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household chemicals - Import export


  • WONDER LAB® stands for effective and environmentally friendly cleaning agents developed on the basis of unique technology. The new form of polysaccharides – BIOMICROGEL® – prevents dirt deposits from...
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | household chemicals | washing machine detergents | kitchen detergents | liquid soaps
  • Manufacturer of household chemicals and cosmetics.
    Supplier of: household chemicals | Cleaning and maintenance products, household | chemical manufacturer | washing liquid | detergents
  • ...washer, fuel and fuel additives, oil) •Household chemicals (detergents, shampoos) •Food products (spirits, wine materials, fats, dyes) •Others All of our Agrochemical containers carry UN certification for...
    Supplier of: Casks, barrels, drums and cans, plastic | Food packaging | Plastic packaging | airtight packaging with tamper proof closure | canisters
  • ...lines of our company are: - Household chemicals for home, offices and industrial facilities; - Supplies for house cleaning, cleaning companies and professional cleaning; - Hygienic products; -...
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | detergents and soaps - professional | cleaning and maintenance products, household | cosmetics | hygiene and toilet products
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  • ...of domestic cosmetics, including professional preparations for hairdressing, cosmetics and massage salons, and also mouth cavity hygiene products and goods of household chemicals of every day demand.
    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Beauty creams | face creams | hair shampoos | manufacturer of cosmetics
  • ...all your questions and help you choose the appropriate products.The main categories of chemicals which we supply include household chemicals, bath&body care, detergents - both household and prodessional.
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | Detergents and soaps - professional | black soap | washing and soap products - professional | dishwasher detergents
  • manufacturer in natural rubber, synthetic rubber and vinyl gloves for household, industrial, professional and food handling applications. Household gloves 2. Chemical resistant gloves 3.
    Supplier of: household gloves | Gloves | chemical resistant gloves | latex gloves | industrial gloves
  • Individual solutions are offered also for non-food products, including personal care products, household chemicals, petroleum products, automobile cosmetics.
    Supplier of: Non-alcoholic beverages - machinery and equipment | sauce packing and filling machines | fillers for detergents | ultra clean filling and packing lines for beverages | automatic milk filling machines
  • ...Food Labels Beverage Labels Household Chemicals Labels Personal Care Labels Pharmaceutical and Health Labels Multi page sandwich labels (piggy back) Heat and light sensitive labels Industrial...
    Supplier of: Flexible packing | shrink sleeve | adhesive labels | flexo rotogravure ofset printing | packing desing
    Köln - POLAND
    Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of household chemicals in the European Union.
    Supplier of: manufacturer of household chemicals in european union | Cleaning and maintenance products, household | washing detergents for house | washing powders and gels | manufacturer in ponad and germany
  • SV
    Kharkov - UKRAINE
    ...a leading manufacturer of household chemicals & personal care products in Ukraine, was founded in 1998. our company introduced and successfully applied the international system of quality control management ISO...
    Supplier of: household cleaning chemicals personal care | Detergents and soaps - professional | fragrances for hair shampoo | washing powder dishwashing cleaning the kitchen plumbing | liquids soap detergents
  • ...extensive scope, including food and beverage, health and personal care, office and retail, logistics and transport, household and industrial chemicals, as well as, car, motor oil and tyre industry.
    Supplier of: Paper, special and technical grades - manufacture | adhesive labels | paper for self-adhesive labels | adhesive labels | sticker paper
  • ...chemical industries) products; Import and wholesale of industrial chemicals for manufacturers of cosmetics and household products; Production and wholesale of household chemicals, soaps and personal care products.
    Supplier of: Animal oils and fats | wholesale of fatty animal products | for food and non-food
  • and baby care products, household chemicals, Batteries, cosmetics, personal hygiene and pet food items from leading manufacturers - Procter & Gamble, Henkel, Scwarzkopf, Unilever,...
    Supplier of: Powdered and condensed milk | coffee and tea | air fresheners, household
  • ShrinkPack is a packaging machinery solutions provider working with some of the biggest names in the Food & Beverage, Household, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Tissue industries.
    Supplier of: Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | carton filling machines | shrink ovens
  • Caola Cosmetics Co. has near 200 years of experience in the manufacturing of cosmetics and household chemicals.
    Supplier of: Cosmetics | beauty products cosmetics shower gel bath foam shaving | cosmetics producer
  • ...are widely used in metallurgy, copper and aluminum smelting and processing shape, semiconductor, household electric appliances, machinery, petroleum, chemical, aerospace and other industry fields.
    Supplier of: Carbon and graphite - electrical components | graphite | coal and graphite processing
  • ...are widely used in many field, including kitchen utensils, medical apparatus and instruments, household appliances chemical equipment, architecture, building and construction, auto parts ect.
    Supplier of: Iron and steel products trade | stainless steel welded pipe
  • ...H&M audit, as well as ISO9001 certification.Meanwhile, we have good partnership with many manufacturers which specialized in kitchenware, barware, household appliance & accessories, and machinery & chemicals.
    Supplier of: Cookers
  • ...plant protection products, fertilizers, feed additives and other chemical products. We are one of the few specialists in water soluble PVA (PVOH) packaging, and accept orders for household chemicals.
    Supplier of: Custom packaging - companies | Custom packaging | packaging and packing | chemical packaging | bait
  • PLENECO is a household chemicals producer with its own factory and lab located in Poland. As a producer, we are providing the full range of chemical products like: washing powders and gels, fabric...
    Supplier of: Detergents, household | detergents | washing powders | washing gels | dishwashing
  • ...of various products relating to the garment industry, construction industry, household items, chemicals, wines, mechanical parts, electronics, vehicles, footwear, healthcare, and much more besides.
    Supplier of: Clothing - import-export | International trade consultants | Import-export - textile and clothing | Import-export - agents
  • ...products, manufactured in two separate product groups: specialised lubricants under the name FEHCHEM, and professional, high-quality industrial and household chemical products under the name FEHCHEM.
    Supplier of: Greases, industrial | aerosol gases | degreasers | lubricating oil | car-repair garage set-up
  • ...of high quality household chemical cleaners.Our line of products are affordable and include items such as detergents, household cleaners&glue traps.Welcome to visit our company website...
    Supplier of: Laundry detergents for household use | household cleaning products | liquid detergents
  • We are Libyan company, importing and distributing personal and house care products, Cosmetics, Make-up, Perfumes, Hair care Products, Household chemical,
    Supplier of: Beauty products | Cleaning and maintenance products, household | cosmetics | personal care and hygiene products | perfumes
  • ETRAVES: the contract filling and packaging company specialising in small- and medium-size production runs, for all types of chemical, liquid or pasty products: adhesives made from epoxy,...
    Supplier of: packager of household products and chemicals | Custom packaging | Packaging | packing | packaging and packing
  • Welcome to Ravensberger Wachs-Chemie B. Seidel GmbH u. Co KG! Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Just get in touch! Our production range of...
    Supplier of: polish, household | chemical solvents | Seals and packing material | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | Cleaning and maintenance products, household
  • ...of pellets for the chemical industry. KAHL is a leading producer of recycling facilities for used tyres, wood, biomass, straw, plastic waste, sewage sludge, and household and industrial waste.
    Supplier of: Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations | Processing and recycling of waste | Food industry - machinery and equipment | Recycling - machines and installations | Compactors and crushers
  • ...of the silicone products from Larkis range from civil and hydraulic engineering to automotive, food processing and household appliance industries. EC/S/271/2004 and resistant to chemicals.
    Supplier of: Rubber products | rubber profiles | extruded silicone products | silicone profiles | rubber hoses
  • ...and glass jars. We use high quality borosilicate glass tube with a 3.3 coefficient of expansion, the main characteristic of which is good chemical stability, low material expansion and high heat resistant.
    Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | coffee cups | disposable face masks | glass vases | glass bowls
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