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  • Cexvi, S.L. specialises in the marketing and distribution of exclusive wines. Our large choice of products runs from table wines - in various formats and presentations - to high quality wines such as...
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  • Bodegas ibañesas is a winery that specializes in bulk exports of wine and must. We are a winery, but also a family business, which enables us to express our conception of the land and wine, enjoy and...
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  • Production of dessert wines for aperitifs, spirits and vermouth. Brands: Quina Santa Catalina, Lágrimas del Jabalón, Vermouth Hituelo. Our factory is equipped with the latest technology.
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  • Young red wine, crianza and reserva. White wine in barrels. Rioja qualified designation of origin. We develop a selection of red and white wines with the fruit of our own vineyards, sold under the...
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  • Young wines (reds, whites and rosés), crianzas and reservas DO Rioja. We specialize in wine-making, aging and bottling excellent wines with the Rioja appellation in our modern facilities and equipped...
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  • More than 100 years in the creation of vermouth to our own exclusive recipe. Vermouth is a liqueur served as an aperitif, which combines white wine with absinthe and other bitter and aromatic...
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  • Over 50 years of wine growing history behind the history and tradition of our cooperative cellar, Cigales. Are products are certified by a wide range of quality registers, such as the protected...
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  • Prius designation of origin wines (Rueda, Prius de Moraña), (V.T. Castilla y León), Prius (Ribera). With the Rueda designation of origin, Solar de Muñosancho creates red wines (crianzas and reserva)...
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  • Production of wine. Specialising in whites, reds and reserve wines. Storage of cereals. Selected seeds.
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  • A cellar with character. Gran reserva, reserva, crianza and autor wines. Rioja wines. ON-LINE wine sales. Traditional family cellars founded by Don Florentino de Lecanda whose wine-growing activities...
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  • the winery.We produce wines only and exclusively from our own grapes.This winery has our own WineShop in Murcia , South- East of Spain, was created to commercialize " in a direct Way" and expand our wines in other parts of Spain.
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  • The San Antonio Abad Cooperative has more than 50 years of experience producing high quality Wines from D.O. La Mancha. Our present team at the Cooperative has known how to grasp his heritage, mixing...
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  • AVERYS WINE MERCHANTS is a well established independent wine merchants with a wonderful traditional Cellars that are open to the public. AVERYS began in 1793 and over the years, the family has built...
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  • Huge town house in the center of Alcala de los Gazules, southern Andalucia. Situated between Jerez and Gibraltar (30 mins from each) and 1.5 hours from Seville and Malaga. The house can be rented as...
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  • Cellar situated in the heart of Rioja Alta. Specialised in the production of great wines A. O. Rioja (controlled designation of origin). Bodegas San Pedro is not only a wine cellar. It's a family...
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