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  • We trade in precision cast components made of steel and stainless steel using the lost-wax process or the water glass process, high-precision small parts created using the sintering and MIM (metal...
    Supplier of: finished casting | finished cast components | precision casting | Cast iron, special grade | Industrial building construction
  • ...manufacturer, we make a wide range of parts for different industries. Our metalworking facilities have been mainly used to perform secondary operations to finish manufactured die casted parts and PM metal parts.
    Supplier of: aluminium die casting | Mechanical engineering - custom work | Sintering - steels and metals | powder metallurgy | aluminium die-casting
  • With our staff, we are able to supply finished cast iron parts and frames.
    Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | Milling - steels and metals | metal drilling | metalworking | surface grinding
  • ...your project for a plain cast part or finished and assembled sub-assembly. We use a number of forming technologies including gravity die casting and sand gravity die-prototyping. Moulding of cast aluminium parts...
    Supplier of: Foundries, aluminium
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  • ...both silver and alternative metals.The Almond Thailand factory is a vertically integrated operation, with complete facilities for design, mould-making, casting, finishing, gem-setting and packaging.
    Supplier of: Silver articles | custom-design jewellery | diamonds cut | sterling silver jewelry | hoop earrings
  • ...Middle East, we can assure of good quality and finish. Our Supplier of Products: Casting iron products, foundry, manhole, gratings, ductile cast iron tree gratings, cast iron castings, contract manufacturing of cast iron casting, outsource for cast iron casting, subcontractor for cast iron...
    Supplier of: subcontractor for cast iron casting | Cast iron items | casting iron products | ductile cast iron tree gratings | cast iron manhole cover
  • ...milled or rough-turned semi-finished casting products made from the following materials: GG25, GG30, GGG40, GGG50 and GGG60, as well as well-known non-ferrous metals. Our products range: Cast bronze, red brass, continuous...
    Supplier of: Cast iron items | Bronze | continuous casting | semi-finished extruded | cast iron
  • ...can offer OEM customers additional services including spun aluminum reflectors, injection molded reflectors, anodized finishing, vacuum metalized finishes, aluminum casting and high volume assembly.
    Supplier of: Lighting | street lighting | bespoke luminaire design | luminaire solutions for a variety of applications | hospitality and industrial lighting
  • ...finished-machined, pressure-tight castings, produced in gunmetal and aluminium-bronze. Magmasoft casting simulation software, along with Solidworks CAD forms the core of our process. Using models...
    Supplier of: Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | plants and machinery for metal forging | fully-automated foundry | pressure-tight castings | pressure-tight bronze components
  • ...steel investment castings within Europe. Tritech Group offers its clients expertise with numerous materials for investment casting, with the ability to machine and finish the castings, without outsourcing.
    Supplier of: Casting, steel | lost wax investment casting | vacuum casting of nickel and cobalt based superalloys | fully integrated manufacturing solutions | multi-axis cnc precision machining
  • Additionally, we produce products in many other finishes, such as cold cast bronze, iron, copper and other mettallic coating.
    Supplier of: Model making | military figurines | trophies | coal models | coal figurines
  • ...(including die casting, precision finishing). We provide excellent aluminum alloy die castings for the fields including automobile, railway locomotive, engineering machinery, LED lighting,...
    Supplier of: die casting | Die casting moulds | machining
  • ...mould making, engineering, die-casting, finishing, machining, and assembly operation using just-in-time production methods to provide our customers with quality products at a competitive price and a punctual...
    Supplier of: die casting parts | die cast components | Die casting moulds
  • ...sand molding processes.Our current capacity of finished castings is 2000 tons / year. Our main products include heat treatment fixture castings, heat treatment fan blade, radiant tubes, high alloy steel pipes, heat-resistance furnace rollers, fire...
    Supplier of: Casting, steel | heat resistant steel casting | radiant tube
  • ...(DN15-DN2000mm), with class 150-2500, capable of finish machining.We also offer castings and forgings rough or machined, including finish balls, valves, Shaft (main, rotor, impeller, intermediate, turbine),...
    Supplier of: Valves for industrial fittings | ball valves | valves
  • ...zinc die casting and surface finishing, which are widely applied to many fields, for example, machinery, automobile, motocycle, hardware and tools. The company have advanced die casting machine, CNC and other machining equipment andadobt...
    Supplier of: sand casting | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | aluminum alloy casting tempering
  • ...up to 18 tons single piece in as cast, finished machined or assembled form. Pipes rollers, bi-metallic products and liners can be provided up to; Ø800 mm OD and 6.000 mm length in horizontal centrifugal casting 1x up to Ø700 mm OD, 700 mm length total...
    Supplier of: Casting, steel
  • ...molding.If you want making aluminum castings, pls feel free contact us.Materials: casting aluminium, cast zinc & alloy Finish treating: Shot Blast , chrome plating, Painting, nickel plating, Powder Coating, dark anodize, etc.
    Supplier of: aluminum casting | die casting | aluminum die casting | zinc die casting | Die casting moulds
    Jamnagar - INDIA
    ...whose application in industries require adherence to close tolerances, must be manufactured with attention to detail, right from sourcing raw material to forming, shaping, die-casting, finishing etc.
    Supplier of: ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT | brass fasteners | brass electrical parts
  • ...cast iron radiators are assembled and finished at our North Yorkshire factory where we have the highest standards in the UK. We ship our finished cast iron radiators nationwide, to all parts of Europe and...
    Supplier of: cast rads | Radiators, cast iron | cast iron radiators | traditional radiators | historic radiators
  • deburring cast parts (ductile, steel, aluminium). Finishing work on cast parts from 20 g to 5 T. Example of the parts we process: joists, frameworks, cast parts, gates, aluminium windows, etc.
    Supplier of: Sand blasting - steels and metals | metal deburring | sandblasting industrial paint | trimming
  • ...of the core strengths of FETROT INDUSTRY is that we offer complete in-house assembly, design and machining services, for finishing all your foundry cast parts, profile sections and welded assemblies.
    Supplier of: Turning - steels and metals | Steels and metals - machining | precision casting | light alloy foundries | cnc sheet metal work
  • ...take up Investment Casting, Ductile Casting, Sand Casting, Centrifugal casting as finished or semi finished ferrous or non-ferrous components according to drawing & specification provided by client.
    Supplier of: investment casting | Moulds, foundry | sand casting | centrifugal casting | ductile iron casting
  • the best hardware producer in North Africa since 1974.Produces door locks, door handles, windows accessories.Subcontracting works of foundry, Zamak die casting, Brass die-casting, chrome finish...
    Supplier of: Locks | door handles | european cylinder keys
  • Latest technologies in the processing and dosing of liquid silicones and LSR elastomer production. ELMET registered technological developments as patents back when it was founded in 1996. The name...
    Supplier of: finishing work on cast parts | Reprographics - machinery and equipment | Binding - machinery and equipment | Printing and setting - machinery and equipment | Marking and labelling machinery
  • Die-cast metals, aluminium and metal foundry, die-cast aluminium and zamak parts. Slicing, thread cutting, brightening, deburring, shotblasting, tumble polishing, assembly and automatic lathe work...
    Supplier of: finishing of die cast parts | Foundries, aluminium | Die casting moulds | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | die-casting foundries
  • Ming Xiao Manufacturing Co., Ltd specialize in kinds of metal parts & plastic parts custom manufacturing; such as Aluminum/ Copper & Brass/ Carbon steel/ Stainless Steel Turned parts & Machined...
    Supplier of: Turning - steels and metals | Extrusion of rubber and plastic | Forming - steels and metals | deep-drawn metal parts | precision stamping parts
  • Welcome to Gensun Precision Machining Co., Limited ! China Precision Machining Parts Manufacturer & Supplier – Gensun Precision Machining offer: CNC Turning/turned parts, CNC Milling/milled parts,...
    Supplier of: Prototypes, industrial | Turning - steels and metals | machining | small precision parts
    Faridabad - INDIA
    ...Parts: - Arms, Armbacks, Backplates, Brass and Finished Balls, Bushings, Chain, Check Rings, Nuts, Coupling, Cross Bar, CUPS, FINIALS AND CAPS, shade holders, HARPS AND BULB CLIPS, HICKEYS, HOOKS, LOOPS...
    Supplier of: Light fixtures, decorative | brass lampholder | brass lighting components | indian handicrafts in brass
  • Supplier of: finishing of die cast parts | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry
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