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electronic assemblies
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  • ...for mobile data recording, electronic assemblies, mounting and inspection of printed circuit boards, CAD decartelisation for circuit boards, prototype construction for circuit boards, RF identification...
    Supplier of: electronic assemblies | Signalling - systems and installations | bar code readers | industrial electronics | cables, specially prepared
  • The Fontane-ACM Industry Group: China, Germany, Poland, Romania – a successful combination of locations for high-performance technology and favourable prices. The Fontane-ACM Group has been a...
    Supplier of: electronic assemblies | electronics | Plastic products for the electrical industry | Radio control systems and installations | Time switches
  • SYS TEC electronic GmbH is a high-performance computer retailer with its head office and production facilities in Heinsdorfergrund, near Reichenbach in the Vogtland region of Germany. As a reliable...
    Supplier of: electronics assembly | electronic assemblies | Electronic data processing - software | Software creation and development | Outsourcing - product development
  • ...and organic substrates. The manufacture of electronics modules for active implants has been one of MSE's most important business segments ever since it was founded. For example, in projects relating to...
    Supplier of: electronics assembly | electronics | pcb assembly | Electrical & Electronic Components | Integrated and hybrid circuits
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  • ...Stack Assemblies for the global power electronics industries. We manufacture standard extrusion heat sinks, bonded-fin heat sinks and liquid cooled plates - and we build every type of Semiconductor Stack Assembly and Electronic...
    Supplier of: electronics assembly | Electrical & Electronic Components | aluminium heat sinks | cooling plate | semiconductor equipment
  •, and specializes in designing and assembling of printed circuit boards, and offering THT and SMT mounting services of through-hole and SMD components on PCBs including verification, configuration and programming. We carry out a...
    Supplier of: electronics assembly | assembly of pcb | Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing | electronics contract manufacturing services | smt and tht mounting of pcbs
  • ...Our manufacturing facility offers a high-quality PCB assembly service, whether for just one prototype, a small run of 50 units or a larger run of several thousand, you can benefit from our attention to detail, flexibility and speed.
    Supplier of: electronics assembly | Engineering - industrial consultants | embedded software | electronic design | pcb design and manufacture
  • ...sophisticated electronic test equipment that measures continuity and insulation resistance and with a hands-on management staff, We can solve wiring and assembly problems for your industry.
    Supplier of: electronics assembly | pcb assembly | Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing | subcontract cable assembly | industrial electronics
  • We offer contract manufacturing. Our services include: 1. CNC machining 2. 3D metal printing 3. Die casting 4. Forging, metal injection molding, and stamping 5. Plastic injection molding 6. 3D...
    Supplier of: electronics assembly | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | contract cnc manufacturing and machining | injection moulding of plastics | industrial prototyping
  • ATech is active in electronics design and manufacturing specializing in: - combusiton control electronics for biomass boielrs and stoves; brand FUMIS- custom electronics designs for the home...
    Supplier of: electronic assemblies | Components and parts for small household appliances | ems services
  • Supplier of: electronics assembly | Passive electronic components and printed circuits | Connectors, electronic
  • Supplier of: electronics assembly | Telecommunications - services | manufacture of printed circuits
  • Supplier of: electronics assembly | electrical assemblies | Engineering - industrial contractors | beam design
  • Supplier of: electronics assembly | Factory furniture | electric and electronic measuring instruments for laboratories and research
    Fossato Di Vico (Pg) - ITALY
    Supplier of: electronics assembly | Scientific research centres and laboratories | Electronics - studies and research | consulting and design of electro-mechanical systems | electromechanics
  • Supplier of: electronics assembly | assembly of electronic cards | Prototypes, industrial
    Ciampino - ITALY
    Supplier of: electronics assembly | Printed circuits | electronic circuit installation
  • ...COMPONENTS: Product development, printed board assembly, prototypes, series production, assembly installation, electrical tests, mounting and joining technology, cleanroom production, chip on board. We supply products to customers...
    Supplier of: Memory cards | chip on board | smds and through-hole technology | development | installation of complete assemblies
  • ...bespoke bolts & nuts, customized pipe & tube fittings, inserts, studs, threaded rods, shafts, pins, stand-offs, spacers, bushings, specialty hardware, electronic hardware, hardware assemblies etc.
    Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | precision parts | custom fasteners | precision machining | cnc machining
  • Since 2012, Puretecs has developed optimised solutions for the cleaning and protective coating of electronic assemblies.
    Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | Industrial paintings | varnish protection | chemical products for the electronics industry | special protective paint
  • ...interaction as well as electronic assemblies and devices. As part of our range of systems, we offer customer-specific input systems such as glass and membrane keyboards and touchscreen systems, including electronic equipment and...
    Supplier of: Electrical components and parts | touch screen | membrane keyboards for front plates | control devices and indicating devices | push buttons (switches)
  • If necessary, we also equip you with a -SMT Assembly or THT assembly or EMS -Electronics Manufacturing Service.
    Supplier of: Thin coating for integrated circuits | aluminium support printed circuits | manufacture of printed circuits | bi-layer printed circuits | single-layer printed circuits
  • Electronic cabling assemblies, flat cables, both standard and special cables.
    Supplier of: assembly of electronic components | electronic component assembly | electromechanical assemblies | Electric cables | electric cables
  • Eas assembles conventional electronic boards and SMDs. Reliability testing, design and engineering of industrial electronic apparatus, prototypes, motherboards and electronic samples built.
    Supplier of: assembly of electronic cards | electromechanical assemblies | pneumatic assemblies | electromechanical assemblies | Automation - systems and equipment
  • ...labor intensive, mix electronic PCB assembly. Services offered: SMT, THT electronic manufacturing, hand soldering, component procurement, testing, cable harness production and box build assembly. Mechanical...
    Supplier of: electronic component assembly | electronic manufacturing services - tht smd assembly | Electronics - import-export | subcontract cable assembly | electronic circuit installation
  • ...with electric and electronic sector in order to render services to its customers. Those products' design, moulding, plastic injection, electronic PCB design and assembly are made in our own factory.
    Supplier of: Cars - electrical and electronic parts and components | Electrical components and parts | Safety equipment, work | 230v led light bulb | electrical plugs
  • ...Stacker; Printer, High Speed chip shooter, & BGA Assembly and Ten Zone Nitrogen capable re flow oven.The products offered by Asha Electronics are manufactured utilizing an advanced and State-of-the Art SMT line. Asha Electronics has...
    Supplier of: pcb assembly | Printed circuits | electronics manufacturing services | led pcb | led pcb assembly, led driver
  • ...the UK for over 35 years. We offer a comprehensive range of high level electronic assembly services and utilise the latest automated manufacturing equipment, to ensure you get the quality you expect, at a price you can afford.
    Supplier of: Electronic components | manufacturing process | potting and conformal coating | turnkey manufacture | prototype availability
  • ...designed & built for each product.This include molds, mechanical and electronic parts and assemblies.2)Acting as “Your Eyes and Ears” and Offshore Engineering - Design - Manufacturing - Turnkey
    Supplier of: Custom packaging | manufacturer of transparent plastic pouches | contract manufacturing | medical | healthcare
  • highly regulatory markets, including medical, defence, aerospace and automotive. 4e provides you with an electronic assembly service which is flexible and fast, prototyping through to volume manufacture.
    Supplier of: assembly of electronic equipment | electronic and pcb assembly | Medical Equipment | medical iso 13485 manufacturing | prototyping
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