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  • BITUMINOUS PRIMER AND BLACK BITUMINOUS PAINT produced with oxidised bitumens and selected pure solvents. Black bituminous paints are used to anchor bituminous membranes, coat pipes, protect concrete...
    Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | asphalt and tar for roads | bicycle paths | building products | encapsulating varnishes
  • “Made in Germany” is the basement for common business-relationship The company Schake GmbH is a producer and competent supplier of Building equipment and Blocking technology. The production with a...
    Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Fastening devices | door jambs | waste containers | barrier technology
  • Swati Industries a group of companies is a global provider of Forged, Cast, Machined, Sheet metal, Fabrication products for automobile, agriculture and construction industry has excelled itself in...
    Supplier of: Spare parts for lorries and trailers | any type of customized forged product | container parts | auto forge parts | trailer forged parts
  • The construction firm I.Cos Spa of Lecce works all over the Salento region in the design, installation, management and maintenance of various types of tourism amenities including the Residence Porto...
    Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Public works contractors | water purification installations contractors | sewage networks contractors | Construction - Finishings
  • Can you see this? Your potential clients can too But they can't find you, even though you're the leader in your field! Boost your visibility with EUROPAGES
  • Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Motorway maintenance | industrial building projects | road building | road works
  • Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Concrete, ready-mixed | Sand and gravel | Public Works | road and motorway asphalting
  • Supplier of: Public works contractors | Roadlaying - contractors | outdoor installations
  • CM S.r.l., manufacturer of equipment for earth moving machinery. The Company was established in Schio, in the province of Vicenza, in the early 90’s as a subcontractor involved in the mechanical...
    Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Crushing and grinding machinery | street cutters | cups | sweepers
  • ” TURA ” is young, innovative, export- oriented company that wholesale and distribute sector related products both with giving essential services with its proffesional teammates from beginning to end...
    Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Geotextiles | waterproofing geomembranes | pvc membranes | waterproofing membranes
  • Lingus Steel Grating Factory is located in Anping county, Hebei province, China. It is engage with steel grating business for many years. We supply steel grating products with the materials:...
    Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | steel grating | steel bar grating
  • We produce Fibrocel and Bitumix15 , that are additives for Stone Matrix Asphalt , called SMA.Both are bitumen coated fiber cellulose in pellet shapes and have high resistance against humidity. Rather...
    Supplier of: Tar and asphalt - construction materials | sma stone mastic asphalt | cellulose fiber stone mastic asphalt
  • The team of OJSC "Road-building trust № 3" is one of the largest in the country among road building companies. It has qualified personnel, high-performance equipment and advanced technologies, which...
    Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Road maintenance - machinery and equipment | Roads and motorways - operation and services | road works | maintenance of road sections
  • Jordan Surfacing offer tailored tarmac solutions across South Wales. Our services include the surfacing of roads, car parks, forecourts and domestic driveways. Our professionals have many years...
    Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | tarmac contractors | tarmac surfacing | road surfacing
  • Based in Leicester, Duffield Construction is able to complete work within the surrounding areas as well as Nottingham and Loughborough. With many years of experience, tarmac and paved driveways can...
    Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | driveways | paving
  • With over 26 years' experience Avon Cobblestone Co Ltd provide a professional and friendly service. We provide a design and installation service and have a large range of colours and materials.
    Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | drives | paths | patios
  • Roadlaying, earthworks, contractor, publick works, sewage pipes
    Supplier of: Public works contractors | roadlaying contractor | public works
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    Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | earthmoving | road and motorway asphalting
  • Supplier of: Public works contractors | Roadlaying - contractors | Bridges - construction | public works
  • Supplier of: Civil engineering - contractors | Roadlaying - contractors | Public works contractors | road and motorway asphalting | construction of sewage systems
  • Supplier of: Landscaping contractors | Roadlaying - contractors | Public works contractors | earthmoving work | mosaic outdoor flooring for industrial sites
  • Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | digging and demolitions | plumbing and sewage works | construction of reinforced-concrete structures for public works | microprobes
  • Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | asphalt
  • Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | sawing | sanitation | sewage permits
  • Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Structural work | Finishing work | installation of sewage systems and sewers for industrial use | repairs
  • Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Public works contractors | installation of sewage systems and sewers for industrial use
  • Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Concrete constructions | Building debris - recycling | general renovation work | construction of building complexes for public bodies and ministries
  • Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Public Works | highway maintenance
  • Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Bitumens | asphalting | road works
  • Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | Public works contractors | building infrastructure | sanitation
  • Supplier of: Roadlaying - contractors | sanitation | laying water pipelines
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