs - spice and seeds | hibiscus-fennel-sesame-spearmint-calendula | chamomile-peppermint-cumin- dried lemon
  • ...environment, and that generates healthy soil and health food. Our products include medicinal herbs & aromatic plants, flavorful spices & bulbs, protein-rich seeds & pulses, and bird & animal feed.
    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | herbs | seeds | spices | pulses
    ...plants and aromatic herbs that started in the region of north-east Croatia in 2005. The quality of the products is guaranteed by two control houses: Austria Bio Garantie and Soil Association London.
    Supplier of: Organic food | organic food manufacturing and trade | organic cold pressed oils and nut butters | seed pressing and private label services
  • Big Cork Vineyards idyllic microclimate and fertile soil yield smaller grapes with more concentrated fruits, resulting in more flavorful and aromatic wines.
    Supplier of: Wines | virginia wineries | wineries in virginia
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