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  • ...anodes made of zinc, tin and lead and alloys of these metals; flame spraying wires made of zinc; rolled lead for radiation protection and sound insulation and soldering tin; with customers within...
    Supplier of: Tin and tin alloys | soldering tin | tin anodes | Brazing - steels and metals | Lead and lead alloys
  • Manufacturer of non-ferrous metals. 70 copper alloys such as CuCr1Zr, aluminium bronzes, tellurium copper, special brass. Round, flat, square, hexagonal, sheets, cutting. Prefabricated parts,...
    Supplier of: tin and alloys | tin bronze | Copper sheets and bands | Copper and copper alloys | Brass
  • Tin alloy foundry Dall'Orto Edilio was founded in 1892 with the aim of positioning itself on the international market as a leading reference for commercial sectors which use tin alloys. We stand out in three...
    Supplier of: Tin and tin alloys | tin | tin bronze | alloy foundry | metal welding
  • Acquiring cemented carbide scrap from secondary market along with high speed steels (HSS), silver, tin, nickel, ferroalloy, tungsten and materials containing tungsten as a base component. We...
    Supplier of: Tin and tin alloys | Iron alloys | Scrap iron - salvaging and recycling | high speed steel | tungsten carbide scrap
  • Since 1993, Shenzhen Tinland Tin Box Co., Ltd has specialized in production of high-quality tinplate products. We have been assisting our clients professinonally from product development, design,...
    Supplier of: Tin and tin alloys | tin cans | tin and metal articles for the food and canning industry
  • Jiangyin Honwin Packing Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of food-grade tinplates. Our products are mainly used in food cans, beverage cans, chemical cans and...
    Supplier of: Tin alloys | tin sheet | tinplate
  • Guangzhou Qunhao beauty equipment factory is a high-tech enterprise, which has comprehensive coverage on research, production, sales on med -ical aesthetical equipments&laser cutting .profes -sional...
    Supplier of: Tin alloys | e-light ipl yag
  • We can produce a wide range of metallic products such as Chrome, Silver, Brass, Nickel Plated, Tinplate, Stainless Household Wares and Gift Items. Our Printing Line is also able to print different...
    Supplier of: Tin alloys
  • ...manufacturers of Lead, Tin, Zinc and alloyed products in extruded, cast and machined forms. Heaps, Arnold and Heaps Ltd pursue a vigorous development programme within existing and emerging markets,...
    Supplier of: Tin alloys | Lead and lead alloys | Sections - non-ferrous metal
  • ...Tin Pellets). We also offer Master Alloys (Phosphor Copper Shot, Phosphor Copper Waffle Plate, Phosphor Tin Waffle Plate, Phosphor Nickel Waffle Plate, Tin Germanium 1kg Bars, Copper Arsenic, Tin Nickel Plate), Scrap and...
    Supplier of: Tin alloys | alloys | non-ferrous metals | master alloys | plating products
  • Supplier of: Tin and tin alloys | Cast iron items | Iron, pig | metal covers | raceways
  • Supplier of: Tin and tin alloys | tin bars for brazing | tin wire for welding
  • Supplier of: Tin and tin alloys | Copper and copper alloys | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | valves for unions | sheets and pipes shaped
  • Recovery, recycling, purchase, trading in offcuts, residues, new industrial waste, dirty waste, ash, cathode, copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, tin, brass, special steels, nickel, alloys.
    Supplier of: Tin and tin alloys | titanium and alloys | Copper wires and cables | aluminium in bars
  • Supplier of: Tin sheets and bands | Tin and tin alloys | Lead and lead alloys | Lead sheets and bands
  • Supplier of: Tin alloys | Tin and tin alloys | pewter | alloys, welding
  • Supplier of: Tin and tin alloys | articles in pewter | pewter plates | pewter trinkets | pewter sculpture
  • Over 25 years of experience in manufacturing alloys, brazing and soldering and manufacturing their respective fluxes. Foundries.
    Supplier of: Tin alloys | Tin and tin alloys | welding | pewter | friction-resistant
  • Supplier of: Tin alloys
  • Supplier of: Tin alloys | interior decoration | articles in pewter | bronze sculpture | pewter sculpture

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