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  • Founded in 1949, MYLON specialises in the manufacture and sale of monofilament cords and braided ropes. MYLON is highly specialised in fine ropes within a diameter range of 0.04 mm to 6.00 mm. We...
    Supplier of: nylon tapes | tapes | nylon ropes | nylon threads for decorating | Ribbons and ropes
  • Supplier of: nylon tapes | Ribbons and ropes | Bands, woven - industrial | cotton tapes | wrapping ribbons
  • KÜNDIG CONTROL SYSTEMS is a major division of the family-owned company Hch. Kündig & Cie. AG, which was founded in 1868. We have been developing and manufacturing measuring and control systems for...
    Supplier of: nylon tapes | Ceramics, industrial | Ultrasonic cutting machines | laundry trolleys | weaving looms
  • ...apparel and clothing accessories, Metallic lace, Nylon, elastic, cotton and zakar tapes, Ribbons, Swarovski Rhinestones, Thermal Adhesive Label Badges and iron-on labels stamps and badges for clothing, ...
    Supplier of: Clothing accessories | Trimmings, embroidery and tulle | embroidery and laces | fringes for furnishings | braid fringes
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  • ...Tapes & other textile items made in Nylon, Polypropylene Polyester & Cotton Material. Presently, we have been supplying various kinds of Tapes, Webbing, & Elastic tapes etc; to various exporters throughout India for past several years & also to...
    Supplier of: elastic tape | Elastic bands | elastic band | elastic webbing | shoes elastic tape
  • ...Monofilament, PET Fibrillated Tapes, Nylon 6 or 6.6 Monofilament, PP Box Straps, PET Box Straps, PP Sutli ( Packing String ), PP Baler Twine, Mother-Baby Waste Recycling Line, High Speed Rope Making Machines for Rope dia. 1.5 mm To 16 MM,...
    Supplier of: Extrusion, plastics - machinery | extruded plastic lines | machines and equipment for rope making | extrusion lines for pet monofilament
  • ...slitting polyester satin tape, coated nylon taffeta cloth, polyester taffeta tape, pure cotton tape, polyester cotton cloth, imitation cotton tape, acetate taffeta tape, self-adhesive tape, hot melt coated...
    Supplier of: Labels, clothing | label fabric | garment label
  • ...bra wires, hook&eye tape, alloy adjusters, nylon coated adjusters, plastic adjusters, spiral bone, plastic bone, TPU clear shoulder strap and other trimmings.Daily capacity around 35, 000 dozen.
    Supplier of: Underwear, men's | swimwear accessories | underwear accessories
  • ...and began to manufacture nylon-steel tape, placing it at the cutting edge of industrial component systems. In 1985, it created a case for nylon fish tapes as well as a series of reels for glass fibre and...
    Supplier of: Electrical components and parts | professional and consumer electrotechnical products and appliances
  • ...of nylon velcro, elastic velcro, velcro tape, velcro straps, self- adhensive velcro, veclro cable strap, book strap, wrist band, ski band & hair roller tape in China. It is a research and development,...
    Supplier of: Ties | hook and loop | velcro strap
  • VITAL PARTS are Plastic, Rubber & Metal Component manufacturers and the cheapest providers of Silicone Products in the UK. At VITAL PARTS we supply a huge range of essential Plastic, Rubber & Metal...
    Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Extrusion of rubber and plastic | furniture components | industrial components | tube components
  • Shakti Cords Pvt. Ltd. & GD Textiles Pvt. Ltd. were established in 1987. We manufacture Dipped braiding yarns & Dipped Polyester/Aramid Cords for the V-belt & Industrial hose industry. Our products...
    Supplier of: Threads and yarns, artificial and synthetic | polyester spun yarns | single end cords & yarns | dipped polyester cord | textile reinforcement
  • Leading supplier of technical adhesive tapes. Glass fabric tape with acrylic or silicone adhesive. High temperature resistant tapes. Single-sided adhesive foams with various hardnesses. Aluminium...
    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | double sided tape | aluminium tape | foam tape | adhesive tape
    Cinisello Balsamo - ITALY
    ...products includes nylon and perlon fishtapes, steel rods, duct rods fiberglass, polyester helicoidal draw in tapes. every rods has many accessories to make esier the job of professional electricians.
    Supplier of: fish tapes in nylon | ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS | electrical equipment | cable pulling systems
  • Dynatect-Halltech is one of the leading providers of equipment protection and offers a comprehensive range of industrial equipment protection products with custom solutions for all sectors. Founded...
    Supplier of: Inner tubes | moulded rubber parts | machine housing | extraction hoses | cover aprons for machinery and installations
  • ...laces, polypropylene cords, cotton ropes, nylon cords, plaited braids, knit raids specialist braids, piping and drought excluders, rail cords, blind strings, travira cord, gold and silver cords,...
    Supplier of: Cords and strings | Clothing industry supplies | Threads and yarns | Technical textiles | technical threads and fabrics
    Supplier of: Embroidery | embroidery nonwoven | embroidery sequins | embroidery spangle | embroidery
  • ...Shielding Knitted & Wire Mesh Gaskets, EMI Shielding Fan Vents and EMI Shielding Copper Tapes. Anti Static Conductive PP, PS, PBT, Nylon, EVA, LDPE, PC/ABS and clear acrylic compounds are offered.
    Supplier of: Electronic components | emi shielding | conductive polymers | conductive coatings | static control
  • ...available, as well as copper and aluminium metal foil tapes to seal gaps or even seams in shielded rooms. Other material, such as graphite, nylon 12, flexible polypropylenes can also be 3D printed.
    Supplier of: Electronic components | emi shielding | electromagnetic compatibility | conductive coatings | conductive gaskets
  • ...In order to manufacture rope, raw materials like Nylon, Cotton, Jute, Sisal, Manila, HDPE, PP Dan line a TAPE (Fibrillated awithout Fibrillated), Elastic and Fiber lass can be used in our machines.
    Supplier of: Twisting and spinning - machinery and equipment | Coil winders | rope making machines | inflow twisters | extrusion lines
  • ...weaving, not a welded or with fused joint. Pure nylon woven conveyor belts, transmission belts, bucket elevator belts, check straps and picking band for under pick and over pick looms etc. Our suction tapes are hand woven and made endless...
    Supplier of: Conveyor belts | biscuit rotary molder conveyor belts
  • ...TPU Hanger Tape* Bra Hook and Eye* Nylon Coated Ring/Slider/Hook* Metal Decoration Accessories* Other related garment AccessoriesOur products are made from Taiwan/Germany/France/Japan environmental...
    Supplier of: Elastic bands | tpu elastic tape for sewing supply
  • ...lock/swiftach/tag gun & tag gun needle/Nylon cable tie/plastic staple attacher/staple roll tags/Plastic hanging tag/ sticky tape/tag pin injection machine and tag pin stretching machine etc.
    Supplier of: Labels, clothing
  • ...ETC.Braided Ropes (Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, P.P.) Curtain Cords, Piping Cords, Filler Cords (Jacket Cord), Jumbo Filler Cord, Apparel Draw Strings, Trimming Cords, Braided Tapes, Bungee Cord, Elastic Tie Down Cord...
    Supplier of: Threads, elastic
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