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  • For Roger Sarret, a baker's son, producing rusks is above all being able to offer a forgotten sensation, a pleasure before the years of privation, learning again and daring to take delight in those...
    Supplier of: grilled bread slice | sliced and grilled baguette toast | Dietary and organic foods | Bread, factory-baked | rusks
  • ...Stowing Shelves Sinks Work benchs , tray trolleys Gastronomy Containers Cold storages Dough kneading machine , dough roll machine Bread slicing machines Fruit juice dispensers Kitchen Equipments
    Supplier of: Bakery - machinery and equipment | Hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants - machinery and equipment | additives for the food processing industry | industrial kitchen equipment | commercial kitchen equipments
  • ...machines dough slicing machines bread slicing machines potato machines potato machines mixers | Double boiler set model | Set model set model fryers grills ovens pasta the pasta's boiling potato boiling a...
    Supplier of: Household appliances, electrical - import-export | chicken turning machines | cafeteria equipments
  • Supplier of: Bread & Cakes | sliced bread | rye bread | Food - import-export | spelt wheat bread
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  • Supplier of: Bread | blades for bread slicing machines
  • Supplier of: fresh bread | sliced bread | Bread, cakes and pastries | deep-frozen bread | pastries for breakfast
  • Grote Company manufactures reliable, top-quality food slicing and assembly equipment, making it easier for our customers to make safe, high quality food. Our trusted equipment and lines are expertly...
    Supplier of: machines for cutting and slicing meats | Food industry - machinery and equipment | industrial slicers for fruit & vegetables | industrial bacon slicers | sandwich line automation systems

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  • The company EMULA specialises in manufacturing a range of meat mincers, graters, mincer-graters and bone saws, and is a reseller of slicers, kneaders and blenders, as well as offering support and...
    Supplier of: Kneading machines for bread- and pastry-making | slicing machine repair | Mincing machines for institutional catering | Peelers and graters | Meat choppers and grinders
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