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  • Terme Quartz International produces: quartz, UV, IR, ozone, xenon and krypton lamps, for the beauty, ecology, water treatment, sterilisation and chemical industries.
    Supplier of: bactericides | Light bulbs | pesticide lamps | halogen lamp | anionic lamps
  • Supplier of: bactericides | Disinfectants, non-medical | Disinfection and sterilisation services | chemical work environment analyses | fungicides
  • A long tradition in the fields of chemicals and water treatment facility management has enabled FACCI SERVICE SRL to consolidate its image both in Italy and abroad. We are seen as both serious and...
    Supplier of: bactericides for water treatment | Water purification services | antacids | water quality analysers | magnetic limescale-removal treatments
  • Since its founding in 1967 JULABO has consistently set new standards for high-performance and reliable temperature control systems. Today JULABO is an industry leader. We have played a significant...
    Supplier of: Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - temperature | apparatus for pharmaceutical laboratories | thermostats | thermoregulators | thermoregulators, electronic
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  • PRODUCTS CONTAINING PROPOLIS AND MEDICINAL HERBS - including Proherbis, natural product that has proven bactericidal effect against Helicobacter Pylori, bacteria that causes stomach ulcer.
    Supplier of: Food supplements | royal jelly | honey and propolis | vitamin supplements | natural cosmetic products
  • Supplier of: fungicides and bactericides | Products - phytosanitary | Crop planting and protection | Insecticides | manufacturer of natural insecticide
  • Supplier of: fungicides and bactericides | Natural fertilizers
  • Supplier of: fungicides and bactericides | Insecticides | cereals
  • Try our range of Craftex bactericidal deodoriser now.
    Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, household | carpet cleaning products | cleaning products dublin | bathroom cleaning products | kitchen cleaning products
  • ...polymers, corrosion and scale inhibitor, bactericidal algicide, cleaning and pretreatment filming agent, corrosion inhibitor, closed system corrosion inhibitor, defoamer, flocculant, reverse...
    Supplier of: Water treatment products | cooling water treatment | water treatment chemical | flocculant | water solution
  • Bactericidal, fungicidal, fragrance free, and taint free.
    Supplier of: Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment | antimicrobial | fungicidal | disinfection | decontamination
  • The outstanding skin compatibility, combined with a fast bactericidal activity, allows a time-saving application.
    Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | medical disinfection for hand or body | 30 second activation no water required | german award winning product of 2016
    Zaozhuang City,shandong Province - CHINA
    ...dispersant: , eg: PAA, PAAS, HPMA, MA-AA etc 4 Bactericide and Algicide: eg: Dodecyl Dimethyl Benzyl ammonium Chloride 1227 Isothiazolinones etc 5 Corrosion Inhibitor: eg: TTA, TTA.NA, BTA etc Any...
    Supplier of: Water treatment products | water treatment chemicals | atmp | hedp | dtpmpa
  • SDIC is an external broad-spectrum disinfectant, bactericidal, algaecidal, deodorant, widely used in the disinfection and sterilization of drinking water, restaurant, hotel, hospital, public bath,...
    Supplier of: Swimming-pool maintenance products | water treatment | swimming pool chemicals
    Taichung urbem - TAIWAN R.O.C.
    ...electricity •Washing effect •Bleaching effect •Bactericidal effect • Anti-tangling effect •Fiber softness effect VIBRATION PUFF: •Easy use and completely absorbed in the skin: Use on cosmetics...
    Supplier of: Health and fitness | washing ball | spa massage mat
  • ...covering Organophosphates, Carboxylic Copolymer, Bactericide and algacide, Corrosion inhibitor, four series which are mainly used in industrial watert treatment of cooling towers, power plants,...
    Supplier of: Water purifying products
    Town/city - UKRAINE
    Since it has several advantages: BACTERICIDAL (kills bacteria and fungi); ANTISEPTIC (suppresses harmful microflora, relieves itching, burning and inflammation etc.); HYGROSCOPIC (absorbs and "...
    Supplier of: Linen fibres
  • It is also used as bactericide, deodorant, sterilizer, disinfectant for swimming pools and bathrooms to remove moss, weed killers and algae.It can be used to manufacture chloroform and as a bleaching...
    Supplier of: Chemicals - import-export | bleaching powder | calcium hypochlorite
  • ...of water treatment, including antiscalant, flocculant, bactericide, reductant, detergent etc; ISO9001: 2008 passed Brand: ROCHEMY Factory size: 1, 000-3, 000 square meters Manufacturer and exporter
    Supplier of: Water purifying products | ro antiscalant | ro flocculant